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Russ and is
Russ, an out lesbian, was one of the most outspoken authors to challenge male dominance of the field, and is generally regarded as one of the leading feminist science fiction scholars and writers.
" In a letter to Susan Koppelman, Russ asks of a young feminist critic " where is her anger?
* On March 30, 2000, with Senator Russ Feingold, Ashcroft convened the only Senate hearing on racial profiling, where he stated that racial profiling is unconstitutional and said that he supported the concept of legislation requiring that statistics be kept of police actions.
The anthology is edited by Russ Kick and published by Seven Stories Press.
Of later authors, the work of Joanna Russ is considered by scholar Peter Nicholls to bear stylistic resemblance to New Wave.
Ebert co-wrote the screenplay for the 1970 Russ Meyer film Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and likes to joke about being responsible for the film, which was poorly received on its release but is now regarded as a cult classic.
It is one of three prizes that constitute the " Nobel Prizes of Engineering "-the others being the Academy's Russ and Gordon Prizes.
It is revealed by Skunk ( Brian-Doyle Murray ) and Big Teddy ( Brion James ) that the shark-man is known as Chocki ( Russ Tamblyn ), who can be trouble because he can like one person one way, but then hate them in the other.
< font size = 2 > Large Greenwood Cemetery in Ruston has graves from the American Civil War era and is the resting place of Robert Russ | Robert Edwin Russ, the founder of Ruston, and the publisher Clarence Faulk .</ font size = 2 >
The house stood until the late 1990s, and a small family burial plot still remains, where John is buried between his two wives, Lydia Russ and Johanna Frederica VanHeemskerk.
Russ Berrie and Company, Inc., once headquartered in Oakland, is a major manufacturer of teddy bears and other gift products, including stuffed animals, baby gifts, soft baby toys and development toys as well as picture, candles, figurines and home fragrance products.
Russ Avenue is the most traveled surface street in Haywood County.
John Russ, who maintains a website called The Best Philly Cheesesteaks says that his choice is Leo's at 1403 Chester Pike in suburban Folcroft, Delaware County.
The Russ Grimm Football Field is named after him.
The current mayor is Russ Mangelson, who assumed the position in January 2010.
The Heber City Municipal Airport, or Russ McDonald Field, FAA identifier K36U, is located two miles south of the city, near the junction of U. S. Route 40 and U. S. Route 189, and is capable of handling aircraft up to large corporate jet, including Gulfstreams and Global Express.
Currently, Stevenson is involved in Russ Rankin's side project Only Crime with former members of GWAR and Converge.
Having already been influenced by the latent racism of his bigoted firefighter father ( William Russ ), Derek is driven to action when his father is shot and killed while fighting a fire in a suspected Compton drug den.

Russ and subject
In the Golden Age of Science Fiction, the genre " resolutely ignored the whole subject " of homosexuality, according to Joanna Russ.
Arguably, its most visible publications to date are 50 Things You're Not Supposed to Know and the Everything You Know About ( subject ) is Wrong series, both by the company's editor-at-large Russ Kick.

Russ and book
The third a cappella musical to appear Off-Broadway, In Transit, premiered 5 October 2010 and was produced by Primary Stages with book, music, and lyrics by Kristen Anderson-Lopez, James-Allen Ford, Russ Kaplan, and Sara Wordsworth.
* A book called The Fans Roared, published in 2000, contains an audio capture of this play as described by World Series TV announcer Jack Brickhouse along with regular Giants announcer Russ Hodges.
Following McComas and Boucher were other book critics, including Alfred Bester, Damon Knight, Avram Davidson, Judith Merril, James Blish, Joanna Russ, Algis Budrys, John Clute, Orson Scott Card, Charles de Lint, Elizabeth Hand and Michelle West.
Joanna Russ, in her review of the book in 1969, was highly critical, writing " I forgive Mr. Boyd the anguish his novel caused me and hope he will eventually forgive me the anguish this review may cause him, but for Berkley there is no forgiveness.
* The year 4000 is the time for the classic comic book Magnus, Robot Fighter created by Russ Manning.
* Some reviews of a Russ Columbo book from Feral House
The reason for this, according to Creepy founding editor Russ Jones, is that Amicus producer Milton Subotsky did not own a run of the original EC comic book but instead adapted the movie from the two paperback reprints given to him by Jones.
The original cover of the book was illustrated by Peter Andrew Jones, with the interior illustrations by Russ Nicholson.
Based on characters from the book, it starred LeVar Burton as Kunta Kinte, Avery Brooks as Cletus Moyer, Kate Mulgrew as Hattie Carraway, and Tim Russ as house slave Marcellus ( coincidentally, all four actors have become prominent as leading actors in the Star Trek franchise ).
The Secret Guide to Computers </ big > is a large format, softcover reference book series written by computer expert Russ Walter and a small staff.
The Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award is an American award presented to a comic book artist whose first professional work appeared within the previous two years.
It was named after comic book artist Russ Manning.
This image is a cover of the book Me And My Guitars by Russ Cochran about Chet Atkins.
In the book 100 Ranger Greats ( John Wiley & Sons, 2009 ) by Russ Cohen, John Halligan, and Adam Raider, the authors ranked Tikkanen No. 85 on the all-time list of New York Rangers.
John Lucas is an American comic book inker and penciller, whose style has been compared with that of Russ Heath and Jack Kirby.
The cover was later described by publisher Russ Cochran as " the most outstanding cover ever put on a comic book ".
The novel was adapted into a four issue prestige style comic book by acclaimed writer Howard Chaykin with art by Russ Heath.
* Russ Tobin, a character in a book series by Stanley Morgan

Russ and On
On April 27, 2011, it was reported that Russ had been admitted to a hospice after suffering a series of strokes.
On Joanna Russ.
On one occasion when Askin was supposed to drive a new Holden from the factory assembly line during a visit, Askin arranged for his driver, Russ Ferguson, to be hidden on the car floor working the controls while Askin held the wheel.
On January 9, 2007, the Giants resigned pitcher Russ Ortiz to compete for the fifth starting position in spring training.
* Q & A On Tithing By Russ Kelly
On January 16, 2003, Senator Russ Feingold introduced legislation to suspend the activity of the IAO and the Total Information Awareness program pending a Congressional review of privacy issues involved.
* On October 27, 2011, at around 4: 15pm, a Northern Thunderbird Air Beechcraft King Air 100 attempted to land on the south runway but missed by about 900 metres, hitting a lamppost and car, then crashing on nearby Russ Baker Way and Gilbert Road at the west end of Dinsmore Bridge.
On December 7, 2007, CBS News named Russ Mitchell the news anchor.
On January 13, 2010, CBS announced that news anchor Russ Mitchell would exit The Early Show at the end of the week, leaving a gap in the lineup for the perennially third-place CBS morning show.
* On August 7, 2010, Little was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame alongside Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Russ Grimm, Rickey Jackson, John Randle, and Dick LeBeau.
On August 10, Guerrero hit his 400th career home run off Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Russ Springer.
On July 10, they lost the championship to The Backseat Boyz at Caged To The End, when Johnny Kashmere defeated Russ in a singles match and was awarded the championship.
Notable hit covers include Randy Newman " Mama Told Me Not to Come " ( US # 1 ), Laura Nyro " Eli's Coming " ( US # 10 ), Russ Ballard of Argent " Liar " ( US # 7 ), Hoyt Axton (" Joy to the World " ( US # 1 ) and " Never Been To Spain " ( US # 5 )), Elton John and Bernie Taupin (" Lady Samantha " & " Your Song "), John Hiatt " Sure As I'm Sittin ' Here " ( US # 16 ), Bush " I Can Hear You Callin '", Leo Sayer " The Show Must Go On " ( US # 4 ) and Harry Nilsson's " One " ( US # 5 ).
On the final lap, Russ predicts that Cole will attempt his signature slingshot maneuver from outside, but Cole tricks him with a crossover, overtaking him from the inside to win his first Daytona 500.
On their 1983 / 84 touring dates, bassist Russ Boswell stepped in for Webster ; he would then leave the band to join Corey Hart's backing band.
On May 1, 2009, López hit a walk-off single in a 14-pitch at bat off of Oakland A's reliever Russ Springer.
On 31 May 1978 Local Government Minister Russ Hinze introduced the Local Government ( Adjustment of Boundaries ) Bill and which was officially approved on 8 June 1978.
On September 29, 2008, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission stated it had found clear and convincing evidence that, between the approximate dates of May 2004 and January 2008, Russ Hamilton was the main person responsible for, and benefiting from, multiple sophisticated cheating incidents at UltimateBet.
On April 2, 1991, Rita Johnston was elected by the party's MLAs as their interim leader, defeating Russ Fraser by 21 votes to 17 on the fourth ballot.
On August 31, 1992, Bellows was traded to the Montreal Canadiens for Russ Courtnall.
Demon was also the home of sub-label Zippo, which released albums by American artists such as Dream Syndicate, Green On Red, True West, Rain Parade, Russ Tolman, and many others in the 1980s.

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