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Remark and with
For example, Remark 258 proposes a thought experiment in which a certain sensation is associated with the sign S written in a calendar.
Remark: Filter sections mentioned here is not to be confused with the individual 2-pole filter sections that a higher order filter consists of.
A variation in size results in a penalty proportional to this variation. Remark: Variation in size often occurs together with excentricity of the central pattern
* 1994: A Remark Hugh Made ( with Kramer )
Remark: We want to give the usual standard basis because each coordinate represents a " bit " which is transmitted across a " noisy channel " with some small probability of transmission error ( a binary symmetric channel ).

Remark and first
One of the first OMR software packages that used bitonal images from image scanners was Remark Office OMR, made by Gravic, Inc. ( originally named Principia Products, Inc .).

Remark and .
The earliest known citation on the Internet is from 1986 on Usenet in the signature of a poster from Convex Computer Corporation as "' I think there is a world market for about five computers ' — Remark attributed to Thomas J. Watson ( Chairman of the Board of International Business Machines ), 1943 ".
:* Remark ฉ ั นห ิ วแล ้ ว mostly means " I am hungry right now " because normally, แล ้ ว () is a past-tense marker, but แล ้ ว has many other uses as well.
Erich Maria Remarque ( 22 June 1898 – 25 September 1970 ), born Erich Paul Remark, was a German author, best known for his novel All Quiet on the Western Front.
Erich Paul Remarque was born on 22 June 1898 into a working-class family in the German city of Osnabrück to Peter Franz Remark ( b. 14 June 1867, Kaiserswerth ) and Anna Maria ( née Stallknecht ; born 21 November 1871, Katernberg ).
The original family name, Remarque, had been changed to Remark by his grandfather in the 19th century.
Remark that the point does not exist here, because these does not represent a line.
Remark: You will only find factors if the group order of the elliptic curve over ( denoted by #) is B-smooth, which means that all prime factors of # have to be less or equal to.
Remark: Many signals of interest are not integrable and the non-normalized (= ordinary ) Fourier transform of the signal does not exist.
Remark Office OMR 1. 0 was released in 1991.
Before that, " The Pony Remark " and " The Subway " show Kramer as a tough gambler.
Seen in both (" The Pony Remark ") and in the pilot which Jerry and George create for NBC.
Remark: Reflections of impurities in the diamond have a negative effect on the uniformity of the brightness of the pattern.
A majority of pointed shoulders leads to rejection. Remark: Pointed shoulders is a result of large tables (> 60 %)
Remark: A large central pattern is a consequence of short arrows.
cluster brightness. Remark: Extreme clustering annihilates the star shape of the center pattern
Remark: On the ( n, l, s )=( n, 0, 1 / 2 ) and ( n, l, s )=( n, 1 ,- 1 / 2 ) energy level, which the fine structure said their level are the same.

Some and authors
Some authors have speculated that Ælle may have led the Saxon forces at this battle, while others reject the idea out of hand.
Some authors, however, consider alkaloids a special case of amines.
Some authors classify as pseudoalkaloids such compounds such as ephedrine and cathinone.
Some authors see a centralized peer – review process as less relevant and publish on their home pages or on unreviewed sites like arXiv.
Some authors also define an alkali as a base that dissolves in water.
Some sources include the requirement that the curve may not cross the line infinitely often, but this is unusual for modern authors.
Some authors even argue that the language moved westward during Late Antiquity, after the fall of Rome, into the north part of Hispania in which Basque is spoken today.
Some authors require in addition that μ ( C ) < ∞ for every compact set C. If a Borel measure μ is both inner regular and outer regular, it is called a regular Borel measure.
Some authors use the convention B < sub > 1 </ sub > = − 1 / 2 and state Bernoulli's formula in this way:
Some authors deviate from the definition just given by identifying each object with its identity morphism.
Some authors have claimed this to be untrue, showing that the pollutant and irritant count within cars is consistently higher, ( presumably because of limited circulation of air within the car and due to the air intake being directly in the stream of other traffic ).
Some authors use countable set to mean a set with the same cardinality as the set of natural numbers.
As noted above, this terminology is not universal: Some authors use countable to mean what is here called " countably infinite ," and to not include finite sets.
Some authors, however, write about water clocks appearing as early as 4000 BC in these regions of the world.
Some authors take a different perspective.
Some authors have used " basal " differently to mean a clade that is " more primitive " or less species-rich than its sister clade ; others consider this usage to be incorrect, and many now discourage the use of that term altogether to avoid such implications.
Some authors of technical documents may prefer either mouse devices or the more generic pointing devices.
Some scholars feel that in addition to its spiritual components, portions of the text merely reflect the human authors ' beliefs and feelings about God at the time of its writing, and their cultural sensibilities.
Some authors have not succeeded in adapting to the changes brought about by modern technology ; others, such as Carl Hiaasen, have.
Some Western scholars have expressed doubts over Laozi's historical existence, claiming that the Tao Te Ching is actually a collection of the work of various authors.
Some 19th-century authors connected this word with ‘ mad, crazy ’, and erroneously compared the Turkish word with and ( cf.
Some authors use " compatible with ~" or just " respects ~" instead of " invariant under ~".
Some authors use " compatible with " or just " respects " instead of " invariant under ".
Some authors also require the domain of the Euclidean function be the entire ring R ; this can always be accommodated by adding 1 to the values at all nonzero elements, and defining the function to be 0 at the zero element of R, but the result is somewhat awkward in the case of K. The definition is sometimes generalized by allowing the Euclidean function to take its values in any well-ordered set ; this weakening does not affect the most important implications of the Euclidean property.
Some authors use, or Cpq, instead of, and, or Epq, instead of, especially in contexts where is used for other purposes.

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