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Russell and Kirkland
* Kirkland, Russell.
* Kirkland, Russell.
The validity of his existence has been questioned by some, including himself ( See below ) and Russell Kirkland, who writes:
In September 2010, David Russell Myrland, an associate of a sovereign citizens group, sent emails and placed telephone calls to various officials of the City of Kirkland, Washington, telling them to " keep their doors unlocked ", that they were going to be arrested, and that they " should not resist ".
* Russell Kirkland ( 1986 )-Taoists of the High T ' ang.
* Russell Kirkland ( 1992 ).
* Russell Kirkland ( 1993 ).

Russell and goes
Russell goes on to agree with James and in part with the " American realists ":
Route 7 goes along Great Russell Street, past the British Museum, and on to Russell Square.
County Route 24, also known as the Russell Turnpike Road, goes through Brown's Bridge.
The problem was discussed under this name by Bertrand Russell, but it actually goes back to Plato.
In January 2011, JoJo was cast in an episode of CBS's Hawaii Five-0 as Courtney Russell, the daughter of a Tsunami Warning Center scientist who goes missing on the eve of a big storm hitting the Honolulu coast.
* 19 January: Swiss yacht Alinghi, skippered by Russell Coutts, beats Oracle BMW Racing 4-1 to win the Louis Vuitton Cup off Auckland and goes on to challenge Team New Zealand for the America's Cup.
When he goes to Cybertronix ; the company that built Evolver, to complain about the lethality of Evolver, the creator, Russell Bennett ( John De Lancie ), dismisses Kyle and says he will look through the disk Evolver recorded.
Kings Avenue is a road in Canberra which goes between New Parliament House (), across Lake Burley Griffin at the Kings Avenue Bridge (), to Russell near the Australian-American Monument.

Russell and further
However, as political pressure in favor of further reform had risen over the twenty years since 1832, John Russell had changed his mind.
Russell further described his reasoning behind his definitions of " truth " and " falsehood " in the same book ( Chapter XII Truth and Falsehood ).
Meanwhile, others near Tobermory say that the wreck on Russell Island, 150 miles further east in Georgian Bay is that of the Griffin.
A number of prominent persons, such as Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Bertrand Russell and Mohandas K. Gandhi, called on governments to proceed further by taking gradual steps towards forming an effectual federal world government.
It became known as the ' Pretended Act ', and authorised William Russell, the 5th Earl of Bedford, to carry out further work, the chief of which was a second channel parallel to the Bedford River.
Moore, along with fellow UFA backbencher John Russell Love, caused the government further trouble with a resolution aiming to limit the circumstances under which the government would have to resign.
Following the 7 July 2005 London bombings, StWC in association with CND and the Muslim Association of Britain held a vigil for the victims at the Peace Garden in Euston, London on 9 July 2005 and a further solidarity gathering at Russell Square, close to one of the Underground stations targeted, on 17 July 2005.
Auerbach would go a step further in the 1966 – 67 NBA season, when he stepped down after winning nine titles in 11 years, and made Bill Russell player-coach.
* John Russell, 1st Earl of Bedford ( c. 1485 – 1554 / 5 ), a close advisor of Henry VIII, was later created Earl of Bedford, by then a close advisor of Henry's son Edward VI, was further honoured by him
It was further developed by several people, notably Robert Russell added many of the features for the VIC-20 and the C64.
Jens Dahl, Alfred Switendick, Jules Moskowitz, Donald Merrifield and Russell Pitzer did further work on molecules, and Fred Quelle on solids.
When he met with Russell on June 12, after receiving the dispatch, Adams was told that Great Britain had often met with representatives of rebels against nations that Great Britain was at peace with, but that he had no further intention of meeting with the Confederate mission.
In a further effort to defuse the situation, Russell added his own private note telling Lyons to meet with Seward and advise him of the contents of the official letter before it was actually delivered.
After further negotiations between two of Ugartechea's representatives, Lieutenant More and Ensign Rincon, and two of Austin's representatives, William H. Wharton and Russell, Mexican soldiers were given permission to march out " with their arms, ammunition, and baggage " to a ship which would take them to Matamoros.
' Lord John Russell, reported that his army had killed between five and six hundred and his pursuit of the Cornish retreat killed a further seven hundred.
The initial application was turned down, but after several further rejections, the Parson Jack Russell Terrier was recognised on 9 January 1990 as a variant of the Fox Terrier, with the United Kennel Club following suit in 1991.
By the time the reinforcements had arrived, the Axis forces had broken through to capture Barga but decisive action by the Indian Division's Major-General Dudley Russell halted further advance and the situation was stabilised and Barga recaptured by the New Year.
At university she became further politically involved, joining the Labour Club there, and taking part in the campaign to have Bertrand Russell elected as University Rector.
Lord John Russell attempted this in 1860, but the Prime Minister Lord Palmerston was against any further electoral reform.
Three further daily Stobart / Tesco trains have since commenced operations over the winter of 2011 / 12-Daventry to Tilbury ( which has, on occasion, combined with the Russell " sugarliner " train ), Daventry to Cardiff Wentloog and Teesport to Ditton.
The regular cast was further expanded by the addition of former Countdown host Ian " Molly " Meldrum, comedian and ex-The Comedy Company star Russell Gilbert, and ex-The Curiosity Show presenter, Dr Deane Hutton.
MAB condemned the 7 July 2005 London bombings and joined the StWC in holding a vigil for the victims at the Peace Garden in Euston, London on Saturday 9 July 2005 and a further solidarity gathering at Russell Square, close to one of the Underground stations targeted, on Sunday 17 July 2005.
Russell was further accused of " bullying " in his dealings with Shetland Islands Council where the council was asked to postpone cost-cutting school closures.
In addition, history professor, Mona Russell further challenge Amin ’ s description of the new woman saying that it was “ one of the fruits of modern society .” She argues that she is not “ new ”, does not care to be “ synonymous ” with Western woman, and is her own being.

Russell and argue
: Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig argue that, if we accept Searle's description of intentionality, consciousness and the mind, we are forced to accept that consciousness is epiphenomenal: that it " casts no shadow ", that is undetectable in the outside world.
Therefore, Russell and Norvig argue, Searle is mistaken about the " knowability of the mental ".
Philosophers like Russell Blackford even argue that intolerance is, to some degree, important.
Some argue that Avicenna anticipated Frege and Bertrand Russell in " holding that existence is an accident of accidents " and also anticipated Alexius Meinong's " view about nonexistent objects.
Its proponents argue that it provides a much more natural formal rendering of natural language than the traditional treatments of Frege, Russell and Quine.
This sense of definition allowed Poincaré to argue with Bertrand Russell over Giuseppe Peano's axiomatic theory of natural numbers.

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