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Rogers and identified
From a therapy frame of reference, Rogers identified the significance of a client perceiving a therapist ’ s UPR towards them in order for it to have meaning because the client should not feel judged as they attempt to accurately express themselves.
In the past, CFMT-TV has identified itself on air as Channel 47 / Cable 4 ( reflecting both the over the air channel number and its channel position in the Greater Toronto Area through Rogers Cable ) and as CFMT International.
" We have identified a number of phonetic characteristics that seem to make a man ’ s voice sound gay ," says Rogers.
Rogers identified 6 conditions which are needed to produce personality changes in clients: relationship, vulnerability to anxiety ( on the part of the client ), genuineness ( the therapist is truly himself or herself and incorporates some self-disclosure ), the client's perception of the therapist's genuineness, the therapist's unconditional positive regard for the client, and accurate empathy.
He also points out that the declassified record is clear that, at the time, Rogers viewed Pinochet's Chile as "... a symbol of right-wing tyranny " and referred to the U. S .' s " strong interest in getting the GOC of Chile to pursue acceptable human rights practices " because " Like it or not, we are identified with the regime's origins and hence charged with some responsibility for its action.
In fact, later-years KABL tended to go back and forth on including greater amounts of more " modern " softer pop-rock material then not identified with " traditional " adult standards-Peter & Gordon and Dusty Springfield from the ' 60s, even Kenny Rogers and Air Supply from the turn of the Eighties.
It is worth noting that in the episode " Happy Birthday Scooby-Doo ", Fred Jones is incorrectly identified as Fred Rogers ; Rogers is Shaggy's surname.

Rogers and real
By ideal, Rogers is suggesting something not real, something that is always out of our reach, the standard we cannot meet.
Rogers ' first marriage was at age 17 to her dancing partner Jack Pepper ( real name Edward Jackson Culpepper ) on March 29, 1929.
Rogers, who began to test the stock and real estate markets during his tenure as a M * A * S * H cast member, appears regularly as a panel member on the Fox Business Network cable TV stocks investment / stocks news program Cashin ' In, hosted by Fox News anchor Cheryl Casone.
Mr. Rogers deliberately makes clear the distinction between the " real world " and the Neighborhood of Make-Believe by transitioning in and out of the Neighborhood segment via a distinctive red and yellow model electric trolley that enters and exits through small tunnels in the wall ( or occasionally by setting up small tabletop models of the various Neighborhood of Make Believe buildings ), and by discussing what had happened with his audience after the end of each segment.
He is one of the few characters, along with Chef Brockett and Trolley, to pass between Mr. Rogers ' " real " world and the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.
He is one of the few characters, along with Mr. McFeely and Trolley, to exist in both Mr. Rogers ' " real " world and the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, although many of the cast portrayed characters in both worlds.
In 1980, he made his screen debut in the Emmy-winning TV movie The Gold Bug, in which he played the young Edgar Allan Poe, but it was not until the release of the 1982 Kenny Rogers film Six Pack that he gained real notice.
Rogers believed that when a therapist was able to be congruent, a real relationship occurs in therapy.
His style of investigating with his own direct methods rather than following the commission schedule put him at odds with Rogers, who once commented, " Feynman is becoming a real pain.
Shirley Temples are often served to children dining with adults in lieu of real cocktails, as is the similar Roy Rogers.
Rogers called a bill to reduce funding for law enforcement " the result of this new Republican majority ’ s commitment to bring about real change in the way Washington spends the people ’ s money.
Rogers soon became a top wrestler using his real name around his hometown where he gained his first major win over Ed " Strangler " Lewis.
She made her real breakthrough when the Universum Film AG ( UFA ) attempted to create a German film star to rival Hollywood's top musical star actresses Eleanor Powell, Jeanette MacDonald, Ginger Rogers and later, Alice Faye, Rita Hayworth and Betty Grable.
As the real Nature Boy Buddy Rogers, upstairs tonight.
He shared a close friendship with comedian Will Rogers, who eulogized him as " a real two-fisted governor.
Together they have two children: a daughter, Lisa Goodheart ( born 1960 ); an environmental, real estate and general business litigation attorney and partner at Sugarman, Rogers, Barshak and Cohen, P. C.
Although Iron Man manages to trap him in a prison specifically designed to contain his ionic energy with the Revengers being quickly defeated by the combined Avengers teams, Wonder Man has still successfully managed to spread doubt among the population about the merits of the Avengers as a concept particularly since Captain Rogers has yet to officially rebuff any of his arguments, asking Beast to remember his words simultaneously reflecting that he may be able to see the Avengers from the outside as he has not been ' real ' since his resurrection before he apparently disappears from his prison.
Rogers does not see it as something to strive for ( that is the real self ) but an ideal imposed on us we can never fully reach ( Boeree 1998 ).
"), and his interviews would revolve around him confusing and belittling his guests, both real and fictional: these included John Clarke, Tim Freedman of The Whitlams, Tim Rogers, and Andrew Denton.
Rogers & Barend then defeated the real team of Wisniski & Ellis 2 pins to 1 in a main event at Madison Square Garden.

Rogers and self
Rogers ' theory of the self is considered to be humanistic and phenomenological.
#“ A person learns significantly only those things that are perceived as being involved in the maintenance of or enhancement of the structure of self ” ( Rogers, 1951 ).
#“ Experience which, if assimilated, would involve a change in the organization of self, tends to be resisted through denial or distortion of symbolism ” ( Rogers, 1951 ).
#“ The structure and organization of self appears to become more rigid under threats and to relax its boundaries when completely free from threat ” ( Rogers, 1951 ).
#“ The educational situation which most effectively promotes significant learning is one in which ( a ) threat to the self of the learner is reduced to a minimum and ( b ) differentiated perception of the field is facilitated ” ( Rogers, 1951 ).
* In Carl Rogers personality theory, the compliance between ideal self and actual self.
In the late 1930s, psychologists, interested in the uniquely human issues, such as the self, self-actualization, health, hope, love, creativity, nature, being, becoming, individuality, and meaning — that is, a concrete understanding of human existence, included Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, and Clark Moustakas, who were interested in founding a professional association dedicated to a psychology focused on these features of human capital demanded by post-industrial society.
According to Rogers, everyone strives to become more like an " ideal self ".
Others acknowledge Rogers ' broad influence on approach, while naming a humanistic or humanistic-existentialist school group ; there is large debate over what constitute major schools and cross-influences with more tangential candidates such as feminist, Gestalt, British school, self psychology, interpersonal, family systems, integrative, systemic and communicative, with several historical influences seeding them such as object-relations.
The concept of the self is, according to Rogers, however, primarily conscious.
Rogers argues that a notion of the self that includes a reference to the unconscious ( as with Freud ) cannot be studied objectively as it can not be directly known ( Pervin & Oliver 1997 ).
Although both theories include a hidden personality, both concepts are very different in that for Freud it is our natural state, while for Rogers it is the self created by the demands of society.
For Rogers, the core of our nature is essentially positive and aligned towards self actualisation, while for Freud, we solely are driven by sexual and aggressive instincts.

Rogers and aspect
" Early last fall we hired an ace mechanical engineer, Roger Rogers ... He has spent about 2000 hours since then exploring every single aspect of the instrument ... The initial circuits of the BiroTron were designed on a computer by England's top Moog technician Phil Pierce ..."
One notable aspect of the film is that it was largely the work of a single person, Tom Graeff, who, in addition to playing the role of reporter Joe Rogers, wrote, directed, edited, and produced the film, on which he also provided cinematography, special effects, and music coordination.

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