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Returning and Upper
Returning to Upper Volta in 1972, by 1974 he fought in a border war between Upper Volta and Mali.
Returning in 1966 with wife and child, he moved to the Upper West Side thinking this would continue as before, but although this was a very creative time in New York and there was no shortage of work in general, McLean experienced several lean years before gaining a reputation.

Returning and Canada
Returning to Canada, in 1977 he ran as a Progressive Conservative candidate in the Ontario election.
Returning to its militant roots, the union spread throughout the west from its base in Butte, and then into the South and Canada.
Returning to his native country, in 1941 he gained a job as a film editor at the National Film Board of Canada.
Returning to Canada.
Returning to the office of the British colonial secretary in 1874, he submitted a set of proposals, known as the " carnarvon terms ", to settle the dispute between British Columbia and Canada over the construction of the transcontinental railroad and the Vancouver Island railroad and train bridge.
Returning to Canada after the War, Brooke Claxton completed his course at McGill, graduating with honours in Law.
Returning to Canada during World War II, he was Professor of Sociology in Montreal and Professor of Apologetics at the Pius XI Institute from 1939 to 1940
Returning to Canada he was appointed chair of a Fair Price Commission on milk, wrote a book on bankruptcy law and sat on a royal commission investigating farm fraud in British Columbia and helped write Canada's Combines Investigations Act.
Returning to Canada at war's end, she continued her painting and joined the Beaver Hall Hill Group.
Returning to Canada he was commissioned into the Royal Canadian Dragoons.
Returning to Montreal, he was appointed Assistant Chemist at the Geological Survey of Canada ( GSC ), and the following year ( when the GSC moved to Ottawa ), Assistant Chemist and Petrographer.
Returning to Canada, he embarked on an academic career, teaching English at the University of New Brunswick, before being appointed president of Union College in Schenectady, New York.
She did not return to politics after this time, although she did later serve with Elections Canada as the Federal Returning Officer for the electoral district of Ottawa West Nepean.
Returning to Canada he became an assistant professor teaching constitutional law at the Université de Montréal in 1953.
Returning to Canada after the war, he enrolled at the University of Toronto through a veteran's program and, after graduating, returned to northern Ontario to teach history at Port Arthur Collegiate Institute.
Returning to Canada in 1868, Copway served as a medicine man with the Algonkin and Iroquois at the mission at Lac-des-Deux-Montagnes ( now Oka, Quebec ).
Returning to Canada, Bauer briefly retired from coaching, only to be talked into guiding the Dutchmen at the 1960 Games in Squaw Valley, California, where they received the silver.
Returning to Canada to play in the Quebec Senior Hockey League, he played for Sherbrooke St. Francis and the Quebec Aces before moving to Ontario to play a single season with the Owen Sound Mercuries of the Ontario Senior Hockey Association.
Returning to Canada with four women, she opened a school for boarders as well as a day school.

Returning and December
Returning to the United States in December 1968, Jones was assigned to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California, where he served as a company commander until May 1970.
Returning to Madang at the end of December 1929, several of the party went back to Sydney to obtain instructions from the Akmana Gold Prospecting Company.
Returning to London in January 1958 he appeared as Philip Lester in A Touch of the Sun ( N. C. Hunter ) at the Saville Theatre — Best Actor in the Evening Standard Awards 1958 — before rejoining the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre Company in June 1958, to play Hamlet and Benedick, also playing Hamlet with the company in Leningrad and Moscow in December 1958 ( while his wife Rachel Kempson played Ursula in Much Ado About Nothing and Lady Capulet in Romeo and Juliet ).
Returning to the Army General Staff in May 1925, he was promoted to major general in December 1926 and lieutenant general in August 1931.
Returning to Rhodesia in December 1976, Banana was arrested once more for his support of ZANU ; upon the appointment of Christopher Soames as British governor, he was released from prison.
* February 24 – Returning to West Germany from Antarctica, where in December 1984 it had become one of the first two German planes ever to land at the South Pole, Polar 3, a Dornier Do 228 operated as a survey and research airplane by the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, is shot down over Western Sahara south of Dakhla by Polisario Front guerrillas, killing its entire three-man crew.
Returning after 24 years to Afghanistan in December 2001, he resigned from his posts at the UN and World Bank to join the Afghan government as the chief advisor to President Hamid Karzai on February 1, 2002.
Returning to the Pacific between September 1939 and December 1941 he became Commander Cruiser Division THREE ; Commander Cruiser Division SIX ; Commander Cruiser Scouting Force ; and Commander Cruiser Division FOUR.
Returning to the United States in December 1943, he was assigned to the Pilot Standardization Board at Florence Army Air Field, S. C., and then, in late 1944, to the Flight Test Division at Wright Field, Ohio.
Returning south, Pretorius and his commandos found that the British had occupied Port Natal ( now Durban ) on 4 December with a detachment of the 72nd Highlanders from Cape Colony.
Returning to the OHL for a third season after being drafted, he was traded from Windsor to Kingston on December 17, 1997, in exchange for Brent L ' Heureux.
Returning to Australia after their third tour of the US in three years, the group toured with The Haunted and Exodus and in December featured as the headlining act at the Metal for the Brain festival.
Returning to the United States in December 1942, he married Marilynn Giesler, a student at Incarnate Word College in San Antonio, Texas.
Returning to the United States on 5 December 1805 from Mediterranean service, he was furloughed to the merchant service on 15 August 1806.
Returning to the DJ scene on 20 December 2003, the Music Is Better Night he played in Manchester proved to be a catalyst for Wilson.

Returning and 1833
Returning to Glasgow in 1833, Campbell was minister for sixteen years in a large chapel specially built for him by close friends.
Returning to Paris, he became professor of modern Arabic in the School of Living Oriental Languages in 1821, and also professor of Arabic in the Collège de France in 1833.
Returning to Kentucky, he read law and was admitted to the bar in 1833.
Returning to Paris in 1833, he wrote a number of romances, and instrumental music including three symphonies ( in F major, E major and C minor, composed in 1837, 1838 and 1849 ); by 1838 / 39 he was sufficiently successful to be able to arrange public performances of his works.

Returning and renamed
Returning to The Roebuck in the Thicket, he renamed it The Three-Fold Muse, before finishing it and retitling it as The White Goddess.

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