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Some Related Sentences

Related and concerning
* Sacred Harp and Related Shape-Note Music Resources – an extensive site of resources concerning Sacred Harp, other Shape-Note music, Gallery music, etc.

Related and radical
Related to radical reform, upstate New York provided many members of Hunter Patriots, some of whom volunteered to invade Canada during the Patriot War.
Related uses of radical that are not radicals of rings:

Related and changes
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Related conditions include solitary plasmacytoma ( a single tumor of plasma cells, typically treated with irradiation ), plasma cell dyscrasia ( where only the antibodies produce symptoms, e. g. AL amyloidosis ), and POEMS syndrome ( peripheral neuropathy, organomegaly, endocrinopathy, monoclonal plasma cell disorder, skin changes ).
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Related and musical
Related characters, the sharp sign in musical notation:
; Related musical styles

Related and taste
Related to this word is the Latin verb sapere, meaning " to taste, to be wise, to know "; the present participle of sapere forms part of Homo sapiens, the Latin binomial nomenclature created by Carolus Linnaeus to describe the human species.
Related modern words are the English " probe ", " probation ", and " probability ", the Spanish probar ( to smell or taste, or ( lesser use ) touch or test ), Italian provare ( to try ), and the German probieren ( to try ).

Related and were
Related names that were used in the 19th century were Sarcophilus satanicus (" Satanic meatlover ") and Diabolus ursinus (" ursine devil "), all due to early misconceptions of the devil as implacably vicious.
Related families of assemblers for other architectures ( CALM-xx running under VME, PALM-xx developed in Pascal and running on various hosts ) were developed for internal use.
Related to this failure were suggestions of a high-level penetration within the service, Peter Wright ( especially in his controversial book Spycatcher ) and others believing that evidence implicated the former Director-General himself, Roger Hollis.
Hogarth's friend, the magistrate Henry Fielding, may have enlisted Hogarth to help with propaganda for a Gin Act: Beer Street and Gin Lane were issued shortly after his work An Enquiry into the Causes of the Late Increase of Robbers, and Related Writings and addressed the same issues.
Related disciplines, such as education, the environment and social sciences, however, were also covered.
Related titles were used in Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, the German Empire, and the Duchy of Burgundy, while England, Ireland, and parts of British North America referred to rulers of counties palatine as palatines.
Related to tech specs were Marvel's Transformer Universe, where the each entry for each Transformer contained an expanded bio based on the one printed on the tech specs.
Related issues were covered in his later book Zen of Graphics Programming.
Related to this is the ongoing question as to whether Akhenaten's co-regent and successor were the same person.
Related movements were the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, who attempted to return art to its state of " purity " prior to Raphael, and the Arts and Crafts Movement, which reacted against the impersonality of mass-produced goods and advocated a return to medieval craftsmanship.
Related to Celtic Frost, is the technical thrash metal trio Coroner who were roadies for Celtic Frost.
Related churches in other countries, such as the Anglican Catholic Church in Australia and the Church of England ( Continuing ), were founded later.
* Related problems were design limitations and lengthy project completion times, which frequently caused investments to be less productive than hoped.
Related to this may be a memory of a period in which the Swedes were ruled by a certain queen as described in the Disas saga.
Related enciphered communications were passed by persistent anti-prohibitionists to protect their operations.
Related to the all-wheel-drive trucks were four armoured vehicle models launched by Pegaso in the late ' 70s: the 4x4 airborne-able 3545 BLR, the 4x4 amphibious 3550 VAP, the very successful 6x6 3560 BMR, and its derivative, the 3562 VEC, all also used in quantity by the Spanish Army.
Related dialects were also spoken ‎ in the Ssese Islands, Buvuma Island and eastern Buganda .‎
Related concerns involved class size, teacher qualifications, and curriculum ; indeed, Howard students interested in vocational training were required to walk several blocks to a nearby annex to attend classes offered only after the conclusion of the normal school day.
Related merchandise, such as shirts and magnets, also gained wide popularity, particularly among people who had never been exposed to the original series, but were familiar with catch phrases like " See Spot run!
Related patents were taken out in England by Gowin Knight in 1760 and Edward Beran on 11 December 1769, but Venetian blinds were known to the French long before then, the French name for Venetian blinds being persiennes.
Several national events were organised to revitalize the redress campaign: In 2004, Doudou Diène, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, concluded that Canada should redress the head tax to Chinese Canadians and, in 2005, Gim Wong, an 82-year-old son of two head tax payers and a World War II veteran, conducted a cross-country Ride for Redress on his Harley Davidson motorcycle.
Some of Park's sermons were published in 1885, under the title Discourses on Some Theological Doctrines as Related to the Religious Character.

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