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Robyn and Hitchcock's
He is best known as a member of Katrina and the Waves 1981 to 1999 and of Robyn Hitchcock's Soft Boys 1978 to 1981.

Robyn and song
Moodysson took the new title from the song at the end of the film, by Robyn.
In 1991, at the age of twelve, Robyn recorded the theme song for the Swedish television show Lilla Sportspegeln, named Du kan alltid bli nummer ett (" You can always be number one ").
" Robyn entered Sweden's pre-selection for Eurovision Song Contest 1997, as co-writer and producer of the song " Du gör mig hel igen ," which was performed by Cajsalisa Ejemyr.
In 2001, Robyn performed the song " Say You'll Walk the Distance " to the soundtrack for the film On the Line.
Robyn is featured on Norway's premier electronic outfit Röyksopp's 2009 album Junior with the song " The Girl and the Robot ".
" Robyn will collaborate with Swedish producer Max Martin on the song " Time Machine ".
* " Caesar " ( song ), the debut single from I Blame Coco featuring Robyn
In May 2007, he accompanied Robyn Hitchcock and Ruby Wright in performing the song " Gigolo Aunt " at a tribute for Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett in London, which he did on mandolin .< ref >
* " Criminal Intent ", a song by Robyn from the album Body Talk Pt.
The song was referred to in the Sublime song " Garden Grove " and the Robyn Hitchcock song " Antwoman.
* A song by Robyn on the album Robyn
The song has been covered by a number of acts over the years, including Judy Collins, Cher, The Alarm, The Ian Campbell Folk Group, John Denver, Robyn Hitchcock, Oysterband and Ralph McTell.
* " Play " ( Robyn song ), 1999
" The track was written by Sigsworth, Swedish pop star Robyn and her long-term songwriting companion, and Sigsworth asked Heap to come in and make the song more suitable for Spears, adding backing vocals and making the track more electronic music-infused.
Their recordings have featured a range of guest artists including The Lemonheads ( who were the first band to record a song for the first Sneeze album ), Robyn St. Clare, Alannah Russack and Simon Holmes of The Hummingbirds, Bernie Hayes, John Encarnacao from Warmer, Simon Day from Ratcat, Swirl, the Plunderers and Jess Ciampa.
* Mistress Kitty, a character in the song " Victorian Squid " by Robyn Hitchcock
In 2010 Robyn performed a cover of the song at the Polar Music Prize ceremony, when Björk and Ennio Morricone were awarded the prize.
Robyn Hitchcock also covered the song for the anti-poll tax album Alvin Lives ( in Leeds ) in 1990.
* " Beautiful Girl ", a song by Robyn Hitchcock from Eye
* " Show Me Love " ( Robyn song ), a 1997 pop song featured in the Swedish film of the same title

Robyn and President
PSAC ’ s National President is Robyn Benson who won election following her predecessor's ( John Gordon's ) retirement in May 2012.
Robyn Mordeno, Vice President for Finance
* Robyn Lattaker-Johnson, BET Vice President of Program Development
In autumn of 2008, Dr. Robyn Barbiers, formerly the Vice President for Collections at The Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, became The Society's new President.

Robyn and from
Robyn became known in the late nineties for her worldwide dance-pop hit " Do You Know ( What It Takes )" from her debut album Robyn Is Here ( 1997 ).
In November 2002, Robyn swapped labels at BMG ( from RCA to Jive Records ) and released the album Don't Stop the Music in Sweden.
In 2006, following her departure from BMG, Det Bästa Med Robyn ( The Best of Robyn ) was released in Sweden.
Robyn revealed on her website that her new album would be released earlier than anticipated, and noted several fabled collaborators on the album, including Klas Åhlund from Teddybears STHLM, Swedish duo The Knife and former Cheiron producer Alexander Kronlund.
Sampling influences from electronica, rap, R & B and new age, Robyn received rave reviews, and gained the singer three Swedish Grammy Awards in 2006 for " Årets Album " ( Best Album ), " Årets Kompositör " ( Best Writer, alongside Klas Åhlund ) and " Årets Pop Kvinnlig " ( Best Pop Female ).
Robyn featured on the Basement Jaxx track " Hey U ", taken from their album Crazy Itch Radio, released in 2006.
Also in 2007, Robyn contributed vocals to Fleshquartet's single " This One's for You ", from their album Voices of Eden.
So does the very first recorded Robin Hood rhyme, four lines from the early 15th century, beginning: " Robyn hode in scherewode stod.
He also reintroduces one character from an earlier novel: Robyn Penrose appears in Nice Work ( 1988 ) as Dr Robyn Penrose, temporary Lecturer in English.
Fresh from the academy, Robyn " Toybox " Slinger is headed for her first day on the job at Precinct 10, home of Neopolis ' finest.
Despite a cold reception from her new partner Jeff Smax, Robyn quickly helps with investigating the scene of a homicide in the robot ghetto, Tin Town.
The Museum contains several large Musqueam artifacts from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as well as many contemporary works commissioned from Musqueam artists such as Susan Point, Joe Becker, and Robyn and Debra Sparrow.
* " Ride ", from the Robyn Hitchcock album Perspex Island
The title track from the album Don't Stop the Music was originally written and recorded by Swedish singer, Robyn.
Among the actors who appeared in the game were a number of instantly recognizable ( by face, if not necessarily by name ) character actors as well as a number of well-known younger actors: Robyn Lively of Twin Peaks as " The Fairy ", Jason Hervey of The Wonder Years as " The Troll King ", and Sam J. Jones from the 1980 film Flash Gordon as " The Blind Bowman " and A. J.
Some of the most successful post-ABBA popular music artists from Sweden are Europe, Roxette, Secret_Service_ ( band ), Agnes, The Wannadies, Ace of Base, Kent, Carola Häggkvist, Army of Lovers, Neneh and Eagle-Eye Cherry, Leila K, Robyn, A * Teens, Nanne Grönvall, The Cardigans, Bodies Without Organs, Andreas Johnson, Alcazar and Play.
Coinage of the term " community-supported agriculture " stems from Vander Tuin and the Great Barrington CSA that he co-founded with its proprietor Robyn Van En.
In Nice Work, Philip Swallow is still head of the English Department from Small World and thus is Robyn Penrose's boss.

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