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Rummaging and .
Rummaging through a stack of drawers nearby, you unearthed an antique French chess set in ivory and sandalwood, which, along with two box Kodaks, you added to your haul.
In the style of the original, quotes from the Princess Serutan's works ( amongst them, The Portable Mauve ' Bib, In My Father's House, In His Room, And Especially Rummaging Through His Junk Drawer, and No More Princess Nice Guy: The Princess Serutan Diaries ) lead off each chapter.
Rummaging through a catalogue, he found a program called Colossal Cave Adventure.
Rummaging through a trunk Poirot finds clothes like the ones worn by Mrs Carrington when she was murdered.

dew and said
He warns Ahab that there will be years of catastrophic drought so severe that not even dew will fall, because Ahab and his queen stand at the end of a line of kings of Israel who are said to have " done evil in the sight of the Lord.
Disney's archivist Dave Smith, in " Disney A to Z ," said, " Note that the brightest hue of the three is red ( Huey ), the color of water, dew, is blue ( Dewey ), and that leaves Louie, and leaves are green.
39 Then Gideon said to God, “ Do not let Your anger burn against me that I may speak once more ; please let me make a test once more with the fleece, let it now be dry only on the fleece, and let there be dew on all the ground .” 40 God did so that night ; for it was dry only on the fleece, and dew was on all the ground.
The pitch is said to be covered when the groundsmen have placed covers on it to protect it against rain or dew.
These American riverboats were designed to draw very little water, and in fact it was commonly said that they could " navigate on a heavy dew ".
Park Benjamin, Sr. said that the author was " a rose baptized in dew ".
Herbs wet with dew on this morning were said to heal stomachaches and wounds.

dew and .
And, as a matter of fact, Nicolas had slept in the park only part of one night, when he discovered that Munich's early mornings even in summer are laden with dew.
The garden below was lacy with dew and enchanting in its small wildness.
Adiabatic cooling occurs in the Earth's atmosphere with orographic lifting and lee waves, and this can form pileus or lenticular clouds if the air is cooled below the dew point.
Lavoisier discovered that Henry Cavendish's " inflammable air ," which Lavoisier had termed hydrogen ( Greek for " water-former "), combined with oxygen to produce a dew which, as Joseph Priestley had reported, appeared to be water.
" Acid rain " is a popular term referring to the deposition of wet ( rain, snow, sleet, fog, cloudwater, and dew ) and dry ( acidifying particles and gases ) acidic components.
Night dew may occur in up to 180 days per year.
Carnivorans have either four or five digits on each foot, with the first digit on the forepaws, also known as the dew claw, being vestigial in most species and absent in some.
The first " rainy season " brings high temperatures and high humidity that condenses as dew mountain.
Opposing the terrain to a front of warm, moist air mass, it forces to increase the height above sea level of that body wet and warm air mass, which cools and decreases the dew point, causing it to condense part of the moisture that falls as rain or fog, creating an habitat especially cool, saturated with moisture in the air and soil.
In Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Romania, he is known as " Elijah the Thunderer " and in folklore is held responsible for summer storms, hail, rain, thunder, and dew.
Baal was the Canaanite god responsible for rain, thunder, lightning, and dew.
Thus Eos, preceded by the Morning Star, is seen as the genetrix of all the stars and planets ; her tears are considered to have created the morning dew, personified as Ersa or Herse.
It is formed when solid surfaces are cooled to below the dew point of the adjacent air as well as below the freezing point of water.
If a solid surface is chilled below the dew point of the surrounding air and the surface itself is colder than freezing, frost will form on the surface.
Average dew point is.
It is also affected by the presence of snow, hail and ice and can relate to dew, mist and fog.
In Iceland, folklore says that if you bathe naked in the morning dew on the morning of June 24, you are supposed to keep aging at bay for longer.
states Isaac's blessing: " Therefore God give thee of the dew of heavens, and the fatness of the earth, and plenty of corn and wine: Let people serve thee: be lord over thy brethren, and let thy mother's sons bow down to thee: cursed be every one that curseth thee, and blessed be he that blesseth thee.
An older Edinburgh tradition has it that young women who climb Arthur's Seat and wash their faces in the morning dew will have lifelong beauty.
::( Rejoice and sing, France: the lily is bathed with heavenly dew.
The primary reason for the problem is polymer degradation of the paint matrix due to exposure of UV radiation in sunshine and condensation from dew.
The name " rosemary " derives from the Latin for " dew " ( ros ) and " sea " ( marinus ), or " dew of the sea " because in many locations it needs no water other than the humidity carried by the sea breeze to live.

said and Rosa
It could be said that Martyr was the 15th opera of the partnership, since the Carl Rosa Opera Company presented the work as an opera in 1898.
Most characters in the series, from the dominatrix schoolmistress Rosa Coote to minor characters such as Inspector Dick Donovan, are either an established character from an existing work of fiction or an ancestor of the same, to the extent that individuals depicted in crowd scenes in Volume I have been said ( both by Moore, and in annotations by Jess Nevins ) to be visually designed as the ancestors of the cast of EastEnders.
Don Rosa has said that Scrooge had earned all the money in his bin by himself, but not only does the bin's size possibly contradict this idea, in Rosa's Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, he said that Scrooge was traveling around the world, starting businesses and having the money sent home.
In the story, said blueprints are accredited to an architect named Keno D. Rosa ( which is Don Rosa's actual name ).
Since Barks never actually said that it was because of the coin that Scrooge was the richest duck in the world, Don Rosa, after various informations exchange with Barks, for a faithful production of Life and Times Of Scrooge McDuck, clarified that The Number One Dime is not actually an amulet, and that this vision was just a myth.
While playing in the Queen's Hall Orchestra, Barbirolli also played in the opera pit for the Beecham and Carl Rosa opera companies, in recitals with the pianist Ethel Bartlett, with orchestras in theatres, cinemas, hotels and dance-halls, and, as he said, " everywhere except the street ".
The protocol further noted that said explanations had been accepted by the Mexican Minister of Foreign Affairs on behalf of the Mexican Government, and was signed in Santiago de Queretaro by A. H. Sevier, Nathan Clifford and Luis de la Rosa.
Noteworthy Samba composers at this early stage included said Noel Rosa plus Lamartine Babo and, around World War II time, Ary Barroso.
Despite the poor commercial performance of both Surfer Rosa and " Gigantic ", Ivo Watts-Russell has said that the response to the album was " times five " compared with Come On Pilgrim.
" NME noted that the album's production " leans towards the harsh garage grunge of Surfer Rosa, although the songs retain the strong melodies of Doolittle ," and said that " Bossanova is the composite Pixies LP.
Salvatore Rosa, in turn, is said to have apprenticed under Aniello.
It was originally a New Left organization influenced by Trotskyist ideas as well as those of other Marxists such as Rosa Luxemburg, but opposed other New Left organizations which LaRouche said were dominated by the Ford Foundation, Institute for Policy Studies and Herbert Marcuse.
" However, Rosa said no contemporary source for this exact hand can be found.
Arthur Rosa, president of local real estate firm Rosa Agency, said in 2004 that 60 % of the housing in Ironbound consists of two and three family houses, 15 % consists of single family houses, and the rest apartment buildings that each have four or more units.
The opposite can be said of her next work, as " Linda ", in 1987's Rosa Salvaje (" Wild Rosa ").
On interviews, Rosa Nales said that the family had tried to help Lisbeth on several occasions to no avail.
She said that local authorities have told her that if we're still there by Thursday we'll be arrested as " national security risks "... She could well be the Rosa Parks of the movement against the Iraq War.

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