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Reggio and La
( Centro Sociale Occupato Autogestito, " self-governing squatter social centers ") and include: Leoncavallo, Cantiere, Cox 18, Cascina Torchiera, La Fucina, Vittoria, Transiti 28, Panetteria Occupata, Bottiglieria Occupata and Villa Vegan Squat in Milan, Telos in Saronno, Officina 99, SKA, Insurgencia, Cinema Astra Occupato and Terra Terra in Naples, Askatasuna, El Paso, Gabrio, Murazzi, la Boccia Squat, No way squat, Mezcal Squat, Asilo Squat and Barocchio Squat in Turin, Brancaleone, Corto Circuito, Forte Prenestino, La Strada, Acrobax, Spartaco, Torre Maura, Horus, L38 Laurentino Squat, ZK Squatt, Ateneo Occupato, Macchia Rossa and Villaggio Globale in Rome, Buridda, Pinelli, Terra Di Nessuno, Aut Aut 357 and Zapata in Genoa, Rivolta in Mestre, Gramigna and Pedro in Padua, La Chimica in Verona, Bruno in Trento, Dordoni in Cremona, Magazzino 47 in Brescia, Pacì Paciana in Bergamo, Barattolo in Pavia, CPA Firenze Sud, La Riottosa, Villa Panico and Next Emerson in Florence, Experia and Auro in Catania, Ex-Karcere in Palermo, Ex-Mattatoio in Perugia, Mario Lupo in Parma, la Scintilla in Modena, Mezza Canaja in Senigallia, Kontatto in Ancona, TNT in Jesi, Godzilla in Livorno, Rebeldia and Newroz in Pisa, Teatro Polivalente, Lazzaretto, XM24, Livello 57 and Crash in Bologna, Cartella in Reggio Calabria, Rialzo in Cosenza, Fiumara in Catanzaro, Cloro Rosso in Taranto and many others.
The railway linking Reggio Calabria in the south and Turin in the north runs through the city, providing direct railway connections to the cities of Grosseto, Rome, Turin, Naples, Pisa and La Spezia, among others.
The club was founded in 11 January 1914 as Unione Sportiva Reggio Calabria, and changed name many times ( Società Calcistica Reggio, Reggio Foot Ball Club, Associazione Sportiva Reggina, Società Sportiva La Dominante ), finally assuming their current denomination in 1986.
After serving in the Italian military ( and briefly taking lessons from the Swiss tenor Hugues Cuénod ), di Stefano made his operatic debut in 1946 in Reggio Emilia as Des Grieux in Massenet's Manon, the role in which he made his La Scala debut the following year.
He made his operatic debut as Colline in La bohème at Reggio Calabria on March 12, 1946.
* G. Dossetti-U. Neri, La gioia del cristiano, San Lorenzo, Reggio Emilia, 1987
The Battle of Aspromonte, also known as The Day of Aspromonte ( in Italian: " La Giornata dell ' Aspromonte "), named for the mountain near Reggio Calabria in southern Italy where it took place in August 29, 1862, was an inconclusive episode of the Italian unification process.

Reggio and de
de: Godfrey Reggio
ca: Reggio de Calàbria
de: Reggio Calabria
fr: Reggio de Calabre
oc: Reggio de Calàbria
Beauregard was the third child of Jacques Toutant-Beauregard, of French and Welsh lineage, and Hélène Judith de Reggio Toutant-Beauregard, a descendant of an Italian noble family that had migrated to France.
* 2008-Teatro Municipale R. Valli, Reggio Emilia-Antonio Florio ( conductor ), Orchestra Barocca Cappella della Pietà de ' Turchini-Arturo Cirillo ( Stage director ) Cast: Francesca Russo Ermolli, Maria Grazia Schiavo, Valentina Varriale, Maria Ercolano, Giuseppe De Vittorio World premiere video recording on DVD, Dynamic Cat. 33588
Nicolas Charles Oudinot, 1st Comte Oudinot, 1st Duc de Reggio ( 25 April 1767 in Bar-le-Duc – 13 September 1848 in Paris ), was a Marshal of France.
This was followed by performances at the Teatro Valli in Reggio Emilia, Italy ; the Barbican Centre, London ; and will be followed by performances at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto ; the Brooklyn Academy of Music Brooklyn, New York ; the Zellerbach Hall at the University of California, Berkeley, California ; the Teatro del Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City: and, in 2013, at Het Muziektheater / De Nederlandse Opera, Amsterdam.
This choice marked the future path of Reggio under the seignory of that family, as Obizzo continued to rule de facto after his mandate has ceased.
de: Reggio
ca: Província de Reggio de l ' Emília
de: Provinz Reggio Emilia
es: Provincia de Reggio Emilia
eo: Provinco de Reggio Emilia
fr: Province de Reggio d ' Émilie
gl: Provincia de Reggio Emilia
oc: Província de Reggio d ' Emília
roa-tara: Provinge de Reggio Emilia
After returning to Europe, he taught composition at the Conservatoire de Paris, and held numerous composition seminars in France ( Centre Acanthes, Lyon, Paris ) and abroad ( Darmstadt, Freiburg, Milan, Reggio Emilia, Oslo, Helsinki, Malmö, Göteborg, Los Angeles, Stanford, London, Moscow, Madrid, etc.
de: Universität Modena und Reggio Emilia
es: Universidad de Módena y Reggio Emilia
fr: Université de Modène et de Reggio d ' Émilie

Reggio and la
The river was called Sicla or Secia in Latin, and in Italian it is a masculine noun for the natives of Reggio Emilia ( il Secchia ) and a feminine one to the natives of Modena ( la Secchia ).

Reggio and 12
The rest of the army was formed by Ghibellines from Cremona, Pavia, Modena, Parma and Reggio, for a total of 12, 000-15, 000 men
St. Lucy is also popular among children in some regions of North-Eastern Italy, namely Trentino, East Lombardy ( Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona and Mantua ), parts of Veneto, ( Verona ), parts of Emilia-Romagna, ( Piacenza, Parma and Reggio Emilia ), and all of Friuli, where she is said to bring gifts to good children and coal to bad ones the night between December 12 and 13.

Reggio and 000
It is estimated that 25, 000 people perished in Reggio and 65, 000 in Messina.
The movement spread across Northern Italy, up to 10, 000 strong groups processing in Modena, Bologna, Reggio and Parma although certain city authorities refused the Flagellant processions entry.
It has about 170, 000 inhabitants and is the main comune ( municipality ) of the Province of Reggio Emilia.
In the end the latter sold Reggio to the Visconti for 5, 000 ducats.
The exiles, numbering about 1, 000, were received at Mantua, Modena, Reggio, Verona, and Padua.
The Bourbons had some 20, 000 men in Calabria, but, apart from some episodes like that of Reggio Calabria, which was conquered at high cost by Bixio on 21 August, they offered insignificant resistance, as numerous units of the Bourbon army disbanded spontaneously or even joined Garibaldi's ranks.
The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (), located in Modena and Reggio Emilia, Emilia-Romagna, Italy, is one of the oldest universities in Italy, founded in 1175, with a population of more than 20, 000 students.

Reggio and community
Reggio Emilia's tradition of community support for families with young children expands on a view, more strongly held in Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, of children as the collective responsibility of the local community.
In Reggio Emilia, the infant / toddler and pre-primary program is a vital part of the community, as reflected in the high level of financial support.
Thus, the Jewish community in Reggio began to decline.
The Parliament of Italy has recognized the Griko community of Reggio Calabria and Salento as an ethnic and linguistic minority, under the name of " Minoranze linguistiche Grike dell ' Etnia Griko-Calabrese e Salentina " ( linguistic minority of the Griko-Calabrian and Salentinian ethnicity ).

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