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Returning and Poland
Returning to the royal court in Dresden during 1737 Hasse composed 5 new operas, but when the court moved to Poland in the autumn of 1738 he and Faustina came back to Venice, where both of them were extremely popular.
Returning to Prussia in 1785 he was, on the death of Frederick the Great, reinstated in his old service, and in 1794 took part in the operations in Poland during the Kościuszko Uprising, distinguishing himself especially at Szczekociny.
Returning to Poland in 1540, he became secretary to Archbishop
Returning to Poland, he became a canon priest in Kraków, and a parish priest at Krzyżanowice Dolne and Tuczępy.
Returning to Poland in 1918, he studied classics and English language at the University of Warsaw, submitting a dissertation on a non-existent nineteenth-century English poet, Morris Gordon Cheats.
Returning to Galicia in late 1935, Wiesenthal claimed he was finally allowed to enter Lviv Polytechnic and tried to earn the advanced degree that would allow him to practice architecture in Poland.

Returning and became
Returning to Busseto, he became the town music master and, with the support of Antonio Barezzi, a local merchant and music lover who had long supported Verdi's musical ambitions in Milan, Verdi gave his first public performance at Barezzi ’ s home in 1830.
Returning to Gaul, Irenaeus succeeded the martyr Saint Pothinus and became the second Bishop of Lyons.
Returning to Paris, the penniless Rousseau befriended and became the lover of Thérèse Levasseur, a seamstress who was the sole support of her mother and numerous ne ' er-do-well siblings.
Returning to Paris, she became a popular figure in the salons, and her own drawing room became a centre for the discussion and consumption of the literary arts.
Returning to his family in New York, Northup became active in abolitionism.
Returning to Tours, he became a canon of the cathedral and in about 1040 became head of its school, improving its efficiency and attracting students from far and near.
Returning to East Timor in July 1981 he became a teacher for 20 months, then director for two months, at the Salesian College at Fatumaca.
Returning to the backbenches, Heath became an active critic of Thatcher's policies as Prime Minister.
Returning to India, Patel settled in the city of Ahmedabad and became one of the city's most successful barristers.
Returning to London, Childe became a private secretary again in 1922, this time for three British Members of Parliament, including John Hope Simpson and Frank Gray, both of whom were members of the centre-left Liberal Party.
Returning to Lancaster in 1886, Hershey established the Lancaster Caramel Company, which quickly became an outstanding success.
Returning to Hamilton in 1961 – 62, he became a regular player on the team, scoring 24 goals and 43 points in 50 games.
Returning to England in 1861 he worked as a journalist on the staff of the Daily Telegraph, a newspaper with which he continued to be associated as editor for more than forty years, and later became its editor-in-chief.
Returning to the Washington headquarters in 1995, he became chief of the counterterrorism section.
Returning to Britain in 1838, he became MP for Edinburgh.
Returning to Colombia in early 2005 after several visits in late 2004, Gaviria once again became active in politics, and was proclaimed as the sole chief of the Colombian Liberal Party in June 2005.
Returning to France soon afterwards he proceeded to Toulouse to study law, where he soon became involved in the violent disputes between the different nations of the university.
Returning to film, Olmos became the first American-born Latino to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor, in Stand and Deliver, for his portrayal of real-life math teacher, Jaime Escalante.
Returning to Satsuma, Kuroda became an active member of the Satsuma-Chōshū joint effort to overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate.
Returning to India in 1933, he became a coffee and tea planter, but in 1936 returned to the UK to join the RAF.
Returning to England in 1899 ( the year her father died ), she became a theatrical designer for a miniature theatre and continued to work as an illustrator.
Returning in 1823 to Basel, where W. M. L. de Wette had recently been appointed to a theological chair, he distinguished himself greatly by his trial dissertation, Observationes historico-hermeneuticae circa Origenis methodum interpretendae sacrae Scripturae ; in 1824 he became professor extraordinarius, and in 1829 professor ordinarius of theology.

Returning and secretary
Returning to Hamburg in 1729, he obtained the appointment of unpaid private secretary to the Danish ambassador in London, where he lived till 1731.
Returning to the United States, he then did pastoral work in the Diocese of Brooklyn and served as secretary to Bishop McDonnell until 1897.
Returning to the office of the British colonial secretary in 1874, he submitted a set of proposals, known as the " carnarvon terms ", to settle the dispute between British Columbia and Canada over the construction of the transcontinental railroad and the Vancouver Island railroad and train bridge.
Returning to Transylvania, he was a secretary ( between 1895 and 1902 ), then a counselor ( 1902 – 1909 ) at the Archbishopric of Sibiu.
Returning to Greece, he re-assumed the leadership of the KKE from Georgios Siantos, acting general secretary of the KKE since January 1942.
Returning to Kansas City, Baum resumed his teaching duties at St. Theresa College ( 1958-63 ) and served as secretary of the Diocesan Tribunal.
Returning from a stay in Paris after working as the private secretary to the " Assistant Economic Commissioner Office of Special Representative for Europe Economic Cooperation Administration ", she presents herself as a young woman of beauty, charm, incredible sophistication and zest for living, so different from the domestic's daughter the family had largely ignored.
Returning home he was made Companion of the Order of the Bath, and for a while was private secretary to Sir George Grey, 2nd Baronet, then at the Home Office.
Returning to São Sebastião, he took on the position of secretary for orphans, then administrative secretary for the municipal council and notary.
Returning in 1936, Bakdash took control of the Communist Party of Syria and Lebanon as secretary, a post he would retain without interruption for the rest of his life.
Returning to France under the government of Émile Ollivier he took an active share in the revolution of 4 September 1870 and became secretary of the commission of national defence.

Returning and developed
Returning to Geneva in 1584 he developed a kind of scientific turn, dabbling in alchemy and the research for the philosopher's stone.
Returning to the United States, interviews disclose that 9 / 11 rescue workers who volunteered after the September 11, 2001 attacks were denied government funds to care for physical and psychological maladies they subsequently developed, including respiratory disease and PTSD-induced bruxism.
Returning to designing purpose-built aircraft for Canada's north, the DHC-2 Beaver was developed in 1947.

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