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Returning and Paris
Returning from Sardinia Napoleon with his family and all his supporters were instrumental in getting Paoli denounced at the National Convention in Paris in 1793.
Returning to Paris, the penniless Rousseau befriended and became the lover of Thérèse Levasseur, a seamstress who was the sole support of her mother and numerous ne ' er-do-well siblings.
Returning to Paris in 1941 he formed the " Socialisme et Liberté " resistance group.
Returning to Paris, she became a popular figure in the salons, and her own drawing room became a centre for the discussion and consumption of the literary arts.
Returning from Paris, he made his first design for St Paul's.
Returning to the familiar Paris salons, Offenbach quietly shifted the emphasis of his work from being a cellist who also composed to being a composer who played the cello.
Returning to Paris in February 1849, Offenbach found the grand salons closed down.
Returning to Paris after almost three years in Italy, he found that the main Parisian opera theatres preferred the established classical repertoire to the works of newcomers.
Returning to Europe, he studied architecture in Paris ( with J. F. Blondel ) and spent five years in Italy.
Returning to Paris, Lafayette found that the Continental Congress did not have the money for his voyage ; hence he acquired the sailing ship La Victoire himself.
Returning to Paris, he receives the news that his sister Mary's fiancé, Captain Denis Cathcart, has been found shot dead outside the Wimseys ' shooting lodge at Riddlesdale in Yorkshire.
Returning to Paris after discharge, Monteux resumed his career as a violist.
Returning to Paris on the downfall of Napoleon, he placed himself at the head of a body of 500 tirailleurs ( sharpshooters ).
Returning to Halifax from Paris he entered into a partnership with Sydney-born architect Sydney P. Dumaresq.
Returning to Paris, Dumouriez encountered popular ovation, but he gained less sympathy from the revolutionary government.
Returning after a brief interval, under the apprehension that his father-in-law would be held responsible for his absence, he arrived in Paris in the midst of the Reign of Terror, and had to flee to Switzerland.
Returning to Paris in January 1940, he wrote Über den Begriff der Geschichte ( Theses on the Philosophy of History ).
Returning to Paris he joined the semi-professional rugby team, Racing Club de France, whose captain was Alfred Sauvy and whose supporters included Tristan Bernard.
Returning to Paris in 1889, she opened a similar lingerie workshop on the street Chaussée d ' Antin, where she invented a two-piece undergarment called le bien-être ( the wellbeing ).
Returning to Paris, he was one of the founding members of the Bureau des Longitudes.
Returning to France he was patronized by Cardinal du Bellay at Lyon, and was sent by him about 1540 to Paris, where he began the Chateau de St Maur-des-Fossés, and enjoyed royal favour ; in 1545 he was made architect to Francis I of France and given the charge of works in Brittany.
Returning to the continent he followed the invitation of Tsar Alexander I to come to St. Petersburg, where he lived so briefly he never prepared a meal for the Tsar before returning to Paris, where he was chef to banker James Mayer Rothschild.
Returning to Paris, in 1919 he worked as the chauffeur for the famous Irish war artist, Sir William Orpen.

Returning and resumed
Returning to his homeland of Cappadocia, Gregory once again resumed his position as bishop of Nazianzus.
Returning to St. Louis, he set up a church and resumed work as editor of the Observer.
Returning to England at the beginning of the 1899 cricket season, Ranjitsinhji immediately resumed playing cricket.
Returning to New Haven, he also resumed his studies at Yale Law School ( LL. B 1925 ).
Returning to the Sharks as NHL play resumed for the 2005 – 06 season, Sturm was traded to the Boston Bruins on November 30, 2005, along with defenceman Brad Stuart and forward Wayne Primeau for All-Star centre Joe Thornton.
Returning to Kansas, Martin resumed the editorial management of his paper, and again became a factor in political affairs.
Returning to Connecticut, he resumed his law practice and was on the Governor's Council from 1802 to 1807.
Returning to Australia after the war, Wark resumed work as a quantity surveyor and established his own business.
Returning to the United States in 1874, he settled in southwestern Colorado, where his health stabilized, and resumed his career as an attorney.
Returning to the Kingdom of England in 1643, he resumed his personal attendance on the queen.
Returning to Kansas City, Baum resumed his teaching duties at St. Theresa College ( 1958-63 ) and served as secretary of the Diocesan Tribunal.
Returning from the war, Gardiner resumed his surveyors job and settled in Calgary, Alberta.
Returning to Toronto, Abbott resumed his private practice and became more involved with writing for various publications including the Colored American Magazine of Boston and New York, the Anglo-American Magazine of London ( for which he wrote “ Some recollections of Lincoln ’ s assassination "), and New York Age.
Returning home, he resumed his newspaper publishing and banking career in Johnstown.
Returning to Palestine, he soon resumed his work where he had left off.

Returning and civilian
Returning to the fort they found the bodies of six civilian traders killed by the Indians.
Returning to civilian life, Hobhouse took to farming on a family estate in Somerset.
Returning to civilian life in Australia, Kenny began working as a travelling salesman for Clifford Love & Co. ( manufacturers, importers and merchants ).
" Returning soldiers from European battlefields, including blacks with heightened expectations of freedom and equality and whites seeking a return to civilian employment and the status quo ante bellum, and new immigrant black workers from the rural South formed a volatile mixture which erupted in mob violence in Chicago, Omaha, and cities throughout the Midwest and South.
Returning to civilian life in Des Moines as America entered the First World War, Herring led local fundraising efforts as the chair of the Greater Des Moines Committee, and was invited to Washington to advise the federal government on speeding up production of war supplies.

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