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Respondents' and practices
Respondents' practices in participating in advertised bidding for defense business ( Part C of the questionnaire ) 4.

Respondents' and negotiated
Respondents' opinions regarding negotiated bidding ( Part F of the questionnaire ) 7.

Respondents' and bidding
Respondents' opinions regarding advertised bidding ( Part E of the questionnaire ) 6.

Respondents' and defense
Respondents' preferences regarding the methods of awarding defense contracts ( Part G of the questionnaire )

practices and participating
Accordingly, as `` in-group '', they might have different opinions and practices than an `` out-group '' composed of those companies not so participating but interested in defense business.
She denies participating in any corrupt practices.
The aim of the ECIU is to create a European network where participating universities can exchange experiences and practices in projects in education, research and regional development.
In April 2007 the State of New York settled with three schools that were participating in questionable student loan practices.
NCAA rules prevent the Yell Leaders from participating in athletic practices, but the Head Yell Leader can usually be found during two-a-days, running and lifting alongside the football team.
Daniel Preus and others in the Synod's " Confessional " camp argued that Benke, by participating in a prayer event alongside non-Lutheran clergy and leaders of non-Christian faiths, had engaged in practices that the Synod condemns as " Syncretism " and " unionism.
ACE, American International Group ( AIG ), Marsh & McLennan, and other large insurers and brokerages were named in Spitzer's investigation for possibly participating in questionable insurance practices including the payment of contingent commissions, bid-rigging, price-fixing, and improper accounting.
Students in Forms III and IV, and those not wishing to participate in organized sports or wanting to take advantage of the study hall given by only one athletics period, take a physical education class while their classmates are participating in athletics practices.

practices and negotiated
EDF has drawn criticism for its ties to large corporations including McDonald ’ s, FedEx, and the Texas energy company TXU, with which the organization has negotiated to reduce emissions and develop more environmentally friendly business practices.

practices and bidding
Six days after he became secretary Perry released a document that laid out a variety of proposed acquisition procedure changes, including simplification of purchases under $ 100, 000 ; maximum reliance on existing commercial products ; conforming military contracts, bidding, accounting, and other business procedures to commercial practices when possible ; eliminating outdated regulations that delayed purchases ; and announcing military purchase requirements on data interchanges normally used by private business to increase vendor competition.

practices and for
It would challenge sharply not the cult of the motor car itself but some of its ancillary beliefs and practices -- for instance, the doctrine that the fulfillment of life consists in proceeding from hither to yon, not for any advantage to be gained by arrival but merely to avoid the cardinal sin of stasis, or, as it is generally termed, staying put.
A survey of practices and/or policies in other states concerning assignment and use of state automobiles reveals several points for comparison with Rhode Island's practices.
This accounts for the wide variance in assessment practices of movable tangible property in the various municipalities in Rhode Island.
What is important here is that many of the cities and towns recognize the need for improved fiscal practices and are taking the initiative to obtain them.
With U.S. Coast Guard cooperation, the American Boat and Yacht Council was formed to develop recommended practices and standards for boats and their equipment with reference to safety.
Nevertheless, impulses still exist among the ruling elite to rationalize and thus to perpetuate the need for centralized and authoritarian practices.
There is a marked tendency for religions, once firmly established, to resist change, not only in their own doctrines and policies and practices, but also in secular affairs having religious relevance.
Acceptance of radiopasteurization is likely to be delayed, however, for two reasons: ( 1 ) the storage life of fresh chicken under refrigeration is becoming a minimal problem because of constantly improved sanitation and distributing practices, and ( 2 ) treatment by antibiotics, a measure already approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration, serves to extend the storage life of chicken at a low cost of about 0.5 cents per pound.
It called for opposition to laws and institutional practices restricting the information or availability of contraceptives.
The positive development, during adolescence, of this capacity to think and to feel strongly and with increasing independence, and to identify overtly either with or against given ideas, values, and practices, depends to a considerable degree on both previous and present opportunities for developing autonomy, initiative, and self-certainty.
The jury also commented on the Fulton ordinary's court which has been under fire for its practices in the appointment of appraisers, guardians and administrators and the awarding of fees and compensation.
The jury did not elaborate, but it added that `` there should be periodic surveillance of the pricing practices of the concessionaires for the purpose of keeping the prices reasonable ''.
In the famous Danbury Hatters case, a suit was brought against the union by the Loewe Company for monopolistic practices, e.g., trying to persuade consumers not to purchase the product of the struck manufacturer.
But such a reaction obscures the powerful efforts made in the past by both NAREB and its local boards for the maintenance of restrictive clauses and practices.
" Among the Oxford Group practices AA retained were informal gatherings, a " changed-life " developed through " stages ", and working with others for no material gain.
The Troth takes the " universalist " position, claiming Asatru as a synonym for " Northern European Heathenry " taken to comprise " many variations, names, and practices, including Theodism, Irminism, Odinism, and Anglo-Saxon Heathenry ".
Among the most exciting recent archaeological discoveries in Greece is the recognition that the sanctuary site near the modern village of Kalapodi is not only the site of the oracle of Apollon at Abai but that it was in constant use for cult practices from early Mycenaean times to the Roman period.
The mean and maximal doses used for olanzapine were considerably higher than standard practice, and this has been postulated as a biasing factor that may explain olanzapine's superior efficacy over the other atypical antipsychotics studied, where doses were more in line with clinically relevant practices.
Many of these facial disfigurings were and still are done in some parts of the world as punishment for some crimes, and as individual shame and population terror practices.
* The City as a Cheat ( 6: 9 – 16 ): The city is reprimanded for its dishonest trade practices.
This in turn forms the background to verses 1: 8-16, in which Micah warns the towns of the coming disaster ( Lachish is singled out for special mention, accused of the corrupt practices of both Samaria and Jerusalem ).

practices and defense
As a result, it was decided that a mail questionnaire sent to a large number of companies would be more effective in determining the general practices and opinions of small firms and in highlighting some of the fundamental and recurring problems of defense procurement that concern both industry and government.
The objective of the study was to determine the opinions and practices of small firms selling to defense programs.
It was compiled as a control sample to determine if the opinions and practices of companies on the lists submitted by the members of the Aerospace Industries Association were materially different from those of other small firms selling to defense programs.
: Radioactive or toxic chemical sites associated with its former defense industries and test ranges are found throughout the country and pose health risks for humans and animals ; industrial pollution is severe in some cities ; because the two main rivers which flowed into the Aral Sea have been diverted for irrigation, it is drying up and leaving behind a harmful layer of chemical pesticides and natural salts ; these substances are then picked up by the wind and blown into noxious dust storms ; pollution in the Caspian Sea ; soil pollution from overuse of agricultural chemicals and salination from poor infrastructure and wasteful irrigation practices
However, on November 16, 2009, U. S. District Judge Dale A. Kimball denied the motions of the defense, ruling that Dr. Welner's methodology on the case " represents the best practices in forensic psychiatry and psychology ".
For example, defense attorney Hans Rolfe ( Maximilian Schell ) raises such issues as the support of U. S. Supreme Court justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. for eugenics practices, the Hitler-Vatican Reichskonkordat in 1933, the Nazi-Soviet Pact in 1939 that allowed Hitler to start World War II and Winston Churchill's praising of Adolf Hitler.
However, while some practices are not illegal, they may be seen as abusive and in need of reform, particularly by defendants and the criminal defense industry:
These practices, coupled with a reliance on the United States for defense, allowed Japan's economy to increase exponentially during the Cold War.
Friedlander wrote that the glorification of Judaism in the letter was no more than self-defense, though “ the book does not mention the antagonists of Judaism by name, nor does it admit that its intention is to refute direct attacks .” Stein sees in the letter “ a special kind of defense, which practices diplomatic tactics ,” and Tramontano also speaks of “ an apologetic and propagandist tendency .” Vincent characterizes it as “ a small unapologetic novel written for the Egyptians ” ( i. e. the Greeks in Egypt ).
PASOK contested the accusations and claimed that 2006 Eurostat changes to the system of defense expenditure calculation legitimized the practices of the Simitis government.
# Preventive cultural practices: Selecting varieties best for local growing conditions, and maintaining healthy crops, is the first line of defense, together with plant quarantine and ' cultural techniques ' such as crop sanitation ( e. g. removal of diseased plants to prevent spread of infection ).
PASOK contested the accusations and claimed that 2006 Eurostat changes to the system of defense expenditure calculation legitimized the practices of the Costas Simitis government.
The specific objectives of the dominion included the regulation of trade, an increase in religious freedoms, reformation of land title practices to conform more to English methods and practices, coordination on matters of defense, and a streamlining of the administration into fewer centers.
He was well known for his 6 AM practices, match-up zone defense, tough non-conference scheduling, and winning basketball teams.
Marilyn Stasio of The New York Times wrote that " Mr. Grisham, a criminal defense attorney, writes with such relish about the firm's devious legal practices that his novel might be taken as a how-to manual for ambitious tax-law students.
He nevertheless studied law ( voted " Most Likely Never to Pass the Bar "), and although he rarely practices, he takes an absurd delight in losing cases, boasting of having put many criminals behind bars while acting as their defense attorney ; this is somewhat contradicted in the episode " The Addams Family Goes to Court ," where it is noted that while Gomez has never won a case, he has never lost one either (" Perfect record!
Upon examining the scientific attached papers, medical reports and defense memoranda: with respect to the scientific view and according to known scientific practices, the National Experts Committee deems the outbreak of AIDS in the Al-Fateh Children's Hospital as not having occurred as a result of a nosocomial infection and having not resulted because of the misuse and / or the reuse of medical instruments.
So are other practices, like the offside trap ( having the defense step forward in sync to force opposing players into an offside position ) and using screens at corner shots.
Recently, ( March 2006 ) Eurostat has made changes to the system of defense expenditure calculation, which seemed to legitimize some of the practices of the previous Costas Simitis government of PASOK.
Windham's speeches in parliament in defense of such practices seem among his most heart-felt ".
After suffering a 6th round technical knockout loss to former IBF light middleweight champion, Kassim Ouma, Gilbert retired from professional boxing in 2010 and now practices criminal defense and personal injury law in Reno, NV.

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