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Roderick and later
He added, " an attempt was made in later years to re-record that solo, using Stan Roderick, but it sounded too good, and they reverted to the old one.
Designed by Roderick Ham, the theatre was a complete ' cultural centre ' whose radical open walkways and exposed concrete finish are thought to have influenced the later National Theatre in London.
( Years later, in 1923, Sir Roderick Jones, head of Reuters, and his wife, playwright and novelist Enid Bagnold, were to add the adjacent Gothic House to the property and which became the inspiration and setting for her play The Chalk Garden ).
Built in 1955, it was later named after Roderick McCrae, who was the Principal from 1955 to 1962.
His wealthy father died in 1796, when Roderick was 4 years old, and he was sent to Durham School 3 years later, and then the military college at Great Marlow to be trained for the army.
He lost once again the following night to Christopher Daniels and again two weeks later to Roderick Strong, causing him to kayfabe take some time away from the company.
One of the establishers of the Fort, Roderick McKenzie, always had a taste for literature, as was seen years later when he opened correspondence with traders all over the north and west, asking for descriptions of scenery, adventure, folklore and history.
Probably originally known to the Norse as Bót, later during the Viking period the island was known as " Rothesay ", possibly referring to a personal name " Roth " or " Roderick " with the Old Norse suffix ey, meaning " island ".
When he elopes with Emerald Stoker, she renews her engagement with Bertie, before becoming affianced to Sir Roderick Spode, later 7th Earl of Sidcup.
Roderick later informs the narrator that his sister has died and insists that she be entombed for two weeks in a vault ( family tomb ) in the house before being permanently buried.
* Roderick C. Meredith-A chief evangelist in WCG who later founded the Global Church of God before starting the Living Church of God.
Sir Roderick later became Air Officer Commanding, India Command (" Chief of the Indian Air Force ").
Quartz was occasionally mined on Mount Greenland, a nearby ridge, but little more gold was found until two miners discovered a large 3. 1-kilogram nugget in 1909, which was later named the " Honourable Roddy Nugget ", after Roderick McKenzie, the Minister for Mines at the time.
The Jeeves theatrical programme also lists song titles that weren't recorded: " Food Of Love " sung by Aunt Dahlia ( the role and song were cut in previews ); " Song Of Spode ", sung by the villainous Roderick Spode ; and " Literary Men " sung by Bertie, Jeeves & Gussie, the melody of which was later reused in Song and Dance-first as the finale " When You Want to Fall in Love " and later as a new song in the first act " Unexpected Song ".
They had one son, Charles Philip Gordon Clark ( clergyman, later dry stone waller ), and two daughters, Alexandra Mary Gordon Clark ( Lady Wedgwood FSA, architectural historian, see Wedgwood Baronets ) and Cecilia Mary Gordon Clark ( Cecilia Snell, musician, married Roderick Snell ).
He contributed the palaeontological portion to Andrew Crombie Ramsay's Memoir on the Geology of North Wales ( 1866 ), assisted Roderick Murchison in his work on Siluria ( 1854 and later editions ), and Sedgwick by preparing A Catalogue of the Collection of Cambrian and Silurian Fossils contained in the Geological Museum of the University of Cambridge ( 1873 ).
Thomas and his wife had three children, Amy Marguerite Brandon Thomas ( 1890 – 1974 ), Jevan Roderick Brandon Thomas ( 1898 – 1977 ), who each later had theatrical careers, and Sylvia M. Brandon Thomas ( born c. 1905 ), who did not.
He later uses it again in " Accomplices " to obtain information about an auction between the factions of the Big Man, Dr. Octopus, Silvermane, and Roderick Kingsley.
In a later retcon, his mother, Ethel ( the former mistress of Roderick Burgess ), gave him Morpheus ' Dreamstone, which powered the device.
Also in 1683 ( on June 17 ), Gould married Martha Roderick, and the two would later have a daughter named Hannah.
Tuppy's uncle is Bertie's nemesis ( and later good friend ) Sir Roderick Glossop and his cousin is Bertie's ex-fiancée Honoria Glossop.
It is best known as a precursor to the more successful group the Long Winters: both bands were fronted by songwriter John Roderick, and many Western State Hurricanes songs were later revamped into Long Winters songs.
Roderick would later recount, " We were all shitting our pants.
" At one point, when we were getting into a heated discussion about how much he was going to give us to record, I put my feet up on his desk and my hands behind my head ," Roderick later said.

Roderick and spoke
In 1857 the President of the Royal Geographical Society, Sir Roderick Murchison, praised PGM for its fast reporting of diverse explorations, and spoke against the jealousy of those in his own Society who felt that exploration supported primarily by the British should first be published in Britain: he thought the Perthes Institute enriched the scientific geographic discourse.

Roderick and failed
Barroca, Issaga Diallo, Carlos Saleiro and Abdoulaye Fall ( the latter failed to receive a work permit ) were signed as permanent transfers, in addition to Ishmael Yartey and Roderick Miranda joining the club on loan from Benfica.
On August 26 the duo failed in their first shot at the ROH World Tag Team Championship against champions Austin Aries and Roderick Strong, but on November 25, 2006, they managed to defeat Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli to win the championship, making Daniels a two-time ROH Tag Team Champion.

Roderick and We
* We Do Not Need a State, a Roderick Long interview with Lew Rockwell, hosted on Lewrockwell. com

Roderick and go
During this era, William Wordsworth wrote The Conventions of Cintra, praising Spanish and Portuguese resistance to Napoleonic force ; Lord Byron would go on to praise Amazonian women in Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, inverting the " polite " norms of femininity that the modern " civilized " world placed on them ; and, finally, Scott would write about similar events in The Visions of Don Roderick.
On May 20, 2007, however, the first night of the tournament, the reuniting Super Dragon and Davey Richards lost in the first round to the makeshift team of Roderick Strong and PAC, who would go on the win the whole tournament.

Roderick and studio
Jean has done studio work for many artists, including Keith Moon, David Bowie, and Roderick Taylor.
In mid-2009 through early-2010, a satiric " quasi-weekly " 9 episode series by Roderick entitled " 13 Songs with John " was made available through YouTube ostensibly focusing on the work he was doing in the studio.
None of the episodes actually featured Roderick working in the studio.

Roderick and .
" In his book Indoctrination and Self-deception, Roderick Hindery tries to shed light on these tensions by contrasting them with impostors of authentic self-affirmation and altruism, by analysis of other-regard within creative individuation of the self, and by contrasting love for the few with love for the many.
* Grierson, Roderick & Munro-Hay, Stuart, The Ark of the Covenant.
Contemporary systems of categories have been proposed by John G. Bennett ( The Dramatic Universe, 4 vols., 1956-65 ), Wilfrid Sellars ( 1974 ), Reinhardt Grossmann ( 1983, 1992 ), Johansson ( 1989 ), Hoffman and Rosenkrantz ( 1994 ), Roderick Chisholm ( 1996 ), Barry Smith ( ontologist ) ( 2003 ), and Jonathan Lowe ( 2006 ).
* Roderick Chisholm, 1996.
* MacFarquhar, Roderick and Fairbank, John K., eds.
* MacFarquhar, Roderick and Fairbank, John K., eds.
* MacFarquhar, Roderick and Michael Schoenhals.
* MacFarquhar, Roderick.
* Legrand, Pierre and Munday, Roderick ( 2003 ) ( eds.
* Legrand, Pierre ( 2003 ) ' The Same and the Different ' in Legrand, Pierre and Munday, Roderick ( eds.
From May 1828, until February 1829, he traveled with Roderick Impey Murchison ( 1792 – 1871 ) to the south of France ( Auvergne volcanic district ) and to Italy.
* Nash, Roderick.
Roderick Stackleberg places fascism — including Nazism, which he says is " a radical variant of fascism " — on the right, explaining that " the more a person deems absolute equality among all people to be a desirable condition, the further left he or she will be on the ideological spectrum.
Retired professor in religious studies Roderick Hindery first lists positive qualities attributed to political, economic, or other forms of cultural fundamentalism.
* Hindery, Roderick.
The market anarchist Molinari Institute, headed by philosopher Roderick Long, is named after Molinari, who it calls the " originator of the theory of Market Anarchism.
Donna Michelle, Marilyn Cole, Lillian Müller, Shannon Tweed, Brande Roderick, Barbi Benton, Karen Christy, Sondra Theodore, and Carrie Leigh — who filed a $ 35 million palimony suit against him — were a few of his many lovers.
Hefner then began to move an ever-changing coterie of young women into the mansion, even dating up to seven girls at once, among them, Brande Roderick, Izabella St. James, Tina Marie Jordan, Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson.
< sup > δ </ sup > Though this term is non-standard usage – by " left ", agorists mean " left " in the general sense used by left-libertarians, as defined by Roderick T. Long, as "... an integration, or I'd argue, a reintegration of libertarianism with concerns that are traditionally thought of as being concerns of the left.
The determination of their molecular structure by Roderick MacKinnon using X-ray crystallography won a share of the 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2003 was awarded to two American scientists: Roderick MacKinnon for his studies on the physico-chemical properties of ion channel structure and function, including x-ray crystallographic structure studies, and Peter Agre for his similar work on aquaporins.
The sculpture was commissioned by Roderick MacKinnon based on the molecule's atomic coordinates that were determined by MacKinnon's group in 2001.

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