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Routes and 66
* Bates – A hamlet in the northwest corner of the town on County Routes 64 and 66.
The Village of East Nassau is in the east part of the town of Nassau along the Town of Stephentown border by Routes 20 and 66.
Other minibus services include Routes 50, 65, and 66 and also:
It is a key link in the Sustrans National Cycle Routes 65 / 66 and will be part of the orbital route for York completed in 2011.
SEPTA currently operates trackless trolleys on Routes 59, 66, and 75.
* Routes 44 and 66 were restructured to provide service in south-west and north-west parts of the town.
Routes 65, 66 and 67 run between the Tuggeranong and Woden Interchanges every 20 to 60 minutes between 7: 00 a. m. and 7: 00 p. m.
It lies at the north junction of U. S. Routes 63 and 66 just north of Rolla.
Routes 65, 66 and 67 run between the Tuggeranong and Woden Interchanges every 20 to 60 minutes between 7: 00 a. m. and 7: 00 p. m.
Routes 63, 65 and 66 run between the Tuggeranong and Woden Interchanges every 20 to 60 minutes from 7: 00 am to 7: 00 pm.

Routes and 67
The route was designated originally as a portion of State Highway Route 18N in 1923, and was split up in 1929 as part of current-days New Jersey Route 63, U. S. Route 9W and Route 67 for Routes S-1, 1 and Route S1A.
" orange "> Express Routes: 11 17 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 </ font > Regular Routes: 21 31 33 35 36 37 38 39 59 67 77 < font color
Described as " The Road to Prosperity " by business leaders and government officials who initially proposed it in the late 1970s, Illinois 255 was part of a region-wide effort to create a high-speed alternative to U. S. Route 67 over the Clark Bridge through the city-center of Alton, and to two congested local routes ( Illinois Routes 3 and 111 ) that roughly parallel the Illinois 255 corridor.
The final segment to be constructed will run from Seminary Road to U. S. 67 north of Godfrey near its junction with Illinois Routes 267 and 111.
Routes 65 and 67 run between the Tuggeranong and Woden Interchanges every 20 to 60 minutes between 7: 00 a. m. and 7: 00 p. m.

Routes and run
Routes run everywhere in the country, with some companies operating through islands other than just Luzon.
Routes also run to eastern Madera County.
Pennsylvania Routes 772 ( Orange and Main Streets ) and 501 ( Broad Street ) run through the town.
Harold Wood has a few London Bus Routes that run through it
Three U. S. Routes run through Edwards County, all meeting in Kinsley.
Route S4 was defined in 1927 to run to the Outerbridge Crossing in Perth Amboy from present-day Route 35 ; it was eventually extended to the Garden State Parkway and this route is now Routes 440 and 184.
Routes 15 and 94 run as a concurrency until Route 94 turns off to the southeast while Route 15 heads northwest.
The State Routes 180 and 33 run through the agricultural city.
Easton is served by the following highways that run through the town: Routes 106, 123 and 138.
Routes 2, 2A, 27, 62, 111, and 119 run through town.
Routes 44 and 55 run through it as well.
State Routes 18, 269, and 113 also run through the city.
The route was not certain and there were differences between the plans proposed by the Greater London Council and the Ministry of Transport, however the section may have run east alongside the Regent's Canal and the north side of Victoria Park to an interchange at Hackney Wick where it would have connected to the North Cross and East Cross Routes at the north-east corner of the Ringway 1 ( London Motorway Box ) of the London Ringways plan.
) Massachusetts's Routes 2 and 2A, which run through Franklin County, feature many antique stores.
In 1927, Route 6 was legislated to run from Delaware east to the George Washington Bridge, replacing portions of Routes 5 and 12 and paralleling the former Route 10, which itself became Route 5 and Route 10N, the latter being shortly removed from the state highway system.
Four national highways run through the city as well: National Routes 41, 360, 471 and 472.
Local Bus Routes ( all run every 30 minutes );
Routes 24 and 79 run concurrently northward until Exit 9 ( Assonet ).
Routes 31 and 32 run to Horsforth via Cookridge.
Routes 303 and X03 run from Sans Souci to the Sydney CBD via Brighton-Le Sands and Mascot.
* Express: Routes that stop at several nominated stops and generally run on expressways for faster travel between several towns.
* Chinatown Direct: Routes that run from suburban towns to Chinatown via the expressways.
National Routes 306, 365, and 421 run through the city.
With very rare exceptions ( such as County Route 537 ), the 500 series follows the rule of cardinal direction used for Interstate Highways and U. S. Routes: even-numbered roads run east and west, while odd-numbered roads run north and south.

Routes and between
There are no cross-Peninsula freeway connections between State Routes 92 and 85 ( which is so far south that it technically lies in Silicon Valley and not on the Peninsula ).
With the 1953 New Jersey state highway renumbering, which eliminated long concurrencies between U. S. Routes and State Routes, the southern terminus of Route 42 was cut back to Williamstown to avoid the concurrency with U. S. Route 322.
Route 10 is by far the busiest road in Cheshire, with the worst Route 10 traffic occurring between Routes 68 / 70 and Route 42 every weekday during the morning commute, evening commute, and after the high school gets out at 2 pm.
Protivin is located on a state highway between U. S. Routes 52 and 63.
The community is on Iowa Highway 191, halfway between U. S. Routes 30 and 59
The city is less than two miles southwest of the interchange between U. S. Routes 54 and 169.
The interchange between U. S. Routes 54 and 169 is about two miles ( 3 km ) west of Gas.
Bellewood lies between U. S. Routes 42 and 60.
There is a park and ride lot located at the junction of Routes 2 and 2A, on the route between Greenfield and North Adams.
It is located at the junction of U. S. Routes 6 and 95 approximately mid-way between Las Vegas and Reno.
Forest Lake is squarely bound between the north-south lines formed by Lyons St. NE and Keystone Ave. N. and the east-west lines formed by 240th St. N. and 180th St. N. Interstate 35 and U. S. Routes 8 and 61 are three of the main arterial routes in the city.
The Middle properties ( which also commonly referred to asbetween the highways ”) gets its name from simplistic reasons ; these houses are in-between the two primary 2 lane highways that are the main source of travel for anyone wishing to go north or south on the Barrier Islands: Routes 35 North and South.
Hartville lies halfway between Akron and Canton, at the intersection of two main roads, State Routes 43 and 619.
Interstate 476 crosses the eastern portion of Plains Township between the Wilkes-Barre and Wyoming Valley interchanges with Routes 115 and 315, respectively.
Narberth is also served by Route 1, City Avenue, traveling north and south, and is easily accessible to Routes 76, the Schuylkill Expressway east and west, and 476, the Philadelphia bypass nicknamed the " Blue Route ", traveling south and north between Chester and Interstate 95 in the south and Plymouth Meeting, Germantown, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike traveling east and west.
Routes paralleling the river once served as a major trade route between Tibet and India, especially for salt.
The town line between Eastham and Orleans is the site of the termini of Routes 6A and 28.
There are no freeways in Hanson ; it is situated equidistantly between Routes 3 and 24.
The Kushans conquered the central section of the main Silk Routes and, therefore, had control of the overland trade between India, Persia, China and the Roman Empire.
In February 1967, some of the largest Zippo missions was operated in the Iron Triangle, located between Saigon and Routes 13 and 25.
In the 1953 New Jersey state highway renumbering, which eliminated long concurrencies between U. S. and State Routes, the Route 28 designation was removed along this portion of the route, leaving U. S. Route 22 the sole number along the route.
Under this scheme, the previously All-Zone commuter services between Portland, Oregon and Clark County with the sole exception of the 165-Parkrose Express were designated " Premium " routes ( i. e., Routes 105, 114 that originates in Portland as " 105 – 114 ", 134, 157, 164, 177 and 190 are all Premium services ).
Lifgren Drive ( unsigned Route 992G ), a connector providing access between Routes 7 and 28.

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