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Robert and Penn
Such writers as William Faulkner and Robert Penn Warren have led the field of somewhat less important writers in a sort of post-bellum renaissance.
He is too deeply steeped in William Faulkner and Robert Penn Warren.
* 1905 – Robert Penn Warren, American poet ( d. 1989 )
The BBC produced a feature-length television drama, All the King's Men ( not to be confused with the novel of the same name by Robert Penn Warren ), that focused attention on a unit ( the " Sandringham Company ") that was decimated at Gallipoli and included men from King George V's estate at Sandringham House.
With William Penn and Robert Barclay as allies of Fox, the challenge to Fox's leadership was eventually put down.
A leading champion of Melville's claims as a great American poet was the poet and novelist Robert Penn Warren, who issued a selection of Melville's poetry prefaced by an admiring and acute critical essay.
* 1655 – England, with troops under the command of Admiral William Penn and General Robert Venables, annexes Jamaica from Spain.
Robert Penn Warren ( April 24, 1905 – September 15, 1989 ) was an American poet, novelist, and literary critic and was one of the founders of New Criticism.
Warren was born in Guthrie, Kentucky, which is very near the Tennessee-Kentucky border, to Robert Warren and Anna Penn.
Robert Penn Warren graduated from Clarksville High School in Clarksville, Tennessee, Vanderbilt University in 1925 and the University of California, Berkeley in 1926.
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* September 15 – Robert Penn Warren, American writer ( b. 1905 )

Robert and Warren
Among his predecessors as editors-in-chief were Hugh Chisholm ( 1902 – 1924 ), James Louis Garvin ( 1926 – 1932 ), Franklin Henry Hooper ( 1932 – 1938 ), Walter Yust ( 1938 – 1960 ), Harry Ashmore ( 1960 – 1963 ), Warren E. Preece ( 1964 – 1968, 1969 – 1975 ), Sir William Haley ( 1968 – 1969 ), Philip W. Goetz ( 1979 – 1991 ), and Robert McHenry ( 1992 – 1997 ).
* Safford, Laurance F. with Cameron A. Warren and Robert R. Payne.
Warren was a follower of Robert Owen and joined Owen's community at New Harmony, Indiana.

Robert and puts
His personality reflects more modern, pragmatic attitudes and progressive ethics than those of his time, which often puts him in conflict with his brethren, particularly with his superior Prior Robert and Robert's clerk Brother Jerome, who disapprove of Cadfael for his casual attitude toward rules and for the privileges that are allowed him by their Abbot.
Grant puts this into perspective and writes that it is notable that Robert III's reign could have been worse compared to the turmoil and violence experienced in England and France when ruled by weak kings — even on Robert ’ s death, Scotland didn ’ t descend into open civil war but was restricted to positioning among the royal family and its magnate groupings.
Commenting on the labels " dogmatic " and " pathological " that the " Association for Skeptical Investigation " puts on critics of paranormal investigations, Robert Todd Carroll of the Skeptic's Dictionary argues that that association " is a group of pseudo-skeptical paranormal investigators and supporters who do not appreciate criticism of paranormal studies by truly genuine skeptics and critical thinkers.
Published in 1984, Mindshadow is loosely based on Robert Ludlum's Bourne Identity while The Tracer Sanction puts the player in the role of an interplanetary secret agent.
From a theological perspective, Robert Newman addresses a problem with this particular model of lengthy Genesis days, in that it puts physical plant and animal death before the fall of man, which according to most Young Earth Creationism is considered unscriptural.
During their quest, Eugene and Willie experience the blues legacy of Robert Johnson first-hand, taking part in an impromptu jam session at a roadhouse ( or " juke joint " as Willie puts it ), where Eugene gets the nickname of " Lightning " because of his musical skill.
However, after a chat that night in which Sandra describes Robert as " Ugly Handsome ", Beryl dreams of a wedding where it's handcuffs Robert puts on her hand at the altar instead of a ring and she suddenly has cold feet about the marriage and goes AWOL.
Hermannsburg resident, Robert Brand, started up a theatre group which regularly puts on new plays.
As Juliet puts on her costume and walks up to the door she opens a crack and accidentally sees Barbara and Robert Ross make love prior to leaving, which she at first thinks is Robert hurting Barbara.
After the prosecution rests its case in the murder trial of Larry Ballentine ( Robert Young ), the defense attorney puts his client on the stand to tell his story.
Robert Solomon puts it this way: “ What is Christianity, “ revealed religion ,” divested of its “ figurative thought ”?

Robert and way
Either way, the Robert Shaw chorus sings them in fine style with every colorful word and its musical frame spelled out in terms of agreeable listening.
George Stephenson, with his work on the Stockton and Darlington Railway and the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, paved the way for the railway engineers who were to follow, such as his son Robert, his assistant Joseph Locke who went on to carry out much work on his own account and Isambard Kingdom Brunel.
His later piano music and string quartets, especially, showed the way to a completely unexplored musical universe, and influenced Franz Schubert ( 1797 – 1828 ) and Robert Schumann ( 1810 – 1856 ).
The Robert Koch Prize and Medal were created to honour microbiologists who make groundbreaking discoveries or who contribute to global health in a unique way.
He advised Robert Mitchum that the only way to stay alive in Hollywood was to be an " againster.
On the morning of 28 September 1106, exactly 40 years after William had made his way to England, the decisive battle between his two surviving sons, Robert Curthose and Henry Beauclerc, took place in the small village of Tinchebray, in Lower Normandy.
Henry and his army were marching south from Barfleur on their way to Domfront and Robert was marching with his army from Falaise on their way to Mortain.
One way of proving that a given disease is " infectious ", is to satisfy Koch's postulates ( first proposed by Robert Koch ), which demands that the infectious agent be identified only in patients and not in healthy controls, and that patients who contract the agent also develop the disease.
Psychology professor Robert L. Campbell says the relationship between Objectivist epistemology and cognitive science remains unclear because Rand made claims about human cognition and its development which belong to psychology, yet Rand also argued that philosophy is logically prior to psychology and in no way dependent on it.
In 1977-78 Robert Freitas created Sentience Quotient ( SQ ) as a way to describe the information processing rate in living organisms or computers.
Both Hobbes and Bodin thought they were defending the power of kings, not advocating democracy, but their arguments about the nature of sovereignty were fiercely resisted by more traditional defenders of the power of kings, like Sir Robert Filmer in England, who thought that such defenses ultimately opened the way to more democratic claims.
* Robert A. Heinlein's By His Bootstraps ( 1941 ) features a plot in which a man interacts with different older versions of himself that travel by way of a " Time Gate ", with all the interactions revisited later in the story from the perspective of the now-older man, everything being tied together in a completely self-consistent way.
After the publication of Robert Peterson's landmark book Only the Ball was White in 1970, the Hall of Fame found itself under renewed pressure to find a way to honor Negro league players who would have been in the Hall had they not been barred from the major leagues due to the color of their skin.
The king was furious, but he was forced to give way and restore Godwin and Harold to their earldoms, while Robert of Jumierges and other Frenchmen fled, fearing Godwin's vengeance.
Robert Doornbos took two wins and several podium places on his way to third in the series, winning Rookie of the Year honours.
Baran's study made its way to Robert Taylor and J. C. R.
According to Robert Murphy's account, his father's statement was along the lines of " If there's more than one way to do a job, and one of those ways will result in disaster, then somebody will do it that way.
Abraham Lincoln had become convinced that the appropriate objective for his Eastern army was the army of Robert E. Lee's, not any geographic features such as a capital city, but he and his generals knew that the most reliable way to bring Lee to a decisive battle was to threaten his capital.
The tapestry was becoming a tourist attraction with Robert Southey complaining of the need to queue to see the work In the 1843 Hand-book for Travellers in France by John Murray III a visit was included on Recommended Route 26 ( Caen to Cherbourg via Bayeux ) and this guidebook led John Ruskin to go there describing it as " the most interesting thing in its way conceivable ".
Boulton and Watt had been involved in a minor way with attempts to apply steam power to boats, providing in 1807 for Robert Fulton the engine for North River Steamboat, the first steamboat to run on the Hudson river, ( the boat later referred to as the Clermont ).
" The Black Pits of Luna " is a science fiction short story by Robert A. Heinlein about a Boy Scout on a trip to the moon and his novel way of finding his lost brother.

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