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Reuter and Jewish
He played FBI agent Turrou in Confessions of a Nazi Spy, the first American film which showed nazism as a threat to the United States in 1939, and Paul Ehrlich in Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet and Paul Julius Reuter in A Dispatch from Reuter's, both Jewish Biography films of 1940.

Reuter and continued
Alzen continued with Opel in 2000 in the new Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, but was released after colliding with his teammate Manuel Reuter.

Reuter and their
Foreign dignitaries, such as Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion and West Berlin Mayor Ernst Reuter were brought to the bell, and they commented that the bell symbolized the link between the United States and their nations.
Reuter, William begins to entertain ideas of falling in love with her, only to have them crushed when he overhears her and M. Pelet talk about their upcoming marriage.

Reuter and America
Mr. Reuter has also started a new game company called, “ Game Inventors of America ,” which is located in Corinth, Texas.

Reuter and where
After the end of World War I, the bulk of the Navy's modern ships ( 74 in all ) were interned at Scapa Flow where the entire fleet ( with a few exceptions ) was scuttled by its crews on 21 June 1919 on orders from its commander, Rear Admiral Ludwig von Reuter.
He was educated at Aurich, where one of his teachers was the classical philologist and philosopher Ludwig Wilhelm Maximilian Reuter ( 1803-1881 ).
Fritz Reuter was born at Stavenhagen in Mecklenburg-Schwerin, a small country town where his father was mayor and sheriff ( Stadtrichter ) and, in addition to his official duties, carried on the work of a farmer.

Reuter and they
In the NLCS, they went on to defeat the St. Louis Cardinals four games to one, with wins by Reuter, Schmidt and two by Worrell in relief.
In 1927, Oldsmobile President Irving Jacob Reuter and his wife Janet built Meadowvue, an English Tudor mansion, at which they lived for nine years.
Since 2007, they are part of the Fritz Reuter Literary Archive ( Fritz Reuter Literaturarchiv ) of Hans-Joachim Griephan in Berlin.

Reuter and were
Also having good seasons were pitchers Kirk Reuter ( 16 – 9 W-L record, 4. 36 ERA ), Mark Gardner ( 13 – 6, 4. 33 ) and newly acquired Orel Hershiser ( 11 – 10, 4. 41 ).
The carrier pigeons were much faster than the post train, giving Reuter faster access to stock news from the Paris stock exchange.
According to Reuter and the Associated Press, at a late-night vigil, with the hundreds of thousands of young people who were in Paris for the celebrations, he made the following comments: " On the eve of Aug. 24, we cannot forget the sad massacre of St. Bartholomew ’ s Day, an event of very obscure causes in the political and religious history of France.
The NYCTA's recent past presidents were: David L. Gunn ( 1984-1990 ), Alan F. Kiepper ( 1990-1996 ), Lawrence G. Reuter ( 1996-2007 ), Howard Roberts ( 2007-2009 ).
In total, 74 ships were brought to Scapa Flow and moored at Gutter Sound, manned by skeleton crews, and under the command of Rear-Admiral Ludwig von Reuter.
While most of the imprisoned Germans were soon returned to Germany, Reuter was among several that remained imprisoned in Britain.
His Works were published in 1587-1589, and a more complete edition by his son and two of his pupils, David Pareus and Quirinius Reuter, in 1612.

Reuter and from
* Ernst Reuter ( 1889 – 1953 ), mayor of Magdeburg 1931-1933, then mayor of West Berlin from 1948 to 1953.
Edward G. Robinson portrayed Reuter in the Warner Bros. biopic A Dispatch from Reuter's ( 1940 ).
* Novelist Fritz Reuter is freed from the fortress of Dömitz after two years ' imprisonment on a charge of high treason.
Students, with support from especially the Americans, the newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, and the governing Mayor Ernst Reuter founded the Free University of Berlin in Dahlem ( part of the American sector ).
It was established in 1885 with a concession from the government of Persia to Baron Julius De Reuter, under a Royal charter from Queen Victoria.
* Ernst Reuter ( 1889 – 1953 ), mayor of Berlin, Germany from 1948 – 1953
* Wolfgang Reuter, mayor of Offenbach, Germany from 1986 – 1994
Reuter takes it upon herself to casually dismiss Frances from her school and hide her address from William.
Fritz Reuter ( November 7, 1810 – July 12, 1874 ) was a novelist from Northern Germany who was one of the most prominent contributors to Low German literature.
In 1863 Reuter transferred his residence from Neubrandenburg to Eisenach, after having received an honorary doctorate from Rostock University, and here he died on 12 July 1874.
The latter archive keeps an index of the letters from and to Fritz Reuter.
Jax garners 80 percent of its revenue from Sequence ; Reuter receives a royalty on sales of sequence.
The name of the series comes from the main character Cleopatra " Cleo " Andersson, played by Suzanne Reuter.
Five months after his return from Britain, Reuter was requested to hand in his resignation from the navy.
The first section of the line, which entered service in 1977, was an interconnector that consisted of a 2. 6 km overhead transmission line and an 8. 1 km underground cable, which ran from Reuter power station in Spandau to Mitte substation in Tiergarten (" Mitte " means " central "; the district of Berlin-Mitte was then in East Berlin ).
The Reuter Organ Company constructed and installed a new organ with 15-ranks that incorporates the pipes from the earlier instrument.
Chermside was married twice: to Geraldine Katherine Webb whom he married in 1899, although she died in 1910 ; and to Clementine Maria Reuter ( daughter of Paul Reuter ) from 1920.

Reuter and was
The pitching staff was paced by Russ Ortiz ( 18 – 9, 3. 81 ) and Kirk Reuter ( 15 – 10, 5. 41 ).
The pitching staff was good but not great, with Russ Ortiz ( 17 – 9, 3. 29 ) leading a staff that also had Liván Hernández ( 13 – 15, 5. 24 ), and Kirk Reuter ( 14 – 12, 4. 42 ).
Paul Julius Freiherr von Reuter ( Baron De Reuter ) ( July 21, 1816 – February 25, 1899 ), a German-born British entrepreneur, pioneer of telegraphy and news reporting was a journalist and media owner, and the founder of the Reuters news agency, since 2008 part of the Thomson Reuters conglomerate.
On 17 March 1857, Reuter was naturalised as a British subject, and on September 7, 1871, the German Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha conferred a barony ( Freiherr ) on Julius Reuter.
Paul Reuter died in Villa Reuter, Nice, France, and was buried in the family vault at West Norwood Cemetery in London.
Mr. Reuter was also a financier and inventor.
On 21 June 1919, after nine months of waiting, Rear Admiral Ludwig von Reuter, the German officer in command at Scapa Flow, made the decision to scuttle the fleet because the negotiation period for the treaty had lapsed with no word of a settlement ( he was not kept informed that there had been a last-minute extension to finalise the details ).
The term parasitoid was coined in 1913 by the German writer O. M. Reuter ( and adopted in English by his reviewer, William Morton Wheeler ) to describe the strategy in which, during its development, the parasite lives in or on the body of a single host individual, eventually killing that host, the adult parasitoid being free-living.
The Reuter concession was met with not only domestic outrage in the form of local protests but the Russian government was also hostile towards the concession as well.
His wife was Maud Potter, widow of George de Reuter, son of Julius Paul Reuter, founder of Reuters news agency.
On 24 June 1950 a 20. 5 metre high, wooden cross, the Kreuz des Deutschen Ostens was dedicated on the Uhlenklippen crags near Bad Harzburg in the presence of Ernst Reuter.

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