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Robinson and used
The most commonly used grading systems are the Fontainebleau system which ranges from 1 to 8c +, and the John Sherman V-grade system, beginning at V0 and increasing by integers to a current top grade of proposed V16 ( The Wheel of Life by Dai Koyamada in the Grampians, Australia ; The Game, by Daniel Woods, Boulder Canyon, CO ; Lucid Dreaming, by Paul Robinson.
The most widely used member of this class of compounds is methyl vinyl ketone, CH < sub > 3 </ sub > C ( O ) CH = CH < sub > 2 </ sub >, which is useful in Robinson annulation reaction.
Since the name Shiraz has been used primarily in Australia in modern times, while the earliest Australian documents use the spelling " Scyras ", the name Shiraz has been speculated ( among others by Jancis Robinson ) to be in fact a so-called " strinization " of Syrah's name via Scyras.
Robinson shows that ecological correlations, where the statistical object is a group of persons ( i. e. an ethnic group ), does not show the same behaviour as individual correlations, where the objects of inquiry are individuals: " The relation between ecological and individual correlations which is discussed in this paper provides a definite answer as to whether ecological correlations can validly be used as substitutes for individual correlations.
In Johann David Wyss's novel The Swiss Family Robinson, set in the 1790s, portable soup makes a number of appearances, the youngest son Franz first mistakes it for glue, and then later suggests it be used as a substitute.
The first formal investigation of unification can be attributed to John Alan Robinson, who used first-order unification as a basic building block of his resolution procedure for first-order logic, a great step forward in automated reasoning technology, as it eliminated one source of combinatorial explosion: searching for instantiation of terms.
Senate Desk X, used by all Democratic leaders, including Johnson, since Joseph Taylor Robinson
There are many electrodiagnostic tests used to make a diagnosis of CTS, but the most sensitive, specific, and reliable test is the Combined Sensory Index ( also known as Robinson index ).
The name is also used in Variable Star, a novel outlined by Heinlein but written by Spider Robinson, although this novel diverges from the Future History.
The Spurs used this selection on United States Naval Academy standout David Robinson.
A similar twist was later used during Robinson 2011.
On March 17, 1999, the 155 year-old family run business, Swayne, Robinson and Company is engulfed in a fire and the site was used to house the Wayne County Jail.
Along with a number of additional student bedrooms the Sloane Robinson building also provided the college with the O ' Reilly Theatre ( a large multipurpose lecture theatre ), a dedicated room for musical practice, a number of seminar rooms and a large open plan space which during term time is used as a café and social space for all members of the college.
Fullmer used his aggressive, forward moving style to control Robinson, and knocked him down in the fight.
By the seventies, he was also dabbling in cocaine, however, Robinson said he only used it for recreation.
The book Desert Island proposed the highly detailed theory that Daniel Defoe used the Isla dell Cocoze as an accurate model for his descriptions of the island inhabited by the marooned Robinson Crusoe.
Barnfield's Lady Pecunia and The Complaint of Poetry were used as sample texts by the early 17th-century phonetician Robert Robinson for his invented phonetic script.
Most versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator include some of the world's most popular aircraft from different categories, such as the Mooney Bravo and Beechcraft Baron 58, which fall into the general aviation category, the Airbus A321 and Boeing 737, which fall into the civil jets category, the Robinson R22, which falls into the helicopter category, and many other planes commonly used around the world.
This convention is used by Robinson and Treitel and by Kanasewich.
The Starch Readership Survey is the most widely used service for evaluating print advertisements ; another well-known service is the Gallup and Robinson Magazine Impact Studies.
This location was used to represent the surface of Mars in the film Robinson Crusoe on Mars.
Robinson also has a purpose-built conference centre, twenty miles west of Cambridge at Wyboston on the border with Bedfordshire, which is used both for one-off meetings and for regular events such as the annual conference of the Association of Business Psychologists.
Unlike some of the older colleges, Robinson does not own large amounts of land which can be used as a source of income ; thus the ability to host conferences represents an important financial resource.
Andrew Robinson also highlights, in his work The Origins of Writing, the possibility for writing to be used to spread false information and therefore the ability of the written word to decrease social knowledge ( Robinson, Andrew ( 2003 ) The Origins of Writing in Crowley and Heyer ( eds ) Communication in History: Technology, Culture, Society, Boston pp 34 ).

Robinson and office
Robinson was treated at a physician's office for a cut over his left eyebrow and a possible sprained knee.
Protesting the major leagues ' ongoing lack of minority managers and central office personnel, Robinson turned down an invitation to appear in an old-timers ' game at Yankee Stadium in 1969.
Upon election, however, Robinson took steps to de-politicize the office.
The studio's first gangster film, Little Caesar, was a great box office success and Edward G. Robinson was a star in many of the subsequent wave of Warner gangster films.
** Mary Robinson begins her term as President of Ireland, becoming the first female to hold this office.
* June 12 – John Winter Robinson, the Secretary of State of Kansas, is convicted and removed from office as the result of a bond scandal, becoming the first state executive official to be impeached and removed from office in American history.
Robinson, who wanted either a front office job or a consultancy, declined.
As the longest-serving British Columbia MP of his time, in office from 1979 to 2004, Svend Robinson is notable for having been the first Canadian MP to come out as gay, in the spring of 1988.
In 1801-02 the Pavilion was enlarged with a new dining room and conservatory, to designs of Peter Frederick Robinson, in Holland's office.
Sara Robinson, who is a retired postmaster, stated that the new post office was built in 1962.
People would come to this office from newly established surrounding counties to buy land from the government, including Solon Robinson, founder of Crown Point.
After Robinson arranged for Bonner's alimony checks to be forwarded to a Kansas post office box, her family never heard from her again.
Instead Labour's Mary Robinson, who already had had a spectacularly successful campaign, became the seventh president of Ireland, the first elected president from outside Fianna Fáil, and the first woman to hold the office.
At the medical office where Hartley has his psychology practice are Jerry Robinson, D. D. S.
Lenihan went on to become the first candidate from his party ever to lose an Irish presidential election, with the Irish Labour Party candidate, Mary Robinson, eventually winning the office.
Robinson was the first Anglican bishop to exercise the office while in an acknowledged same-sex relationship.
" While her performance as the infamous Mrs. Robinson was popular with audiences, with sustained high box office for the duration of Turner's run, she received mixed reviews from critics.
The two southernmost houses, Robinson and Swinford, are occupied by administrative offices and the office of the campus internet radio station, and the northernmost six houses, listed below, are reserved for student living spaces.
After U. S. Senator Joseph Taylor Robinson died in office in 1937, Bailey attempted to take the seat himself.
When Governor Joseph Taylor Robinson resigned from office on March 8, 1913, Oldham became acting governor of Arkansas.
On January 27, 1913, only 12 days after Robinson took office as governor, the legislature elected him to the U. S. Senate to replace Davis.
Robinson admonished his views, stating that religious affiliation had no bearing on a person's credentials for higher office.
In 1751 he became Secretary of State for the Southern Department, transferring in 1754 to the Northern Department, and he remained in office until March 1761, when he was dismissed by King George III in favor of Lord Bute, although he had largely been a cipher in that position to the stronger personalities of his colleagues, successively the Duke of Newcastle, Thomas Robinson, Henry Fox, and William Pitt the Elder.

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