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Robin and Carlsson
* Robin ( TV series ), cartoon created by Magnus Carlsson
* Robin Carlsson ( Robyn ), Swedish singer
Olympic medalists in show jumping, bearing the Holsteiner brand include Cedric and Carlsson vom Dach ( team gold, Beijing ), In Style ( team silver, Beijing ), Nobless M and Cantus ( team bronze, Beijing ), Fein Cera ( team gold, Athens ), Cardento and Magic Bengtsson ( team silver, Athens ), Cöster ( team bronze, Athens ), Cento ( team bronze, Athens and team gold, Sydney ), Calvaro V ( team silver, Sydney ), Classic Touch ( individual gold, Barcelona ), Orchidee ( team gold, Seoul ), Robin ( team gold, Munich ), and Trophy ( team gold, Munich and team silver, Montreal ).
The album's title track was originally recorded and released as a single by Swedish singer Robin Carlsson.
When there was a break-in at his London apartment, Carlsson confided to his Canadian SI colleague Robin Sears:

Robin and born
Edinburgh is the home town of the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair, who was born in the city and attended Fettes College ; Robin Harper the co-convener of the Scottish Green Party ; and John Witherspoon, the only clergyman to sign the United States Declaration of Independence, and later president of Princeton University.
He was born in 1907 as Robin William Askin, but always disliked his first name and changed it by deed poll in 1971.
Robin William Askin was born in Sydney, New South Wales on 4 April 1907 at the Crown Street Women's Hospital, the eldest of three sons of Ellen Laura Halliday ( née Rowe ) and William James Askin, an Adelaide-born sailor and worker for New South Wales Railways.
Robin Gayle Wright ( born April 8, 1966 ) is an American actress.
Wright was born Robin Gayle Wright in Dallas, Texas, the daughter of Gayle ( née Gaston ), a national director in Mary Kay cosmetics salesforce, and Freddie Gayle Wright, a pharmaceutical executive.
With him she had one son, Robin Gaynor Adrian, born in 1940.
Robin Simone Givens ( born November 27, 1964 ) is an American actress and model.
* 1970's footballer Robin Friday who played for Reading and Cardiff City was born in Acton.
* Racing driver Robin Widdows was born in Cowley
* Robin Knox-Johnston, yachtsman, born in Putney
* Alan Wheatley, who is probably best known for his role as the Sheriff of Nottingham in the TV series The Adventures of Robin Hood in the 1950s, was born in Tolworth.
* Robin Bush ( 1943 – 2010 ) of Channel 4's archaeological series Time Team was born in Hayes
* Mike Tyson ( born 1966 ) and Robin Givens ( born 1964 ).
* Robin Cook ( born 1940 ), physician and novelist.
On 4 November 2008, he had a fourth child, Snow Evelyn Robin Juliet Gibb, born out of a private relationship with a housekeeper, Claire Yang.
* Robin McKinley ( born 1952 ), fantasy author
The couple married in November 1949 ; they had two sons: Robin ( born 23 March 1953 ) and Kim ( 1956 – 1991 ).
He was born in the Isle of Man to English parents, the twin brother of Robin Gibb and younger brother to Barry.
Robin Cook was born in the County Hospital, Bellshill, Scotland, the only son of Peter and Christina Cook ( née Lynch ).
Robin Wayne Zander ( born 23 January 1953 ) is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the rock band Cheap Trick.
born Michael David Prince, 1 April 1960 in Berkeley, Gloucestershire ) is a British actor, is probably best known for his role as Robin of Loxley ( Robin Hood ) in the British television series Robin of Sherwood, which attained cult status worldwide in the 1980s.

Robin and 12
On 12 October 1933, she gave birth to a daughter, Suzanne, later Mrs. Robin Farrington, who, decades later, would make Vivien Leigh a grandmother three times over.
In response British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook announced on 12 February 1998 that in the interests of openness, he had commissioned the historians of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to prepare a historical memorandum on the Zinoviev Letter, drawing upon archival documents.
The adult European Robin is 12. 5 – 14. 0 cm ( 5. 0 – 5. 5 in ) long and weighs 16 – 22 g ( 9 / 16 – 13 / 16 oz ), with a wingspan of 20 – 22 cm ( 8 – 9 in ).
Because of high mortality in the first year of life, a Robin has an average life expectancy of 1. 1 years ; however, once past its first year it can expect to live longer and one Robin has been recorded as reaching 12 years of age.
* DeMEGO 006 Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox: End Of Daze CD ( 12. 2008 )
Nilsson's 1970s London flat, at Flat # 12, 9 Curzon Street on the edge of Mayfair, was a two-bedroom apartment decorated by the design company that Starr and Robin Cruikshank owned at that time.
The Whinchat is similar in size to its relative the European Robin ( Erithacus rubecula ), 12 – 14 cm long and 13 – 26 g weight.
** “ Revenge ” ( also known as “ Four Dark Judges ”), written by Alan Grant, art by Brett Ewins ( epiosodes 1 – 7 ), Cliff Robinson ( 8 – 10, 12 ) and Robin Smith ( 11 ), in 2000 AD # 416 – 427 ( 1985 )
The 1992 show was fronted by a puppet Robin Day, a puppet Jeremy Paxman filling the role in the episodes broadcast on 14 November 1993 and 12 December 1993.
Robin and Marian made the cover of TV Guide in the Week of 12 – 18 May 1956.
On August 12, 2008, it was announced that Aiken would resume his role as Sir Robin beginning on September 19 and ending on January 4, 2009.
* Lord Robin Loel Hastings Russell ( b. 12 August 1963 )
Robin Michael Lawrence, commonly known as Lennie Lawrence, ( born 12 December 1947 in Brighton, England ) is an English football manager who is assistant manager of Crystal Palace.
In Batman and Robin # 12, it is revealed that Talia has cloned her son, Damian.
Measuring 12 – 14 cm ( 5 – 6 in ) long, the Flame Robin has dark brown eyes and a small thin black bill.
The largest of the red robins, the Flame Robin is 12 – 14 cm ( 5 – 6 in ) long.
* 12 August – Lieutenant Robin R. Skene and mechanic R. Barlow crash their Blériot monoplane on the way to Dover, becoming the first members of the Royal Flying Corps to die on active duty.
Hooley also undertook some military service, attaining the rank of Second Lieutenant in the 1st Nottinghamshire ( Robin Hood ) battalion on 12 March 1892, then Lieutenant on 23 June 1894, and Captain on 23 December 1896.
Flight Lieutenant Robin R Skene, one of the first members of the Royal Flying Corps, was buried in the churchyard after crashing in his Blériot monoplane shortly after take-off from Netheravon, Wiltshire, in 1914 on 12 August en route to Dover and France at the start of the First World War.
Robin was scouted by numerous London sides during his teenage years, joining Crystal Palace's school of excellence at 12 or 13, then moving on to Queens Park Rangers aged 13 and then to Chelsea, with whom he attended the 1967 FA Cup Final ; as one of the club's youth players, he was part of the team's official party.
The Shield is currently held by Taranaki, who won it from Southland in Round 12 of the Round Robin in the 2011 ITM Cup.
Founded in the early 1980s by Robin Kleinschmidt and other leading Lutherans in the south of Brisbane, the College currently educates students from years Prep to 12, with Prep – 5 currently without permanent buildings pending council approval to commence construction.
SS Robin is 143 feet ( 44 m ) long, her beam is 23 feet ( 7. 0 m ), her depth is 12. 2 feet ( 3. 7 m ) and her tonnage ( distinct from weight ) is 366 gross register tons.

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