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Roddy and McDowall
This version, written by Stewart Stern, uses the encounter between Marlow ( Roddy McDowall ) and Kurtz ( Boris Karloff ) as its final act, and adds a backstory in which Marlow had been Kurtz's adopted son.
Roddy McDowall
* October 3 – Roddy McDowall, British actor ( b. 1928 )
Rock Hudson starred as Wilder, Darren McGavin as Parkhill, Bernadette Peters as Genevieve Selsor, Bernie Casey as Jeff Spender, Roddy McDowall as Father Stone, and Barry Morse as Hathaway, as well as Fritz Weaver.
The successful 1941 film of the book had a cast including Walter Pidgeon, Maureen O ' Hara, Anna Lee, Roddy McDowall ( as Huw ), Donald Crisp, and Barry Fitzgerald.
A number of celebrities guest-starred on the series over the course of its run, including Debbie Allen, Bob Saget, Charles Rocket, Neil Patrick Harris, Lydia Cornell, Brooke Shields, Roddy McDowall, and others ; Chubby Checker, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, and Dr. Ruth Westheimer appeared in episodes as themselves.
Roddy McDowall usually gave correct answers about the plays of Shakespeare.
In the 1980 animated version of The Return of the King, made for television, the character was voiced by Roddy McDowall.
* Roddy McDowall
* Tam-Lin ( 1970 ) directed by Roddy McDowall, and starring Ava Gardner.
It stars Monty Woolley, Roddy McDowall and Anne Baxter.
* Roddy McDowall as Ronnie Cavanaugh
Chuck was voiced by Roddy McDowall.
At the suggestion of Roddy McDowall, Astaire donated her papers and memorabilia — amounting to several trunks of material — to the Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center at Boston University.
* Roddy McDowall as Sam Conrad
Although Loy was never nominated for an Academy Award for any single performance, after an extensive letter writing campaign and years of lobbying by screenwriter and then-Writers Guild of America, west board member Michael Russnow, who enlisted the support of Loy's former screen colleagues and friends such as Roddy McDowall, Sidney Sheldon, Harold Russell and many others, she received a 1991 Academy Honorary Award " for her career achievement ".
Elizabeth Taylor, who was in Paris, sent flowers, as did Roddy McDowall, Myrna Loy and Lew Wasserman.
* Roddy McDowall as Cornelius ( uncredited, opening archive footage from Planet of the Apes )
Roddy McDowall could not return for his role in this sequel, because he was in Scotland directing Tam Lin.
Roderick Andrew Anthony Jude " Roddy " McDowall ( 17 September 1928 – 3 October 1998 ) was a British actor and photographer.
Roddy McDowall in Lassie Come Home ( 1943 )
Although Roddy McDowall made no public statements about his sexual orientation during his lifetime, a few authors have claimed that he was a closeted homosexual.
cy: Roddy McDowall
de: Roddy McDowall

Roddy and who
Also in the audience was Glaswegian Roddy McKenna ( A + R Music executive Zomba Records ), who later signed the band to Zomba Records.
Irish writer Roddy Doyle wrote a short story by the same title about an Irish girl who brings home an immigrant from Nigeria, published in 2008 in the collection The Deportees.
A year later Worthington was replaced by keyboardist Roddy Bottum, who along with Gould and Bordin, formed Faith No More.
Johnson is regarded by many as one of the greatest talkers in professional wrestling history, Rock was voted third by the fans for his microphone ability behind Roddy Piper and Stone Cold Steve Austin who were second and first respectively.
as a planted fan in the audience, who attempted to help Mr. America when he was being attacked by Roddy Piper and Sean O ' Haire.
At WrestleMania VII, DiBiase lost by countout to Virgil, who had help from ' Rowdy ' Roddy Piper.
The policy was later claimed to be a fabrication in a 2009 interview by series model Holly Hallstrom, who was dismissed from the show in 1995 but remained friends with Roddy.
Other best selling authors who have written extensively about the Northside include Dermot Bolger and Booker Prize winning author Roddy Doyle, who set several novels in the fictional Northside area of Barrytown.
The main event was a tag-team match between the WWF Champion Hulk Hogan and Mr. T, accompanied by Jimmy Snuka against the team of Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff, who were accompanied by Cowboy Bob Orton.
Roderick " Roddy " George Toombs ( born April 17, 1954 ), better known by his ring name " Rowdy " Roddy Piper, is a Canadian retired professional wrestler and film actor who is currently signed to WWE.
Jones made an appearance in Ireland for Carlisle United, coming on as a second-half substitute in 2001 against Shelbourne, teaming up with friend Roddy Collins who was manager at the time.
In two episodes (" The Devil and Mandy Breems ", " The Devil and Mr. Roarke "), Roarke even faces The Devil ( played by Roddy McDowall ), who has come to the island to challenge him for either a guest's immortal soul or his.
Less than a week later, on the January 25 episode of Superstars, WWF President Jack Tunney held a press conference to announce who among Sid, Savage, Hogan, " Rowdy " Roddy Piper and The Undertaker would face Ric Flair for the WWF Championship at WrestleMania VIII.
Roddy and his sister Tessa make friends with the ghost of a Victorian shoe-shine boy who is being hunted by the sinister Ghost Hunter.
As well, there have been several celebrity guest stars who did voice acting on Garfield & Friends for both Garfield & US Acres portions, including Imogene Coca, Stan Freberg, George Foreman, Chick Hearn, James Earl Jones, Marvin Kaplan, Robin Leach, John Moschitta, Jr., Jack Riley, Rod Roddy, Will Ryan, Pat Buttram, Dick Beals, Paul Winchell and Don Knotts.
Roddy also stated that these two unidentified persons were one and the same person — a young cleric-turned-journalist and a Jesuit of Irish descent working for Cardinal Bea and who was active in the Biblical Institute — he figuratively named as Timothy O ' Boyle-Fitzharris S. J.
* Madkat ( voiced by Roddy McDowall ) – Ages ago, Madkat was an insane and powerful court jester who was replaced.
He was also among six wrestlers who " auditioned " for an anti-New World Order faction called Piper's Family on the March 3, 1997 episode of Monday Nitro, spearheaded by " Rowdy " Roddy Piper.

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