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Rinaldo and Armida
His opera ' Rinaldo and Armida ' has recently been published in the Recent Researches of the Music of the Baroque Era series ( A-R Editions ), edited by Steven Plank.
He had also sent back some of his own works, including a portrait ( 1623 ) of himself with Endymion Porter, one of Charles's agents, a mythology ( Rinaldo and Armida, 1629, now in the Baltimore Museum of Art ), and a religious work for the Queen.
Rinaldo and Armida, François Boucher's morceau de réception, gained his admission to the Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture | Académie royale in 1734.
* Giuseppe Sarti – Armida e Rinaldo
* Rinaldo and Armida ( 1698 )
* Rinaldo in Armida by Josef Mysliveček ( Milan, 1780 )
* Rinaldo in Armida abbandonata by Niccolò Jommelli ( Naples, 1780 )
Even in a more intimate scene such as Rinaldo & Armida, instead of depicting the focused scene between two lovers, love itself has to be allegorized as an intruding, hovering cupid.
), Luísa gave her first concert, performing Giuseppe Sarti's Armida and Rinaldo.
In addition, Farnese commissioned various oil paintings from Carracci, including his Rinaldo and Armida now in the Capodimonte Museum in Naples.
Rinaldo and Armida, by François Boucher.
Armida tries to kill the greatest Christian knight Rinaldo ( his name appears in Ariosto's Orlando Furioso ( III, 30 ); he is the son of Bertoldo and was the reputed founder of the house of Este ) but she falls in love with him instead and takes him away to a magical island where he becomes infatuated with her caresses and grows idle.
Two Christian knights seek out the hidden fortress, brave the dangers that guard it and, by giving Rinaldo a mirror of diamond, force him to see himself in his effeminated and amorous state and to return to the war, leaving Armida heartbroken.
Armida grieves at this loss and raises an army to kill Rinaldo and fight the Christians, but her champions are all defeated.
Rinaldo then begs her to convert to Christianity, and Armida, her heart softened, gives her consent.
* Amori di Rinaldo con Armida by Teofilo Orgiani ( Brescia, 1697 ) music lost
* Das eroberte Jerusalem, oder Armida und Rinaldo by Georg Caspar Schurmann ( Brunswick, 1722 )
* Gian Battista Tiepolo Rinaldo leaves Armida, Villa Valmarana, Vicenza
The sequence of the poem recounting her love affair with the Christian knight Renaud ( Rinaldo ) inspired many operas, which are listed under the names of their respective composers in the article Armida.
Highlights of the European art exhibit include Sir Anthony van Dyck's Rinaldo and Armida ( 1629 ) which was commissioned by King Charles I of England.
Rinaldo and Armida Watched by two Soldiers, c. 1750-55
His most successful operas in Russia were Armida e Rinaldo and The Early Reign of Oleg ( Nachal ' noye upravleniye Olega ), for the latter of which the empress herself wrote the libretto.
Rossini, for instance, had recourse to a baritenor as a lover in Elisabetta, regina d ' Inghilterra, at a time when his company included two major singers of that type, and also for Torvaldo e Dorliska and Armida, where, beside the amatory protagonist, Rinaldo, created by the very prince of Rossini baritenors, Andrea Nozzari, there appear additionally five or six baritonal tenors in secondary roles.
The story of Armida, a Saracen sorceress and Rinaldo, a soldier in the First Crusade, was created by the Italian poet Torquato Tasso.

Rinaldo and by
* 1711 – The London première of Rinaldo by George Frideric Handel, the first Italian opera written for the London stage.
This line was founded by Rinaldo, third son of Matteo Rosso the Great.
Rinaldo d ' Asti is robbed, arrives at Castle Guglielmo, and is entertained by a widow lady ; his property is restored to him, the robbers caught and hanged, and he returns home safe and sound.
Friar Rinaldo lies with his godchild's mother: her husband finds him in the room with her ; and they make him believe that he was curing his godson of worms by a charm.
* February 24 – Rinaldo by George Frideric Handel, the first Italian opera written for the London stage, premieres in that city.
The full lyric possibilities of a string of choral songs were realized by Johannes Brahms in his Rinaldo, that — like the Walpurgisnacht — was set to a text by Goethe.
On August 16, 1328, the last Bonacolsi, Rinaldo, was overthrown in a revolt backed by the House of Gonzaga, a family of officials.
A sense of Italian national identity was reflected in Gian Rinaldo Carli's Della Patria degli Italiani, written in 1764, a very famous " much-quoted article telling how a stranger entered a café in Milan and puzzled its occupants by saying that he was neither a foreigner nor a Milanese.
In the 18th century, Rinaldo d ' Este was twice driven from his city by French invasions, and Francesco III built many of Modena's public buildings, but the Este pictures were sold and many of them wound up in Dresden.
However, the Keep is also currently under siege by Dalt the Mercenary, a known enemy of Amber and friend of Luke / Rinaldo.
The Pico family would reign as dukes until Mirandola, an ally of Louis XIV of France, was conquered by his rival, Joseph I, Holy Roman Emperor, in 1708 and annexed to Modena by Duke Rinaldo d ' Este, the exiled male line becoming extinct in 1747.
The magazine scored some success and published works by young talents like Dino Battaglia, Rinaldo D ' Ami and Giorgio Bellavitis.
Founded by Rinaldo Piaggio in 1884, Piaggio initially produced locomotives and railway carriages.
The Rivellino, the ancient main gate built in 1447 by Rinaldo Orsini.
Piaggio Aero Industries was established in its current form in November 1998, when a group of shareholders headed by Piero Ferrari and Josè Di Mase acquired the assets of Rinaldo Piaggio.
By 1998, the assets of Rinaldo Piaggio S. p. A. exchanged hands and a group of entrepreneurs headed by the Di Mase and Ferrari families and Piaggio became Piaggio Aero Industries.
Autopoiesis by Ken Rinaldo includes fifteen musical and robotic sculptures that interact with the public and modify their behaviors based on both the presence of the participants and each other.
In Bulfinch's Mythology, Rinaldo's acquisition of Bayard is described as follows: a disguised Maugris ( who had previously acquired Bayard ) tells Rinaldo that a wild horse under an enchantment roams the woods, and that this horse belonged initially to Amadis of Gaul and can only be won by a knight of Amadis ' lineage.
Rinaldo eventually subdues the horse by throwing it on the ground, breaking the enchantment.
Renaud, as Rinaldo, is an important character in Italian Renaissance epics, including Morgante by Luigi Pulci, Orlando Innamorato by Matteo Maria Boiardo and Orlando Furioso by Ludovico Ariosto.

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