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Run and From
The band and their producer Mike Thorne had gone back into the studio in early 1985 to record a new single, " Run From Love ".
From 1959 until 1979, Truffaut followed Léaud's character Antoine Doinel, who falls in love with Christine Darbon ( Claude Jade from Hitchcock's Topaz ) in Stolen Kisses, marries her in Bed & Board and separates from her in the last post-New Wave movie Love on the Run.
* " Run Away From Life "
From 1805 to 1810 settlements developed along such streams as St. Francois River, Doe Run Creek, and Flat River which are familiar to locals today ; by such personages as Squire Eleazer Clay, John Robinson, Isaac and John Burnham, Lemuel Halsted, Samuel Rhoades, Solomon Jones and Mark Dent, many of whose descendants still reside in the county.
From there the canal ran along the path of the current Roaring Run Trail, through the entire length of the Borough, entering the Kiskiminetas River again across the river from where the current borough of East Vandergrift is situated.
From west to east, these include Bull Neck Run, Scott Run, Dead Run, Turkey Run, and Pimmit Run.
For example, John Lodge had gone from writing powerfully reflective mystical or humanitarian themed pieces such as " House of Four Doors ", " Candle of Life " and " One More Time To Live " to quirkier items such as " Here Comes The Weekend ", " Rock and Roll Over You " and " Love is On The Run ( From Me )", while Hayward's songs seemed less the deeper drama of numbers such as " The Actor ", " Dawning is the Day ", " You Can Never Go Home ", " The Land of Make Believe ", etc., to pleasant ( and more radio-friendly ) perennial far simpler songs about lost love and romance (" Your Wildest Dreams ", " No More Lies ", " I Know You're Out There Somewhere " etc .).
From their distribution base in Singapore where they founded parent company Shaw Organization in 1924, and as a strategic development of their movie distribution business in Southeast Asia, Sir Run Run Shaw ( 邵逸夫 ) and his third brother Runme Shaw ( 邵仁枚 ) founded South Sea Film ( 南洋影片 ) in 1930.
From Afrika Bambaataa DJ-ing in the Bronx and Run DMC going platinum, to Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince winning the first rap Grammy, I'm just next in the line.
From 1984 to 1986, and occasionally thereafter, Gold was a lead puppeteer and voice on the satirical television show Spitting Image and was the lead singer ( as Nancy Reagan ) on their first single, " Da Do Run Ron ", a pastiche of the Ronettes ' " Da Do Run Run ", released in 1984.
* From June 1990 to March 1992, Malibu Comics published mini-series comics adaptations of Logan's Run and Logan's World, six issues each, with art by Barry Blair.
* From 2010, Bluewater Productions has published the comic book series Logan's Run: Last Day.
* Episode 18: " Home is Where You Run Away From "-Sam Drucker
From 1965 to 1968, Lamas had a regular role as Ramon De Vega on Run For Your Life, which starred Ben Gazzara.
It collects three named tributaries along its course: From the north, Deep Creek, long ( also known historically as the " North Appoquinimink River "); and Drawyers Creek, long ; and from the south, Hangmans Run.
In 1992 the band released their second Album All The Way From Tuam, which included live favorites " Green & Red Of Mayo ", " Exhilarating Sadness " and " You Got Me On The Run " as well as the singles " Wake Up Sleeping ", " Pied Piper ", " Never Mind The Strangers ", " Me Heart Is Living In The Sixties Still " and their next number one hit, " Hay Wrap ".
General Odom: U. S. Should " Cut and Run " From Iraq, Democracy Now, October 4, 2005.

Run and Love
* John Lafayette, in the 1978 ABC television special " A Home Run for Love " ( broadcast as an ABC Afterschool Special ).
In rock and popular music examples of songs in Ionian include REO Speedwagon's " Take It on the Run ", The Shirelles ' " Will You Love Me Tomorrow ", Gordon Lightfoot's " Carefree Highway ", and Gin Blossoms ' " Follow You Down ".
Leah Kunkel recorded " Never Gonna Lose My Dream of Love Again " and " Let's Begin " for her album I Run with Trouble.
He made a cameo appearance in the 1973 Billy Graham film Time to Run, performing his song I Love You.
Chuck Mangione's compositions include " Feels So Good ", " Children of Sanchez ", " The Cannonball Run ", " Hide and Seek ", " Hill Where the Lord Hides ", " Fun and Games ", " Give It All You Got ", " Land of Make Believe ", " Bellavia ", " Main Squeeze ", " Love Notes ", " Steppin ' Out ", " I Never Missed Someone Before ", " Maui-Waui ", " Last Dance ", " El Gato Triste ", and " Chase the Clouds Away ".
New or cover versions such as John Paul Young's " Love Is in the Air " occur in Strictly Ballroom, Candi Staton's " Young Hearts Run Free " appear in Romeo + Juliet, and adaptations of artists such as Nat King Cole, Nirvana, Kiss, Elton John, Thelma Houston, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, T. Rex, David Bowie, Queen and The Police are used in Moulin Rouge!
The group's string of hits included "( Love Is Like a ) Heat Wave ", " Nowhere to Run ", " Jimmy Mack " and " Dancing in the Street ", the latter song becoming their signature single.
Between 1964 and 1967, singles like " Wild One " ( US # 34 ), " Nowhere to Run " ( US # 8 ; UK # 26 ), " You've Been in Love Too Long " ( US # 36 ), " My Baby Loves Me " ( US # 22 ; R & B # 3 ), " I'm Ready for Love " ( US # 9 ; R & B # 2 ; UK # 29 ) and " Jimmy Mack " ( US # 10 ; R & B # 1 ; UK # 21 ) kept The Vandellas on the map as one of the label's top acts.
FAB has become known for its traditional events such as Ben & Jerry ’ s Bingo, Bowling Night, Midnight Cheese Steak Run, FAB Quizzo, and trips to sporting events and the many arts and theatre venues in Philadelphia, the FAB Film Series ( the screening of a film's pre-DVD release every other weekend ) and other unorthodox events such as Love Shack: Valentines Ginger Bread House building and Iron Chef: Dining Center.
Concurrently, a number of more predominantly guitar-driven dream pop bands emerged in the United States, including Sentinel, Alison's Halo, BOBBY, Low, Mazzy Star, Velour 100, Fine China, Love Spirals Downwards, Tears Run Rings, Porcelain Raft, Ars Poetica, Duster, Warm Ghost, Azure Ray and Frownland.
** Billy Ocean for " Caribbean Queen ( No More Love on the Run )"
The setlist consisted of " One More Time ", " Run Away ", " Come And Get Your Love ", " Two Hearts " ( the new single ), and " Another Night ".
The album was released in November 1984 and featured the singles, " Run to You ", " Summer of ' 69 ", " Heaven ", " One Night Love Affair ", " Somebody ", and " It's Only Love ", a duet with Tina Turner.
* " Don't Run from Love "
) This pair of albums represented the peak of Miller's commercial career, both reaching the top echelons of the album charts and spawning a lengthy series of hit singles, including " Fly Like An Eagle ", " Rock ' n Me ", " Take the Money and Run ", " Jet Airliner " and " Jungle Love ".
She has made few films since, the best-known being Don Siegel's The Black Windmill ( 1974 ), Nijinsky ( 1980 ), Priest of Love ( 1981 ), Peter Greenaway's The Draughtsman's Contract ( 1982 ), Federico Fellini's E la Nave Va ( And the Ship Sails On 1983 ), A Dry White Season ( 1989 ) with Marlon Brando and Nuns on the Run ( 1990 ; a rare comedic role ).
Five more novels followed in quick succession: The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth ( 1857 ), White Lies ( 1857 ), Jack of all Trades ( 1858 ), The Autobiography of a Thief ( 1858 ), and Love Me Little, Love Me Long ( 1859 ).

Run and was
A second car was coming from the west, from the direction of Sanford's Run.
However, lacking requested reinforcements from McClellan, now commanding the Army of the Potomac, Pope was soundly defeated at the Second Battle of Bull Run in the summer of 1862, forcing the Army of the Potomac to defend Washington for a second time.
It is claimed that the saloon, named after the nearby Black Stump Run and Black Stump Creek, was an important staging post for traffic to north-west New South Wales and it became a marker by which people gauged their journeys.
The outlying island of Run was harder for the VOC to control and they exterminated all nutmeg trees there.
European control of the Bandas was contested up until 1667 when, under the Treaty of Breda ( 1667 ), the British traded the small island of Run for Manhattan, giving the Dutch full control of the Banda archipelago.
Artgal's son and successor Run was married to a sister of Causantín.
Run entirely by unpaid volunteers this was the largest event of its type in the UK with 55, 000 visitors in 2007.
It was broadcast in two formats ; an edited version shown in the daytime on Toonami and an uncut version shown past midnight as part of Toonami's " Midnight Run.
The unicycling club, known as Gonzo Unicycle Madness, was formed, and to this day organizes an annual 9. 6 mile ride known as " The Foster's Run ," to the " Donut Man " donut shop in Glendora ( originally known as " Foster's Donuts " hence the name of the event ) for strawberry donuts.
The part of Jan & Dean's band, Papa Doo Run Run, was played by themselves.
Pop vocalist Dan Fogelberg composed the song " Run for the Roses " which was released in time for the 1982 running of the race.
The first music video shown on MTV was The Buggles ' " Video Killed the Radio Star ", and the second music video shown was Pat Benatar's " You Better Run ".
The Economy Run originated with the Gilmore Oil Company of California in 1936 ( which was purchased by Socony-Vacuum in 1940 ) and later became the Mobilgas Economy Run and still later, the Mobil Economy Run.
The team's owner and manager for its first 50 years was Connie Mack, and its Hall-of-Fame players included Chief Bender, Frank " Home Run " Baker, Jimmie Foxx and Lefty Grove.
According to the book The History of Rap Music by Cookie Lommel, " Stephney thought it was time to mesh the hard-hitting style of Run DMC with politics that addressed black youth.
was an American hip hop group from Hollis, Queens, New York, founded in 1981 by Joseph " Run " Simmons, Darryl " D. M. C.
He was beginning to tire of Run – D. M. C., and there was increased friction between him and Simmons, who was eager to return to recording.
A video was made for " It's Like That ", although no new footage of Run – D. M. C.

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