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Returning and America
Returning to America, Parsons befriended Emmylou Harris, who assisted him on vocals for his first solo record, GP, released in 1973.
Returning from a fact-finding trip to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in America in 1930, Metropolitan Damaskinos recommended to Patriarch Photios II that he appoint Metropolitan Athenagoras to the position of Archbishop of North and South America as the best person to bring harmony to the American diocese.
Returning to America in triumph, the accolades continued as he toured the major cities playing chess on his way back to New Orleans.
Returning to China, he purchased several surplus military aircraft and created the Civil Air Transport, ( later known as Air America ).
Returning from yet another hiatus, Norwood's fourth album Afrodisiac was released on June 29, 2004 in North America, amidst the well-publicized termination of her short-lived business relationship with entertainment manager Benny Medina.
In the episode " Returning Japanese Part 1 ", Hank says " Peggy, I've already chosen the country for our summer vacation, America.
Returning to America, he soon entered definitely upon a literary career.
Returning to America in July, 1858, he became professor of sacred literature at Yale at the opening of the next college year.
Returning to America, Warren made his concert debut at the Metropolitan Opera in excerpts from La traviata and Pagliacci during a concert in New York in November 1938.
Returning to America, Dempsey met her third husband, the wealthy stockbroker Solomon Sturges, who adopted Preston in 1902.
Returning to North America, as a free agent, he accepted a tryout invitation to attend the Florida Panthers training camp for the 2010 – 11 season.
Returning from America ( where he participated in Sanremo in the World ), Marco began to produce their first album, " Marco Masini ", for which there were only two records: " Disperato " and " Dal Buio " ( written to be sung by Massimo Ranieri ).
Returning to America, she enrolled in the University of Southern California law school, and became less focused on sports.
Returning to Britain, he was from 1978 to 1983 he was Regional Director of Thomas Cook Bankers, with responsibilities for Latin America, Iberia and Africa, setting up new operations in São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Caracas, and running large established businesses in Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Nigeria and Libya.
Returning to America, he represented Pennsylvania as a delegate to the Continental Congress from 1786 to 1788.
Returning to America to attend the first summit between Prime Minister John Howard and President Bush on September 10, 2001, Schieffer was in Washington on September 11, 2001 when the awful events of the day unfolded.
Returning to America, he joined Cornell in 1893, choosing to study architecture.
Returning to the United States with his wife, Emilie, and their children in 1915, he criss-crossed North America agitating for Czechoslovak independence from Austria.
Returning to live in the United States, Ayres was made head of the division of statistics in the Playground Association of America.
In the Wallace Gallery in London are " Watering Cattle " and " Cattle in Stormy Weather "; in the Glasgow Corporation Gallery is a " Landscape with Cattle "; the Louvre contains his famous " Oxen at Work " and " Returning to the Farm "; while the Metropolitan Museum of Art and other galleries in America contain fine examples of his pictures.
Returning to America, Ziegler tried low doses of testosterone on himself, on the American trainer Bob Hoffman and on two lifters, Jim Park and Yaz Kuzahara.
Returning to America in February 1881, he continued to study Sanskrit at Harvard University for a year and for two years contributed to various periodicals, mainly The Critic.
Returning to America in 1913, she brought a diamond-collared pet pig, Mimi, and wore a nose-ring.

Returning and 1824
Returning in 1823 to Basel, where W. M. L. de Wette had recently been appointed to a theological chair, he distinguished himself greatly by his trial dissertation, Observationes historico-hermeneuticae circa Origenis methodum interpretendae sacrae Scripturae ; in 1824 he became professor extraordinarius, and in 1829 professor ordinarius of theology.
Returning to Sömmerda, he in 1824 founded a company to manufacture percussion caps.

Returning and settled
Returning veterans wishing to start a settled life moved en masse to the suburbs.
Returning to India, Patel settled in the city of Ahmedabad and became one of the city's most successful barristers.
Returning soldiers from the American Civil War settled in the region, mostly as farmers ( wheat and corn in the Western plains and dairy and hogs in the Eastern hills and forests ).
Returning in 1840 he settled in Valenciennes, and after the revolution of 1848 removed to Paris, where he started a newspaper called La Révolution démocratique et sociale.
Sung by the title character Eva Perón, it was titled " It's Only Your Lover Returning " before Rice settled on the eventual name.
Returning to Europe in 1864, in protest against Prussian domination of the German Empire he emigrated once more, this time to Switzerland, and settled in the castle.
Returning to New York, they later moved out to California and settled in Berkeley in 1970.
Returning to the United States Pettitt settled in New York City, where she still resides.
Returning to Britain in March 1938, Straffen's father took a discharge from the Army and the family settled in Bath, Somerset.
Returning to Australia in 1920, Murray eventually settled in Queensland, where he purchased the grazing farm that would be his home for the remainder of his life.
Returning from college, Tunney settled into the Lakeview neighborhood.
Returning from the Dutch East Indies, Busken Huet settled for the remainder of his life in Paris.
The tie was settled by the casting vote of the Returning Officer.
Returning to the United States in 1874, he settled in southwestern Colorado, where his health stabilized, and resumed his career as an attorney.
Returning to the United States in 1857, Volk and his family settled in the booming city of Chicago, where he helped to establish the Chicago Academy of Design, precursor to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Returning from the war, Gardiner resumed his surveyors job and settled in Calgary, Alberta.
Returning to Sydney, Conroy enlisted as a commando and went off to serve in New Guinea during the Second World War, and upon his return, Norton, who had been forced to live in a stable during this period, demanded a divorce, which was finally settled in 1951.
Returning to America in 1747, he first settled at Belvoir ( present-day Fort Belvoir ), an estate which had been completed by Col. Fairfax six years earlier.
Returning to the United States, Barbour settled in New York City, continuing his studies in the Astor Library.
Returning from the war, Hay settled in Regina, Saskatchewan and played two seasons with the Regina Victorias of the Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League between 1919 and 1921.
Returning to Mali, Diabaté settled into an administrative post in Bamako.
Returning to Scotland in 1827, he settled in Edinburgh, occupying the house and studio which had formerly belonged to the Scottish painter Raeburn.
Returning home, he practiced medicine in Providence, Rhode Island until 1788, when he settled in Marietta, Ohio with other war veterans.
Returning to Europe before the age of forty with a handsome fortune, he settled in Paris, where he gave himself to the cultivation of literature and art, and formed a good library and collection of paintings, coins and other objects of antiquarian interest.

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