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Returning and Surrey
Returning to London, he gave exhibitions from the Cremorne Gardens and subsequently from the Surrey Gardens.

Returning and made
Returning to Britain, he found that the climate made him sick, leading him to register with a doctor, Edward A. Gregg, who recommended that he try nudism.
Returning home he was created a peer of the United Kingdom as Viscount Gordon, of Aberdeen in the County of Aberdeen ( 1814 ), and made a member of the Privy Council.
Returning once again to a reworking of the past, this time the supposed murder of director Thomas Ince by Orson Welles's bête noire William Randolph Hearst, The Cat's Meow was a modest critical success but made little money at the box office.
Returning from Paris, he made his first design for St Paul's.
Returning from Vietnam in 1965, he made a speaking tour of the U. S. to advocate an intensified war effort.
Returning to the city that had shunned him for going to Hollywood made Odets very neurotic and obsessed with all kinds of rituals as he worked at a furious pace, with pages often going straight from his typewriter to being shot the same day.
Returning from the Geneva Summit of that year he made headlines by declaring: ' There ain ’ t gonna be no war.
Returning to Australia, Taylor made 1, 403 first-class runs at 70. 15 during the 1989 – 90 season, and ended 1989 with 1, 219 Test runs, thus becoming the first player to better one thousand Test runs in his debut calendar year, something only matched once by England opener Alastair Cook over 15 years later.
'" Returning toward Antioch, the troops of Antiochus sacked Jerusalem and removed the sacred objects from the Jerusalem Temple, slaughtering an unknown, but large, number of Jews :" And after that Antiochus had smitten Egypt, he returned again in the hundred forty and third year, and went up against Israel and Jerusalem with a great multitude, And entered proudly into the sanctuary, and took away the golden altar, and the candlestick of light, and all the vessels thereof ... And when he had taken all away, he went into his own land, having made a great massacre, and spoken very proudly. Therefore there was a great mourning in Israel, in every place where they were.
Returning to Spain he became a canon regular at Zaragoza, where he made his religious profession in 1474.
Returning to Washington, D. C., he made his report to President Roosevelt, Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson, and the cabinet.
Returning to England he won the Queen's Prize and the Moulton-Meyer Award and soon afterwards made his debut in London recital.
Returning to Hollywood in 1939, she made a series of comedies.
Returning to the Yankees during the 2000 season, Gooden only made 5 starts.
Returning to France he was patronized by Cardinal du Bellay at Lyon, and was sent by him about 1540 to Paris, where he began the Chateau de St Maur-des-Fossés, and enjoyed royal favour ; in 1545 he was made architect to Francis I of France and given the charge of works in Brittany.
Returning to New Haven, he studied its geology, and made a chemical analysis of the meteorite that fell near Weston, Connecticut, publishing the first scientific account of any American meteorite.
Returning to France, he took part in different military operations ; and having been made colonel-general of the infantry ( April 1547 ), exhibited great capacity and intelligence as a military reformer.
Returning from it, according to Nagielski witnessed the massacre of Polish prisoners in the aftermath of the Battle of Batoh ; This scene made him reject the notions that a compromise with the enemies of the Commonwealth is a likely or desired outcome in such conflicts.
Returning to KLIF and KNUS during the 1970s, Roddy hosted a call-in program, " Rod Roddy's Hotline ," whose controversial host and topics made Roddy a frequent target of death threats.
Returning home, he was appointed tutor to the sons of Henry II, by one of whom ( Charles IX ) he was afterwards made grand almoner ( 1561 ) and by the other ( Henry III ) was appointed, in spite of his plebeian origin, commander of the Order of the Holy Spirit.
Returning to Strasbourg, he was made syndic of the town, remaining there for the rest of his life.
Returning to Strasbourg in 1500, Brant made several petitions to the Emperor Maximilian to drive back the Turks in order to save the West.
Returning to France, Pisier made her directorial debut with The Governor's Party ( Le Bal du gouverneur, 1990 ), which she adapted from her own novel.
Returning to attend the London International Congress of History, Iorga was also made a honoris causa doctor by the University of Oxford ( with a reception speech likening him to both Livy and Pliny the Elder ).
Returning to America, Warren made his concert debut at the Metropolitan Opera in excerpts from La traviata and Pagliacci during a concert in New York in November 1938.

Returning and 73
Returning to the Red Wings for the entire 1964 season, Johnson had 19 HRs, 73 RBI, and 87 runs.

Returning and out
Returning to Los Angeles, Parsons sought out Hillman, and the two formed The Flying Burrito Brothers with bassist Chris Ethridge and pedal steel player Sneaky Pete Kleinow.
Returning his attention to education, Mao enrolled and dropped out of a series of schools in quick succession ; a police academy, a soap-production school, a law school and an economics school, the latter being the only course which his father approved of.
Returning to Germany, he set out to create peace.
Returning with truly new material for the first time since the " Unveiling The Secret 2. 0 " EP and starting out 2008 with a collectors item.
Returning to Los Angeles in 1969, Darin started Direction Records, putting out folk and protest music.
Returning to Ohio to enter into a business with his brother Seth, a printer and school teacher, Zebulon Leavenworth bought four hundred acres of public land in Indiana and laid out the town of Leavenworth in 1818-19 ( he was then 26 years old.
Returning home, Doug gets into a heated argument with their father about going out clubbing instead of staying home.
Returning to Marseille, he helped to repress a Royalist movement in Avignon, and an ultra-Jacobin movement at Marseille, and was elected deputy to the National Convention with 775 votes out of 776 cast.
Hank, who previously thought he was an only child, finds out he has a Japanese half brother named Junichiro in the episode " Returning Japanese ".
Returning to her law studies that fall, Lee dropped out after the first semester.
Returning to Germany, and without having ever attended any professional training ( Herzog noted in My Best Fiend that Kinski was self-taught ), Kinski started out as an actor, first at a small touring company in Offenburg and already using his new name Klaus Kinski.
Returning to Niuzhu, he sent out false words that he was killed in battle.
Returning to Glasgow, he again found work at Albion Motor Works in 1914, just before war broke out.
Returning to his lookout spot, he continued his reports, and over the next 24 hours four German batteries were knocked out of action.
Returning to his headquarters, he ordered the 2nd Connecticut Regiment under Joseph Spencer out to slow the British advance, and sent Haslet and the 1st Delaware Regiment, along with Alexander McDougall's brigade ( Rudolphus Ritzema's 3rd New York Regiment, Charles Webb's 19th Continental Regiment, William Smallwood's 1st Maryland Regiment, and the 1st New York Regiment and 2nd New York Regiments ) to reinforce Chatterton Hill.
Returning to British Railways in 1963, Falcon spent six months working out of Darnall shed, Sheffield, on passenger and freight diagrams, after which its testing was completed.
; Farkus " Bulk " Bulkmeier: Returning once again from Turbo, overweight and egotistical, but a good-natured goof, he and Skull decide to seek out renown alien expert Professor Phenomenus when they catch a glimpse of a UFO in the sky.
Returning with six men to investigate the remains, Pierce witnesses the " colour " pour out of the well and blight everything that it touches before returning to the sky that spawned it.
Returning to Britain, she began work on another sitcom with Cash but pulled out, leaving Cash to write with Phil Mealey.
Returning to Chimneys and going to Gerry's room, Jimmy points out to Ronny that the alarm clocks have been arranged on the mantelpiece but there are only seven of them ; one is missing.
Returning to New York and the Amsterdam News in 1931, she helped found the first chapter in New York of the Newspaper Guild and was involved in strike action at the News, joining the picket for 11 weeks when the editorial workers union was locked out ; the strike was finally ended on Christmas Eve 1934.
Returning to Osthos, they camp out behind the walls of the city for the night.
Returning to Washington to serve out his term, Heflin initiated a Senate investigation of voting fraud in hopes of overturning Bankhead's election.
Returning to Earth with Jordan's soul in tow, the group met up with the others and Jordan entered the Spectre, leading to an internal conflict that ultimately forced Asmodel out, establishing Jordan as the Spectre.
Whilst producing the Evita album, Tim Rice had tried out various lyrics as the main hook and title of the song including " It's Only Your Lover Returning " and " All Through My Crazy and Wild Days " amid fears that mentioning Argentina would reduce the commercial appeal.

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