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Returning and Britain
Returning to Britain, he found that the climate made him sick, leading him to register with a doctor, Edward A. Gregg, who recommended that he try nudism.
Returning to England once again, he found that he was sympathetic to the American colonists in their quarrel with Britain.
Returning to Connecticut, from 1851 to 1855, he was “ superintendent of common schools ”, and principal of the Connecticut State Normal School at New Britain, Connecticut.
Returning to Britain in 1838, he became MP for Edinburgh.
Returning to Britain in 2003 to pick up the Overseas Player of the Decade Award at the Premier League 10 Seasons Awards, Cantona said of his premature retirement, " When you quit football it is not easy, your life becomes difficult.
Returning to Britain, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester acquired Barnwell Manor in Northamptonshire, while retaining an apartment in Kensington Palace.
Returning to Upper Canada, in December 1833 he renamed the Colonial Advocate simply The Advocate, a sign that he no longer valued the tie to Great Britain.
Returning to Britain, Neagle and Wilcox commenced with They Flew Alone ( 1942 ; shot after but released before Forever and a Day ).
Returning to Britain in June 1947, he undertook a six month course at the Staff College, before receiving a two year posting as senior personnel staff officer of No. 21 Group, Flying Training Command.
Returning to Britain, she began work on another sitcom with Cash but pulled out, leaving Cash to write with Phil Mealey.
Returning to Britain for his wife he found that his father-in-law and Feng had been pledged each to avenge the other's death.
The Commission produces guidance and gives advice on electoral administration to Returning Officers and electoral administrators in Great Britain.
The Commission has set performance standards for Returning Officers and Referendum Counting Officers in Great Britain.
Returning to Britain, he was from 1978 to 1983 he was Regional Director of Thomas Cook Bankers, with responsibilities for Latin America, Iberia and Africa, setting up new operations in São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Caracas, and running large established businesses in Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Nigeria and Libya.
Returning to Britain in 1910, Mann wrote The Way to Win, a pamphlet that argued that socialism could be achieved only through trade unionism and co-operation and that parliamentary democracy was inherently corrupt.
Returning to Britain in 1886, after a quarrel with the missionary society which ran his hospital in Japan, Faulds offered the concept of fingerprint identification to Scotland Yard but he was dismissed, most likely because he did not present the extensive evidence required to show that prints are durable, unique and practically classifiable.
Returning to Britain in 1848, he became the Commanding Royal Engineer for the London District in 1855 and Deputy Inspector-General of Fortifications the following year.
Returning to Britain in March 1938, Straffen's father took a discharge from the Army and the family settled in Bath, Somerset.
Returning to Britain after the war, Kydd applied for the film ' Captive Heart ' which was about life in a prison camp, and as this was an area where he had much experience, he got a part.
Returning to London from Spain, he worked with Spain and the World, a pro-libertarian propaganda group active in Britain in support of the Spanish anarchists.
Returning to Great Britain, Manning trained at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, then joined a Wolverhampton repertory company and made her debut in Man At The Top ( 1970 ).
Returning to Britain, he became the first Director of Fundraising at the Alzheimer ’ s Society, the care and research charity for people with dementia and their carers.
Returning to Britain in 1919, she created the rôle of Lady Mary Carlisle in André Messager's operetta, Monsieur Beaucaire, at the Prince's Theatre.
Returning to Britain, he felt called by the Holy Spirit to start a Bible College ; his inspiration being the 900 student capacity Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois.

Returning and receive
Returning again to her desire for fame, Cavendish notes that if an honest poet, who is not envious, judges her work, it will receive applause.
Returning to film, Olmos became the first American-born Latino to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor, in Stand and Deliver, for his portrayal of real-life math teacher, Jaime Escalante.
Returning to the United States in January 1919, it had been widely expected throughout the Air Service that Mitchell would receive the post-war assignment of Director of Air Service.
Returning briefly to Hollywood to receive an award, he made several guest appearances in 1990s television series ( most notably SeaQuest DSV, Murder, She Wrote and Babylon 5 ) and in a number of films.
Returning soldiers of African-American units ( the 761st had been the first of many segregated combat units, including the 92nd Infantry Division and the famous Tuskegee Airmen ) often did not receive a warm welcome home as most white units did.

Returning and from
Returning to the log-house he found some favorite lines from Jonathan Swift on his lips:
Returning from Sardinia Napoleon with his family and all his supporters were instrumental in getting Paoli denounced at the National Convention in Paris in 1793.
Returning from this first missionary journey to Antioch, they were again sent up to Jerusalem to consult with the church there regarding the relation of Gentiles to the church ( Acts 15: 2 ; Galatians 2: 1 ).
Returning from the war, Morrison sketched a design for an aerodynamically-improved flying disc that he called the Whirlo-Way.
Returning from Saint Petersburg, they visited Frederick the Great in Rheinsberg.
Returning to East Asia, he took a ship from Singapore to Saigon in French Indo-China, from where he traveled to Phnom Penh, visiting the Silver Pagoda.
Returning to the picture from the previous section, the flow approaching an airfoil can be divided into streamtubes, which are defined based on the area between two streamlines.
Returning to Madang at the end of December 1929, several of the party went back to Sydney to obtain instructions from the Akmana Gold Prospecting Company.
Returning from a job interview in New York, David is the sole survivor of a horrific train wreck that killed 131 passengers, sustaining no injuries himself.
Returning to Greenland with samples of grapes, wheat and timber, he rescues the survivors from a wrecked ship and gains a reputation for good luck ; his religious mission is a swift success.
Returning from Africa, Vespasian toured Greece in Nero's retinue, but lost Imperial favour after paying insufficient attention ( some sources suggest he fell asleep ) during one of the Emperor's recitals on the lyre, and found himself in the political wilderness.
Returning from this voyage, he took to business pursuits in Plymouth, and then recommenced his Dartmoor explorations.
Returning to Rome in 1001, Otto III faced a rebellion from the Roman aristocracy which forced him to flee the city.
Returning to Tours, he became a canon of the cathedral and in about 1040 became head of its school, improving its efficiency and attracting students from far and near.
Returning to Germany towards the close of 1162, Frederick prevented the escalation of conflicts between Henry the Lion from Saxony and a number of neighbouring princes who were growing weary of Henry's power, influence and territorial gains.
Returning home, he was nursed by Anna Filing, a girl he had known from his childhood.
* 1502 — Returning from India, Vasco da Gama discovers the Amirante Islands ( Seychelles ).
Returning to Earth with all her memories, Rachel finally managed to get back to the future she had come from.
Returning to the United Kingdom from an economic summit held in Guadeloupe in early 1979, Callaghan was asked, " What is your general approach, in view of the mounting chaos in the country at the moment?
Returning from Paris, he made his first design for St Paul's.
Returning to active service, he ended the war as a celebrated U-boat commander from late 1917 in the Mediterranean, credited with eighteen sinkings.
Returning to fitness for the 1993 – 94 season, he scored 31 goals from 40 games as Blackburn finished runners-up in the Premier League.
* Returning to Athens after the battle, Theramenes leads Athenian agitation against the eight generals who have commanded in the engagement ; the six who have returned to Athens are condemned for negligence in not having picked up survivors from the ships disabled in the battle.
Returning from India to reconquer them, Eucratides is murdered by his son.

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