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Returning and school
Returning his attention to education, Mao enrolled and dropped out of a series of schools in quick succession ; a police academy, a soap-production school, a law school and an economics school, the latter being the only course which his father approved of.
Returning home, he worked as an electrician and a joiner for three years while attending acting classes at night school.
Returning to Tours, he became a canon of the cathedral and in about 1040 became head of its school, improving its efficiency and attracting students from far and near.
Returning to the fantasy drawings he had created in high school for inspiration, Bakshi intended to prove that he could produce a " family picture " that had the same impact as his adult-oriented films.
Returning to Ohio to enter into a business with his brother Seth, a printer and school teacher, Zebulon Leavenworth bought four hundred acres of public land in Indiana and laid out the town of Leavenworth in 1818-19 ( he was then 26 years old.
Returning to Heidelberg he became Privatdozent in theology in 1829, and in 1831 published his Begriff der Kritik am Alten Testamente praktisch erörtert, a study of Old Testament criticism in which he explained the critical principles of the grammatico-historical school, and his Des Propheten Jonas Orakel über Moab, an exposition of the 5th and 16th chapters of the book of Isaiah attributed by him to the prophet Jonah mentioned in 2 Kings xiv.
Returning to Washington area, Ames took full-time employment at the CIA doing the same sort of clerical jobs he had performed in high school.
Returning to Des Moines, in 1920 he became the city's school superintendent.
Returning to Leipzig in 1741, he contributed to the Bremer Beiträge, a periodical founded by former disciples of Johann Christoph Gottsched, who had revolted from the pedantry of his school.
Returning for London in time for high school, he became an accomplished athlete ( drinking eggnog to gain enough weight to play football ) and was elected students ' council president.
Returning home to Sheffield in 1976, Dickinson enrolled at a local comprehensive school, at which he joined his first band.
Returning to Paris, Lévy became famous as the young founder of the New Philosophers ( Nouveaux Philosophes ) school.
Returning home in 1909, from then until 1917 he taught history at the Kutaisi Georgian Gymnasium, and was headmaster of the Sinatle girls ' school from 1915-1917.
Returning to the fantasy drawings he had created in high school for inspiration, Bakshi intended to prove that he could produce a " family picture " that had the same impact as his adult-oriented films.
Returning to America, she enrolled in the University of Southern California law school, and became less focused on sports.
The STRIPES ( Sports Teams Returning In The Public Education System ) program runs during the school year, and helps fund baseball and softball teams for middle and junior high schools in the Memphis City School System.
Returning to Fulda two years later, he was entrusted with the principal charge of the school, which under his direction became one of the most preeminent centers of scholarship and book production in Europe, and sent forth such pupils as Walafrid Strabo, Servatus Lupus of Ferrières, and Otfrid of Weissenburg.
Returning to his long held idea of building a museum and school at Pontypridd, a local landowner, Sir Benjamin Hall, who wanted to encourage the revival of Welsh culture, allowed him to use his own land, although Price and the Halls subsequently fell out and the project was scrapped.
Returning to Chile in 1964, she graduated from high school in 1969 at Liceo Nº 1 Javiera Carrera, a prestigious girls ' public school, finishing near the top of her class.
Returning to West Virginia, in 1879, he established a law practice in Charleston and also taught school.
Returning to the school after the attack by the Nano-Sentinel-infected O. N. E.

Returning and crossing
Returning from the meeting, his car was hit by a train at a rail-road crossing near Unadilla.
Returning from Estonia mid-winter, with booty and Estonian slaves, his troops were caught unaware and attacked while crossing through waist-high snowdrifts.

Returning and officer
Returning to China in 1911 after learning of the outbreak of the Wuchang Uprising, Chiang intended to fight as an artillery officer.
Returning to the Eastern Front as a newly commissioned officer, Wittmann was reassigned to the SS Panzer Regiment 1, a tank unit with the rank of SS-Untersturmführer ( second lieutenant ), where he commanded a Panzer III tank.
* Returning officer
Returning to Britain in June 1947, he undertook a six month course at the Staff College, before receiving a two year posting as senior personnel staff officer of No. 21 Group, Flying Training Command.
Returning to Japan after the war, Shimada held various staff positions in the 1920s as a staff officer the Imperial Japanese Navy General Staff in 1920, executive officer of the battleship in 1922, an instructor at the Naval War College in 1923 and commander of the 7th Submarine Division in 1926.
Returning to the Imperial Japanese Navy General Staff as a senior staff officer in June 1932, he served as Chief of the Third and later served concurrently as Chief of the First Department from November 1932-October 1933 when he assumed total command.
Returning to France in October 1783, Duportail became an infantry officer and in 1788 a field marshal.
Returning to military service Elphinstone served as an Aide-de-camp to the Queen in 1877 and was promoted to Colonel at the end of 1881 and was appointed as Officer Commanding Royal Engineers in Mauritius, a post he was reluctant to take up, so much so that he was prepared to resign from the army ; however under customs then allowed in the British Army, a posting could be avoided if an other officer was prepared to take the posting instead.
Returning from his second war-wound to the Western Front he records: " I have never liked travelling light and so, though the amount of kit I arrived with may, in fact have aroused a certain amount of astonishment, I was quickly forgiven by my commanding officer as well as by everyone else, when they found out that it included, among other things, a case of champagne.
At one time, in United Kingdom parliamentary elections, the Returning officer ( if an elector in the constituency ) was allowed to give an additional casting vote to decide the election if there was a tie between two or more candidates.
Returning to Europe in August 1967, the general served as executive officer to the chief of staff, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, Mons, Belgium.
Returning to the U. S. in February 1922, he served briefly on the cargo ship before becoming assistant engineering officer of the battleship in the Pacific.
# REDIRECT Returning officer
Germany has a Federal Returning Officer and a returning officer in each State.
In England, every district council and unitary authority is required to appoint an officer of the council to be the Returning Officer for the election of councillors to their local authority.
In Wales, every county borough council is required to appoint an officer of the council to be the Returning Officer for the election of councillors to the local authority and for the election of councillors for any communities within the principal area.
# REDIRECT Returning officer
* The conviction of a Returning officer for corrupt practices during an election to the Parliament of Ireland
Returning to her hometown of Harmony, Sheridan is pulled over by a police officer, Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald for speeding.
Returning to England in 1779 as captain of the 85th Regiment of Foot, he acted as recruiting officer.

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