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Rhys and did
Rhys did not oblige at the time, but released him the following year and in 1169 Fitz-Stephen led the vanguard of a Norman army which landed in Wexford.
Reviews for this series were mixed ; critics did not know what to make of it and Smith and Rhys Jones soon appeared back with the BBC for a fourth series later that year.

Rhys and at
Hirwaun moor, 4 miles to the north west of Aberdare, was according to tradition the scene of a battle at which Rhys ap Tewdwr, prince of Dyfed, was defeated by the allied forces of the Norman Robert Fitzhamon and Iestyn ap Gwrgant, the last Welsh prince of Glamorgan.
Griffith Rhys Jones-or Caradog as he was commonly known-was the Conductor of the famous ' Côr Mawr ' of some 460 voices ( the South Wales Choral Union ), which twice won first prize at Crystal Palace choral competitions in London in the 1870s.
Rhys's grandfather, Rhys ap Tewdwr, was king of Deheubarth, and was killed at Brecon in 1093 by Bernard de Neufmarche.
Rhys gained his first recorded military experience at the age of fourteen when he participated in the storming of Llansteffan Castle in 1146.
Maredudd and Rhys also destroyed the castles at Tenby and Aberafan that year.
Maredudd died in 1155 at the age of twenty-five and left Rhys as ruler of Deheubarth.
Rhys responded by building a castle at Aberdyfi in 1156.
An appeal to the king produced no response, and Rhys resorted to arms, first capturing Clifford's castle at Llandovery then seizing Ceredigion.
Rhys was summoned to appear before Henry at Woodstock to do homage together with Owain Gwynedd and Malcolm IV of Scotland.
Henry and Rhys met once more at Laugharne as Henry returned from Ireland in 1172, and shortly afterwards Henry appointed Rhys " justice on his behalf in all Deheubarth ".
When Henry's sons rebelled against him in 1173 Rhys sent his son Hywel Sais to Normandy to aid the king, then in 1174 personally led an army to Tutbury in Staffordshire to assist at the siege of the stronghold of the rebel Earl William de Ferrers.
King Henry held a council at Gloucester in 1175 which was attended by a large gathering of Welsh princes, led by Rhys.
In 1177 Rhys, Dafydd ab Owain, who had emerged as the main power in Gwynedd, and Cadwallon ap Madog from Rhwng Gwy a Hafren swore fealty and liege homage to Henry at a council held at Oxford.
Davies suggests that the texts of Welsh law, traditionally codified by Hywel Dda at Whitland, were first assembled in book form under the aegis of Rhys.
Rhys arrived at Oxford to discover that Richard was not prepared to travel there to meet him, and hostilities continued.
In 1189 Gruffydd persuaded Rhys to imprison Maelgwn, and he was given into Gruffydd's keeping at Dinefwr.
In 1216 Llywelyn the Great of Gwynedd held a council at Aberdyfi where he allocated parts of Deheubarth to several sons and grandsons of Rhys.
Gerald tells the story of a banquet at Hereford in 1186 where Rhys sat between two members of the Clare family.
Rhys had at least nine sons and eight daughters.
* Hywel ap Rhys ( died 1231 ) spent many years as a hostage at the court of Henry II and on his return became known as Hywel Sais ( Hywel the Saxon, i. e. Englishman ).
When Henry Tudor landed in Pembrokeshire, Wales in 1485 to make a bid for the throne, his descent from Rhys was one of the factors which enabled him to attract Welsh support ( Henry flew a ( Welsh ) dragon banner at the battle of Bosworth Field ).
* The first recorded Welsh Eisteddfod is held by Rhys ap Gruffydd at Cardigan.

Rhys and time
Flockhart's last appearance on television was as Kitty Walker, opposite Sally Field, Rachel Griffiths and Matthew Rhys, in the ABC prime time series Brothers & Sisters, which premiered in September 2006 in the time slot after Desperate Housewives.
Rhys appears in the annals for the first time in 1146, fighting alongside his brothers Cadell and Maredudd in the capture by assault of Llansteffan Castle.
The same year Rhys is recorded as an independent commander for the first time, leading an army to capture the Norman castle of St Clears.
It was linked to festivals held around the same time in other Celtic cultures, and was popularised as the " Celtic New Year " from the late 19th century, following Sir John Rhys and Sir James Frazer.
Owain Gwynedd's death led to the splitting of Gwynedd between his sons, while Rhys made Deheubarth dominant in Wales for a time.
While he probably wrote more fiction about the industrial world of the South Wales Valleys than anyone else, Rhys Davies was in fact a grocer's son who was living in London by the time he was twenty.
The Fitzgeralds of Kildare at this time more or less ruled Ireland, Anthony Willoughby a son of Robert Willoughby, Baron Willoughby of Broke, Robert Radcliffe, 1st Earl of Sussex, the heir of Lord Fitzwalter, Maurice St John ( a favourite nephew of Arthur's grandmother Lady Margaret Beaufort ), and Gruffydd ap Rhys the son of Thomas ap Rhys ( a powerful Welsh nobleman ).
Gruffudd this time embarked from Waterford with a force composed of Danes and Irish and landed near St David's, presumably by prior arrangement with Rhys.
Around this time, Leeb and Rhys Fulber became friends when they discovered they both had a similar interest in underground music.
Rhys Fulber, Greg Reely, and Chris Peterson have been members of Front Line Assembly for the longest time and have significantly influenced the band.
It was originally started by Norbert Bollow and Rhys Weatherley, at that time director of Southern Storm Software, Pty Ltd. After Rhys Weatherley and many up-to-date developers quit development of Portable. NET, Klaus Treichel, Kirill Kononenko, Radek Polak, Aleksey Demakov continued development and design of Portable. NET Just-In-Time compiler and LibJIT Just-In-Time compilation library.
Rhys Meyers was expelled from the North Monastery Secondary School at age 16 for truancy and spent much of his time hanging out in pool halls.
Realizing that they cannot afford to waste any time, Camber places a shape-changing spell on Rhys and Joram and sends them to remove Cinhil from the abbey immediately.
During this time, Camber notices that Cinhil has several natural abilities similar to those of a Deryni, and he and Rhys discuss the possibility of enhancing those powers.
Camber attempts to help his son-in-law, but Rhys dies in his arms a short time later.
Siadwell Rhys ( Red Dragon ) owns a pub in Wales-where he apparently spends much of his time drunk.
With extra time fast approaching, Llanelli had Rhys Griffiths and Craig Moses sent off, somewhat controversially.
Highlights of the programme include: Sky Arts Ignition Series, in partnership with Tate Liverpool, will present a major public commission by acclaimed US artist, Doug Aitken, which will be installed on Albert Dock in a temporary structure designed by David Adjaye ; American superstar Rhys Chatham, renowned for his large-scale performance works will present a concert as part of the opening weekend ; one of Argentina's most established and internationally renowned artists, Jorge Macchi, presents a commission in which an object is wedged precariously in a public location ; Israeli artist, Oded Hirsch will present a work which will burst through the floor of the Liverpool ONE shopping centre ; and Liverpool ’ s famous Cunard building being opened to the public for the first time to provide an unusual exhibition venue.
During his time at RADA, Rhys appeared in Back-Up, the BBC police series about the operational support units Hooli Vans, as well as in House of America.
Roderic, also, who a short time before had incestuously married the daughter of Rhys, related to him by blood in the third degree, in order, by the assistance of that prince, to be better able to defend himself against the sons of his brothers, whom he had disinherited, not paying attention to the wholesome admonitions of the archbishop on this subject, was a little while afterwards dispossessed of all his lands by their means ; thus deservedly meeting with disappointment from the very source from which he expected support.

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