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Reinfeldt and has
Lundgren is still respected among many Moderates for his principled stand on issues as a leader, especially since Fredrik Reinfeldt has been pursuing more centrist policies.
Reinfeldt has been credited for having moved the party more towards the centre in Swedish politics, which is also reflected by its own claim of being the " New Moderates ".
The official policy of Fredrik Reinfeldt on the issue, as of 2008, is that the result of the 2003 referendum has to be respected and that the issue will not be raised during the present term (- 2010 ).
Since Fredrik Reinfeldt became party leader, the party has slowly started to move further towards the political center and also adopted pragmatic views.
John Fredrik Reinfeldt ( pronounced ; born 4 August 1965 ) has been Prime Minister of Sweden since 2006 and is chairman of the liberal conservative Moderate Party since 2003.
As leader of the Moderate Party, Reinfeldt has tended to be less forceful in his criticism of the Swedish welfare state than his predecessors.
Reinfeldt has instead proposed reforms to Sweden's welfare state, which include cutting taxes for the lowest income earners and reducing unemployment benefits, in order to encourage the jobless to return to work.
Reinfeldt has even extended an invitation to the Swedish Trade Union Confederation, a traditional supporter of the Social Democrats and opponents to the Moderate Party.
Reinfeldt has also been described as a communitarian.
Reinfeldt has been perceived as a controlled and harmonious person.
Aware of this perception, Reinfeldt has said " I am by nature confident and calm.
" Regarding his family life, Reinfeldt has cultivated the image of a good family man who enjoys housework.
At present, Reinfeldt has moved into the official residence of the Prime Minister of Sweden, the Sager House, together with his wife and their three children, Ebba, Gustaf and Erik.
However, when Göran Persson asked for his resignation after the lost 2006 election, the parliamentary situation was very clear, so already on 19 September 2006 Sydow could formally ask Fredrik Reinfeldt to begin the formation of a new government to take office after the new Riksdag has assembled to approve it.

Reinfeldt and been
Filippa Reinfeldt, wife of Fredrik Reinfeldt ( the current Swedish Prime Minister and leader of the Moderate Party ), had been mayor of Täby for a long time, until Jan Rosenberg, of the Moderate Party, became the current mayor of Täby Municipality.
Reinfeldt is said to have been instrumental in uniting the four parties, which previously were known for being notoriously divided, in order to present a powerful alternative to the Social Democrats.
His father Bruno Reinfeldt was also formerly involved in local politics for the Moderate Party in Täby, but left all his political posts in February 2009 after having been arrested and later convicted for drink driving.

Reinfeldt and called
On 14 February 1995, Reinfeldt was called to a meeting of the Moderate Party's Riksdag group, which took place in the former second chamber () of the Swedish parliament building, a meeting where Bildt apparently scolded him for hours.

Reinfeldt and Swedish
* 1965 – Fredrik Reinfeldt, Swedish politician, 42nd Prime Minister of Sweden
This philosophy is that of Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.
* Election results 2006: Fredrik Reinfeldt ( Moderate Party ) elected Prime Minister on 5 October 2006 after the victory for Alliance for Sweden in the Swedish general election, 2006.
As a member of the winning side in the Swedish general election, 2006, the Alliance for Sweden, the Christian Democrats got three minister posts in the Cabinet of Fredrik Reinfeldt.
Fredrik Reinfeldt moved in after the Swedish general election, 2006.
Reinfeldt joined the Moderate Youth League — the youth wing of the Swedish Moderate Partyin 1983 at the age of 18.
In 1990, he became chairman of the Moderate Youth League in Stockholm, and in 1991 Reinfeldt was elected a member of the Riksdag — the Swedish Parliament.
Following the defeat of the Bildt government in the Swedish general election of 1994, Reinfeldt publicly criticized the Moderate Party leader, whom he believed had gotten too much dominance in the party.
From 2001 to 2002, Reinfeldt was chairman of the justice committee of the Swedish parliament.
In the run-up for the Swedish general election of 2006, Reinfeldt, as leader of the Moderate Party, participated in the creation of the Alliance for Sweden.
During the run-up for the 2006 Swedish general election, Reinfeldt was subjected to a smear campaign.
In a study by Sifo, a Swedish polling institute, Reinfeldt was the " most admired man in Sweden " in 2006.
Fredrik Reinfeldt with his former wife Filippa Reinfeldt | Filippa during the 2009 National Day of Sweden | Swedish National Day celebrations at Skansen, Stockholm.
In 2009 Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt admitted:
" Liberal conservatism " in this sense is for instance represented by Michael Portillo or the Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt of the Moderate Party, the Conservative Party of Norway, and the Finnish National Coalition Party.
Carl Johan Henrik Forssell ( born 8 December 1979 ) is a Swedish Moderate Party politician serving as Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.
Following the 2006 Swedish elections which saw the victory of the centre-right coalition of Fredrik Reinfeldt, Malmström returned to Sweden to take up the job of Minister for European Affairs in Reinfeldt's cabinet on 6 October 2006.

Reinfeldt and Cameron
On the other hand he is thought to have influenced Cameron, since Reinfeldt was elected party leader in 2003 — two years before Cameron took control of the British Conservative Party in 2005.

Reinfeldt and succeeded
He was succeeded by the pragmatist Fredrik Reinfeldt.
After this, Reinfeldt toned down his criticism, but was ostracized within the Moderate Party and not given any important posts until after the change of leadership when Lundgren succeeded Bildt in 1999.

Reinfeldt and Moderate
This was seen by many as a somewhat surprising move, because Bildt had already served both as Prime Minister and as leader of the Moderate Party and the previous conflict between Bildt and Reinfeldt.
The current Prime Minister of Sweden is Fredrik Reinfeldt, leader of the Moderate Party.
Former head of the Moderate Youth Fredrik Reinfeldt was elected as the new party leader in 2003.
* 2006 -: Part of a four-party coalition government under Moderate Party leader Fredrik Reinfeldt.
A native of Stockholm County, Reinfeldt joined the Moderate Youth League in 1983, and by 1992 had risen to the rank of chairman, a position he held until 1995.
However, following a change of leadership in 1999 and a bad result in the 2002 election, Reinfeldt gradually gained influence within the Moderate Party.
After the 2010 election Reinfeldt's government was reduced to a minority government but also becoming the first centre-right government since before World War II to be re-elected, making Reinfeldt the first Moderate politician elected to two consecutive terms as Prime Minister.
From 1992 to 1995, Reinfeldt was the chairman of the Moderate Youth League.
The congress was controversial because it was the culmination of a long ideological battle within the Moderate Youth League between the conservatives and the libertarians ; Reinfeldt represented the conservatives and Kristersson the libertarians.
Reinfeldt later stated that although the effects of that deep ideological division and battle in the party lingered on within the Moderate Youth League, he also felt that it was a defining moment in his life.
At the beginning of his term as leader of the Moderate Youth League, Reinfeldt supported the government of Prime Minister Bildt, but Reinfeldt gradually changed his views and became more critical of the party leadership.
In 1995, Reinfeldt co-authored the book " Nostalgitrippen " ( The Nostalgic Trip ), which described several persons in the Moderate Party leadership, including Gunnar Hökmark and Bo Lundgren, as " Carl Bildt-lookalikes.

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