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Repeal and then
O ' Connell then mounted an unsuccessful campaign for the Repeal of the Act of Union.
Repeal followed the public disclosure of the case of an individual who had run into trouble with the House Un-American Activities Committee, then had been convicted of contempt of Congress, and then of all things, had received a National Science Foundation Fellowship.
O ' Connell, head of the Catholic Association and Repeal Association in the 1820s, ' 30s and ' 40s, campaigned for Catholic Emancipation-full political rights for Catholics-and then " Repeal of the Union ", or Irish self-government under the Crown.
* NARAL Pro-Choice America, then called The National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws ( NARAL ), was founded.
NARAL Pro-Choice America, formerly the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, then National Abortion Rights Action League, is an organization in the United States that engages in political action to oppose restrictions on abortion and expand access to abortion.

Repeal and ;
* Repeal marriage tax ; cut middle class taxes.
Mary set about trying to restore Roman Catholicism by making sure that: Edward's religious laws were abolished in the Statute of Repeal Act ( 1553 ); the Protestant religious laws passed in the time of Henry VIII were repealed ; and the Revival of the Heresy Acts were passed in 1554.
Opposition took various forms: constitutional ( the Repeal Association ; the Home Rule League ), social ( disestablishment of the Church of Ireland ; the Land League ) and revolutionary ( Rebellion of 1848 ; Fenian Rising ).
; 1846: Repeal of the Corn Laws.
Early members of the WFL included Josephine Butler, leader of the Ladies National Association for the Repeal of the Contagious Diseases Acts ; the Pankhursts ' friend Elizabeth Wolstenholme Elmy ; and Harriot Eaton Stanton Blatch, daughter of US suffragist Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
As could be seen by the prospectus, as political objectives went, the programme was certain to be of immense assistance to Daniel O ' Connell in his efforts to revive the agitation for Repeal, but O ' Connell also knew and felt that he was receiving, for the present, a powerful support from them ; but he knew also, that they were outside of his influence, and did not implicitly believe that Repeal would be yielded to " agitation "; that they were continually seeking, by their writings, to arouse a military spirit among the people ; showing plainly, that while they helped the Repeal Association, they fully expected that the liberties of the country must be fought for in the end: it was in appearance only that they worked in harmony.
Fechner's law implies that sensation is a logarithmic function of physical intensity, which is impossible due to the logarithm's singularity at zero ; therefore, S. S. Stevens proposed the more mathematically plausible power-law relation of sensation to intensity in his famous 1961 paper entitled " To Honor Fechner and Repeal His Law.
* Repeal state security legislation like the no-fly list ; put the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Canadian Security Intelligence Service under democratic, civilian and community control, abolish racial profiling
; Repeal of Defense of Marriage Act
Crimes, Punishments, and Proceedings in Criminal Cases ; V. The General Laws and Express Repeal of Certain Acts and Resolves.
Clifford was the author of a Letter to Edmund Burke on the Repeal of the Corn Laws, 1824 ; Letters addressed to Lord Alvanley on his pamphlet, " The State of Ireland considered ," 1841 ; and Letters to the Editor of the " Morning Chronicle " on the East Indian Question ; and several published speeches.
* Repeal of state conspiracy laws which did not provide a safe harbor for labor unions ;
The New Mexico Coalition to Repeal the Death Penalty ( NM Repeal ) was developed in 1997 ; it is a grassroots organization that has been founded by concerned citizens in New Mexico fighting to abolish the death penalty.

Repeal and be
On Mitchel's frequent trips to Dublin, he came in contact with the Repeal members who gathered about the office of The Nation ( later to be known as Young Ireland ) and in the spring of 1843, Mitchel joined the Repeal Association and began to contribute to The Nation.
All three were members of Daniel O ' Connell's Repeal Association, and would later become to be known as Young Ireland. The name suggested by Duffy for the paper was " The National " but Davis disagreed, suggesting " that the use of an adjective for such a purpose was contrary to the analogies of the English language ," and suggested " The Nation.
By the 1830s and 1840s, nationalist leader Daniel O ' Connell was leading a demand for the Repeal of the Act of Union and the re-establishment of an Irish parliament in Dublin, only this time one to which Catholics could be elected, in contrast with the entirely Anglican assembly that had met in the old Houses of Parliament.
All three were members of Daniel O ' Connell's Repeal Association, and would later become to be known as Young Ireland.
The leader of the Repeal Association, Daniel O ' Connell, opposed the use of physical force to enact repeal, and passed ' peace resolutions ' declaring that violence and force were not to be employed.
Federalists attacked the Jeffersonian legislation, arguing that federal judges were appointed for life and therefore could not be constitutionally removed by the Repeal Act.

Repeal and
Following the collapse of the Repeal Association and with the arrival of famine, the Young Irelanders broke away completely from O Connell in 1846.
Following the collapse of the Repeal Association and with the arrival of famine, the Young Irelanders broke away completely from O Connell in 1846.
There are two sets of stairs leading to the memorial, and on each step, raised in bronzed letters are the words from ‘ The Demand of the Women of South Africa for the Withdrawal of Passes for Women and Repeal of the Pass Laws .’ On approaching the imbokodo, you will trigger infrared beams, which activates history s " whispered voices ", echoed in all 11 official languages, the rally cry, repeated softly.
* Albany Reaches Deal to Repeal 70s Drug Laws
The NM Repeal is founded on six principles: Victims Families first, Innocence, Fairness, Cost, Deterrence and International.
On 15 April 1840, Daniel O Connell held the first meeting of his new Repeal Association, in the Corn Exchange, Dublin.

Repeal and for
Repeal of the Corn Laws would remove the tariffs on imported wheat and reduce the price of wheat and bread for the average and poor citizens of Britain.
* May 17 – The Parliament of Great Britain passes the Repeal of Act for Securing Dependence of Ireland Act, a major component of the reforms collectively known as the ' Constitution of 1782 ' which restore legislative independence to the Parliament of Ireland.
As an aside in reference to the Repeal of the Corn Laws, Peel did make some moves to subsidise the purchase of food for the Irish, but this attempt was small and had little tangible effect.
Also around this period, a project was started to hold a public dinner for Daniel O ' Connell, the leader of the Repeal Association.
Despite undergoing tests in advance of prostate surgery scheduled two days later, Wyden appeared up in the Senate chamber in December 2010 to vote for the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Act of 2010.
When this bill was defeated for the third time, Barbauld wrote one of her most passionate pamphlets, An Address to the Opposers of the Repeal of the Corporation and Test Acts.
Barbauld's most significant political texts are: An Address to the Opposers of the Repeal of the Corporation and Test Acts ( 1790 ), Epistle to William Wilberforce on the Rejection of the Bill for Abolishing the Slave Trade ( 1791 ), Sins of Government, Sins of the Nation ( 1793 ), and Eighteen Hundred and Eleven ( 1812 ).
The home rule demands of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century differed from earlier demands for Repeal by Daniel O ' Connell in the first half of the nineteenth century.
* Committees for the Repeal of the Test and Corporation Acts: the minutes of two committees for the repeal of the Act.
"' We are not asking you to open the gates for Chinese immigration ': The Committee for the Repeal of the Chinese Immigration Act and Early Human Rights Activism in Canada.

Repeal and from
On December 18, 2010, Nelson voted in favor of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Act of 2010, which established a legal process for ending the policy that prevented gay and lesbian people from serving openly in the United States Armed Forces.
Fresh from his success in 1829, O ' Connell launched his Repeal Association in the 1830s and 1840s, hoping but failing to repeal the Acts of Union 1800.
The Young Irelanders eventually seceded from the Repeal Association.
The British Military Administration was terminated by Proclamation No. 77 ( 1946 ) dated 18 March 1946, and with effect from 1 April, the Straits Settlements were disbanded by the Straits Settlements ( Repeal ) Act 1946.
As they were expected to fall from power in 1840, activists ' renewing the agitation for Repeal was suspected as a devise to embarrass the new administration.
In 1845, a motion was carried at the Repeal Association's committee for all Irish MPs to withdraw from Westminster.
The Irish Confederation, which withdrew from the Repeal Association in 1847, resolved in favour of immediate abstention.

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