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Returning and cricket
Returning only moments after the robots ' attack at the Lord's Cricket Grounds, Arthur attempts to return the Ashes, but is suddenly inspired to bowl one shot at a wicket that is being defended using a cricket ball in his bag.
Returning to England at the beginning of the 1899 cricket season, Ranjitsinhji immediately resumed playing cricket.
Returning to South Africa to maintain his health, Lohmann played no more first-class cricket until February, yet on the matting wickets in three " Tests " ( the England eleven was no more than England " A " of today ), Lohmann was so unplayable that he took 35 wickets for the remarkable average of just 5. 80 runs each.
Returning to club cricket, Armstrong found form, scoring 438 in only 455 minutes for Melbourne against University, from a total score of 699 for eight.
Returning to cricket after his self imposed exile, Victor Trumper was the leading player for the Australians during the series scoring 661 runs at an average of 94.
Returning to cricket in 1919 Hendren scored 1, 655 runs and averaged over 60, as he was to do the following year as well.
Returning to England for the 1906 season, Crawford completed the double of 1, 000 runs and 100 wickets in first-class cricket, the youngest player at the time to accomplish this feat.

Returning and too
" Returning to Quebec in 1936 hoping to be appointed professor at the École des Beaux-Arts in his hometown, he was rejected by the jury, who found him too " modern ".
Returning to Fuji, the 787s earned fifth and tenth place finishes in a 500 km event, although the fifth place finisher would later be disqualified due to a Fuel Cell which was too large.
Returning from a practise flight, he in-advertently taxis his Hurricane into a slit-trench, up-ending the aircraft and, too impatient to wait for a ladder, falls from the cockpit and fatally breaks his neck.
Returning to films once again, Morison continued to be cast in supporting roles, all too often as a femme fatale or an unsympathetic " other woman.
Returning from proselytising to find Christ crucified, an enraged Iscariot then destroyed the perpetrating empire and strangled St. Peter for renouncing Christ, only to discover, too late, Christ's Resurrection.

Returning and soon
Returning to France soon afterwards he proceeded to Toulouse to study law, where he soon became involved in the violent disputes between the different nations of the university.
Returning to Sunnydale in Season Seven, Andrew murders Jonathan in an attempt to open the seal, but is soon discovered and held hostage by the Scooby Gang.
Returning soon after to Germany, he obtained the appointment of historical painter to the court of Brunswick.
Returning to America, he soon entered definitely upon a literary career.
Returning to England he won the Queen's Prize and the Moulton-Meyer Award and soon afterwards made his debut in London recital.
Returning to his native province, he soon distinguished himself by his strict observance of the rule and his theological knowledge.
Returning with specimens, and expecting someone to be able to identify the plants, Noble soon found that they were new to science.
Returning home in 1834, he entered his father ’ s white lead factory, but soon found that business was not to his liking, and after a sharp disagreement with his father in his 20th year enlisted in a cavalry regiment.
Returning to France, he was sent to the Pyrenees to rescue John III of Navarre, but soon he was diverted to Thérouanne, then the last French possession in the Artois, to counter the English troops.
Returning to England on 14 July 1909 she soon began a long series of volumes of fiction.
Returning to Spain, he soon started out again with Philip.
Returning to France around 1357, he delivered some noble ladies from the attacks of the adherents of the Jacquerie at Meaux, and was soon at war with the count of Armagnac.
Returning to Cashel together after rescuing Eadulf, revealing the murderer and uncovering a plot against Munster, Fidelma and Eadulf soon became nearly inseparable ( see The Spider's Web, Valley of the Shadow and The Monk Who Vanished ).
Returning home on board a train with his savings, he soon becomes the target of many thieves.
Returning to his home town of Caerleon ( now a village in south Wales just outside Newport, where the ruins of the Roman fortress of Isca can still be seen, whose walls surrounding its Roman baths and elsewhere were still standing high during the medieval period ), Sir Launfal takes humble lodgings, spends all the money that King Arthur gave him before setting out, and soon descends into poverty and debt.
Returning to England in June 1945, he was soon appointed to the War Office as a member of the joint Military Mission sent to Japan to evaluate the effects of the atomic bomb.
Returning to England, he joined Herne Hill Harriers in 1903 and soon established a reputation as one of the country's finest cross-country runners.
Returning to Palestine, he soon resumed his work where he had left off.
Returning to Paris in 1793, he married and soon went back to the United States, this time as French Consul at Charleston, South Carolina.

Returning and was
Returning to the school crossing, the officer was informed by the Sisk boy that he recognized the driver, a neighbor, and had obtained the license number.
SDP polling agents were given special dispensation by the Returning Officer to have placards outside of polling stations to state which one on the ballot papers was the ' real Roy '.
Returning to the fleet at the Tagus in late April 1798, he was ordered to collect the squadron stationed at Gibraltar and sail for the Ligurian Sea.
Returning to Malaya, Gardner found that the Borneo Company had sacked him, and he was forced to find work with the Public Works Department.
Returning home he was created a peer of the United Kingdom as Viscount Gordon, of Aberdeen in the County of Aberdeen ( 1814 ), and made a member of the Privy Council.
Returning to Paris, the penniless Rousseau befriended and became the lover of Thérèse Levasseur, a seamstress who was the sole support of her mother and numerous ne ' er-do-well siblings.
Returning to Antioch in 378 or 379, he was ordained by Bishop Paulinus, apparently unwillingly and on condition that he continue his ascetic life.
Returning to the stage in 2003, Alexander was cast in a successful run, opposite Martin Short, in the Los Angeles production of Mel Brooks ' The Producers.
Returning to the United States in December 1968, Jones was assigned to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California, where he served as a company commander until May 1970.
Returning to the United States, he was advanced to the rank of major general in July 1994 and was assigned as commanding general, 2nd Marine Division, Marine Forces Atlantic, MCB Camp Lejeune.
" Returning to New York he was able to serialise his book in his periodical Le Libertaire, Journal du Mouvement social.
Returning home in August 1866, an account of this expedition, entitled A Journey in Brazil, was published in 1868.
Returning to the United States in the late summer of 1870 — as the Franco-Prussian War was starting — Cassatt lived with her family in Altoona.
Returning to Italy, where antipope Gregory VIII was supported in Rome by imperial forces and Italian allies of the emperor, Calixtus II managed to gain the upper hand amid clear demonstrations of popular support.
Returning to England in 1839, Gosse was hard pressed to make a living, subsisting on eightpence a day (" one herring eaten as slowly as possible, and a little bread ").
Returning to Australia in February 1946, he was demobilised on 22 March.
Returning to Somers ' hometown of Lyme Regis, in Dorset, his body ( which had been pickled in a barrel ) was landed via The Cobb, the notable breakwater which protects town's harbour.
Returning once again to a reworking of the past, this time the supposed murder of director Thomas Ince by Orson Welles's bête noire William Randolph Hearst, The Cat's Meow was a modest critical success but made little money at the box office.
Returning home, he was nursed by Anna Filing, a girl he had known from his childhood.
Returning to the Tavistock Clinic Bion chaired the Planning Committee that reorganised the Tavistock into the new Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, alongside a new Tavistock Clinic which was part of the newly launched National Health Service.
Returning to the United Kingdom from an economic summit held in Guadeloupe in early 1979, Callaghan was asked, " What is your general approach, in view of the mounting chaos in the country at the moment?
Returning to England once again, he found that he was sympathetic to the American colonists in their quarrel with Britain.
Returning to Rome he was taken prisoner by order of Pope Gregory XVI ( 1835 – 1836 ).
Returning after nine days, Agelaus was astonished to find the child still alive, and brought him home in a backpack ( πήρα, hence Paris's name, which means " backpack ") to rear as his own.

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