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Russell and M
* Schuh, Russell ( 2003 ) ' Chadic overview ', in M. Lionel Bender, Gabor Takacs, and David L. Appleyard ( eds.
Russell, and A. M. Bauer.
* 1928 M. Russell Ballard, American religious figure
Certainly, Bertrand Russell seems to have espoused such a view in his early philosophical career ( Sainsbury, R. M., Russell, London 1979 ).
A year later, in 1983, Russell agreed to help them record a new single and land a record deal, but only after he changed McDaniels ' stage name to ' DMC ' and marketed the group as " Run D. M. C.
Apocalyptic fiction generally concerns the disaster itself and the direct aftermath, while post-apocalyptic can deal with anything from the near aftermath ( as in Cormac McCarthy's The Road ) to 375 years in the future ( as in By The Waters of Babylon ) to hundreds or thousands of years in the future, as in Russell Hoban's novel Riddley Walker and Walter M. Miller, Jr .' s A Canticle for Leibowitz.
* Russell, Letty M. & J Shannon Clarkson ( 1996 ) " Dictionary of Feminist Theologies " Mowbray.
Russell, " Libanius: Imaginary Speeches "; M. Johansson, " Libanius ' Declamations 9 and 10 ";
Dole was born in Russell, Kansas, the son of Bina M. ( née Talbott ; 1904 1983 ) and Doran Ray Dole ( 1901 1975 ).
* C. M. Parish and P. E. Russell, Scanning Cathodoluminescence Microscopy, in Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics, V. 147, ed.
Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell are two artists who captured the " Wild West " on canvas.
Socially he was associated with the Bloomsbury group and the Cambridge Apostles ; G. E. Moore, Bertrand Russell and J. M. Keynes were friends.
* Russell M. Pry, since 2007
* Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge ( part )
Elliott was born in Boston, Massachusetts, the son of Gail M. and Fred Russell Elliott ; Gail was a needleworker and Fred worked in insurance.
File: Adelia M. Russell Library Alexander City, Alabama. JPG | Adelia M. Russell Library
Borough Council members are Council President Francis R. Hodgson, Sr. ( R, 2011 ), Bettie Creevy ( R, 2013 ), Peter M. Hartney, Jr. ( R, 2013 ), William Hodgson ( R, 2011 ), John Klose ( R, 2012 ) and James B. Russell ( R, 2012 ).
The current Town council members are Viviana Russell ( 1st District ) ( D-Westbury ); Thomas K. Dwyer ( 2nd District ) ( D-Roslyn ); Angelo P. Ferrara ( 3rd District ) ( R-New Hyde Park ); Anna M. Kaplan ( 4th District ) ( D-Kensington ); Lee R. Seeman ( 5th District ) ( D-Great Neck Estates ); and Dina M. DeGiorgio ( 6th District ) ( R-Port Washington ).
The C. M. Russell & Company, formed in 1842 by Charles.

Russell and .
The outstanding example was in Garibaldi And The Thousand, where he made use of unpublished papers of Lord John Russell and English consular materials to reveal the motives which led the British government to permit Garibaldi to cross the Straits of Messina.
and James Russell Lowell and Edgar Allan Poe of nineteenth century American letters.
These sages include poet Carl Sandburg, statesman Jawaharlal Nehru and sculptor Jacques Lipchitz, in Volume One, and playwright Sean O'Casey, David Ben-Gurion, philosopher Bertrand Russell and the late Frank Lloyd Wright in the second set.
I would like to add one more practical reform to those mentioned by Russell Kirk ( Dec. 16 ).
Three weeks later, following his recovery, armed with a writ issued by the Catskill justice on affidavits prepared by the district attorney, Cook and Russell rode to arrest Martinez.
On February 17, Russell and Cook were sent to the Pena Flor community on the Vermejo to see about renting out ranches the company had purchased.
Not a bullet touched Cook who was nearer the ambush, but one hit Russell in the leg and another broke his arm, passing on through his body.
Russell had reached the house as Cook surmised, dismounted, but just as the old trapper opened the door to receive him, he fell into the trapper's arms -- dead.
The Living Room has another scoop: Jane Russell will make one of her rare night club singing appearances there, opening Jan. 22.
Georgia's Dick Russell objected politely, and the battle was joined.
Some of the in-person performers were Jack Teagarden, Gene Krupa, Bud Freeman, Pee Wee Russell, Johnny St. Cyr, Joe Sullivan, Red Allen, Lil Armstrong, Blossom Seeley.
The music here, Russell Smith's `` Tetrameron '', sounded good.
Russell notes that these errors make it difficult to do historical justice to Aristotle, until one remembers how large of an advance he made upon all of his predecessors.
* Weigley, Russell F. A Great Civil War: A Military and Political History, 1861 1865.
He and Russell Porter are generally credited with having initiated the amateur telescope making movement in the US.
* Russell W. Porter founded Stellafane and has been referred to as the " founder "< ref >
* 1916 Russell Garcia, American composer ( d. 2011 )
A wealthy Quaker named Reuben Haines proposed he and educator William Russell start a new school in Pennsylvania.
Alcott and Russell were initially concerned that the area would not be conducive to their progressive approach to education and considered establishing the school in nearby Philadelphia instead.
Russell, ALGOL 60 Implementation: The Translation and Use of ALGOL 60 Programs on a Computer.
* Russell, J.
The area known as the Parliamentary Triangle is formed by three of Burley Griffin's axes, stretching from Capital Hill along Commonwealth Avenue to the Civic Centre around City Hill, along Constitution Avenue to the Defence precinct on Russell Hill, and along Kings Avenue back to Capital Hill.
* Hertzsprung Russell diagram Relates absolute magnitude or luminosity versus spectral color or surface temperature.
* Russell Meiggs: The Athenian empire.

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