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Russia and offered
The disintegration of Russia offered the Finns a historic opportunity to gain independence, but after the October Revolution, the positions of the conservatives and the Social Democrats on the sovereignty issue had become reversed.
For all the financial support that the world community has offered, Kyrgyzstan remains economically dependent on Russia, both directly and through Kazakhstan.
Concerned about the continuing turmoil in Russia, Euler left St. Petersburg on 19 June 1741 to take up a post at the Berlin Academy, which he had been offered by Frederick the Great of Prussia.
In 1872, Bismarck offered friendship to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Russia, whose rulers joined Wilhelm I in the League of the Three Emperors, also known as the Dreikaiserbund.
In April 1917 Germany allowed Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin to return to Russia from his exile in Switzerland, and offered him financial help.
Some of them believed that the Russian peasant commune, or Mir, offered an attractive alternative to Western capitalism and could make Russia a potential social and moral savior representing thus a form of Russian messianism.
Austria offered the Ottomans diplomatic support, and Prussia remained neutral, thus leaving Russia without any allies on the continent.
Thus, it is not surprising that people left Alsace, not only for Paris – where the Alsatian community grew in numbers, with famous members such as Baron Haussmann – but also for more distant places like Russia and the Austrian Empire, to take advantage of the new opportunities offered there: Austria had conquered lands in Eastern Europe from the Ottoman Empire and offered generous terms to colonists as a way of consolidating its hold on the new territories.
In 1798, Emperor Paul I of Russia offered Louis the use of Jelgava Palace in Courland ( now Latvia ).
Dallas enjoyed the opportunities offered to him by being in Russia, but after six months there he was ordered to go to London to determine whether the War of 1812 could be resolved diplomatically.
After much lobbying on her behalf ( and a change in the Academy's rules ) she was granted a Chair in the Russian Academy of Sciences, but was never offered a professorship in Russia.
" Pope Pius XI ordered that these Leonine Prayers, originally said for the solution of the Roman Question, be offered " to permit tranquillity and freedom to profess the faith to be restored to the afflicted people of Russia ".
In 1876, Russia offered to partition the Balkans, but Andrássy declined because Austria – Hungary was already a " saturated " state and it could not cope with additional territories.
Károlyi resigned from office ceding power to the Social Democrats, who realized that Hungary needed allies for the coming war and in their view, the only ally that offered Hungary anything was Soviet Russia.
Mihajlo Ivanovic ), then a Civil Commissioner 29 April 1941 – 22 May 1941 Conte Serafino Mazzolini ( b. 1890 – d. 1945 ), who next stayed on as High Commissioner ( from 12 July 1941, also styled Regent at the proclamation of Nominal independence under Italian control, but exiled King Mihajlo I refuses the throne, when offered the Montenegrin crown ; Prince Roman Petrovich of Russia ( b. 1896 – d. 1978 ) also refuses to be enthroned ) till 23 July 1941 followed by two Governors before the German occupation
The Russians in 1859 offered to sell the territory to the United States, hoping that its presence in the region would offset the plans of Russia ’ s greatest regional rival, Great Britain.
Despite being a neighbour of Russia, it is in practice possible to study Russian only in some schools ( due to low interest or it not being offered ); only 1. 5 % of the Finns have a good knowledge of Russian.
During a similar crisis with Russia in 1791 known as the Russian Armament Howe was not offered any command most likely because he was suffering from ill health.
Due to the success of GSM and the decrease in cost, regional roaming is rarely offered to clients except in nations with wide geographic areas like the USA, Russia, India, etc., in which there are a number of regional operators.
The Russian government under President Vladimir Putin repealed a law which had banned the import of used nuclear fuel, which makes it possible for Russians to offer a reprocessing service for clients outside Russia ( similar to that offered by BNFL. PUREX chemistry The current method of choice is to use the PUREX liquid-liquid extraction process which uses a tributyl phosphate hydrocarbon mixture to extract both uranium and plutonium from nitric acid.
Vassar sponsors programs in China, England, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Turkey, Mexico, Morocco, Spain and Russia ; students may also join preapproved programs offered by other colleges.
Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Japan, Russia, and the Vatican also offered help.
Ten years later, Russia is under communist rule, and Marie has publicly offered ten million rubles for the safe return of her granddaughter.

Russia and strengthen
The government decided to separate Finland from Russia and strengthen the military power of the Civil Guards.
As bilateral trade had more than tripled from USD 66. 6 million in 2003 to USD 228. 3 million in 2006, time had come to strengthen the ties between the two countries, energy and finance being the key areas of cooperation between Russia and Luxembourg.
With the NEP, the socialist nationalisation of the economy could then be developed to industrialise Russia, strengthen the working class, and raise standards of living ; thus the NEP would advance socialism against capitalism.
Under Putin, Russia has sought to strengthen ties with the People's Republic of China by signing the Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation as well building the Trans-Siberian oil pipeline geared toward growing Chinese energy needs.
After the Livonian invasion, Nevsky continued to strengthen Russia ’ s Northwest.
On 19 August 1704, he succeeded, at last, in bringing about a treaty of alliance between Russia and the Polish republic to strengthen the hands of Augustus, but he failed to bring Prussia also into the anti-Swedish league because of Fredrick I's fear of Charles and jealousy of Peter.
The thesis held that given the defeat of all communist revolutions in Europe from 1917 – 1921 except in Russia, the Soviet Union should begin to strengthen itself internally.
In his heads of foreign ministries of Russia and Tonga expressed confidence in further development of Russian-Tongan relations in the interests of the peoples of both countries and strengthen peace and security in the Asia-Pacific region.
Since the end of the Cold War, the country has pursued better relations with all major powers and seeks to strengthen its diplomatic, economic and military ties with India, Bangladesh, Russia, United States, China, Pakistan, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea and European Union.
The Center's stated goals are to embody and promote the concepts of disinterested social science research and the dissemination of its results in post-Soviet Russia and Eurasia ; to provide a free and open forum for the discussion and debate of critical national, regional and global issues ; and to further cooperation and strengthen relations between Russia and the United States by explaining the interests, objectives and policies of each.
The Ottoman Empire, which ruled most of the area south of Russia considered the Adyghe warriors to be courageous and well-experienced, and as a result encouraged them to settle in various near-border settlements of the Ottoman empire in order to strengthen the empire's borders.
It is beyond a doubt that such a double association would strengthen Germany-and also Russia … The whole policy of reconciliation and appeasement towards France — no matter whether it is pursued by a Stinnes or by General Ludendorff — is hopeless as it aims at political success.
He was an important politician in the Balkans, who, together with his counterparts like Eleftherios Venizelos in Greece, managed to strengthen their small, still emerging national states against strong foreign influences, most notably those of Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire and Russia.
The addition of Dezhnevo carvers to the existing artistic school in Uelen served to strengthen Uelen's cultural reputation, not just in the region, but across Russia with notable carvers such as Pyotor Penkok and Stepan Ettugi working in Uelen.
The Northern Dimension addresses the specific challenges and opportunities arising in those regions and aims to strengthen dialogue and co-operation between the EU and its member states, the northern countries associated with the EU under the European Economic Area ( Norway and Iceland ) and Russia.
In the late 1690s Russia, who had also lost territory to Sweden, allied with Denmark – Norway, together with the duke of Saxony, who expected a reconquest of territory lost by his kingdom, Poland, to strengthen his domestic position.
* Order of Honour ( Russian Federation, 19 January 2004 )-for outstanding contribution to science and to strengthen friendship and cooperation between Russia and Ukraine

Russia and ties
Economic ties with Russia remain close, especially in the energy sector.
Due in part to the re-establishment of official ties between the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia and the Moscow Patriarchate, the Orthodox Church of Greece ( Holy Synod in Resistance ) has broken ecclesial communion with ROCOR, but the converse has not happened.
However, given that unlike Russia, America refused to give extensive military aid to the country, the government of Daoud Khan developed warmer ties with the USSR while officially remaining non-aligned.
It has continued to maintain close ties with North America, the European Union, Japan, Australia, India, China, Russia and the Greater Middle East as well as African nations.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, South Korea and Russia established diplomatic ties in 1991.
Ukraine considers Euro-Atlantic integration its primary foreign policy objective, but in practice balances its relationship with Europe and the United States with strong ties to Russia.
Ukraine maintains peaceful and constructive relations with all its neighbors ; it has especially close ties with Russia and Poland.
Worried about the growing ties between the Habsburgs and Russia, in 1524 Sigismund signed a Franco-Polish alliance with King Francis I of France.
Due to the Soviet influence, North Korea established a communist government with a hereditary succession of leadership, with ties to China and Russia.
Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, an authoritarian leader, has shown much interest in aligning his country with Russia, and no interest in deepening ties with the ever-expanding NATO or implementing Western-backed neoliberal economic reforms.
< BLOCKQUOTE > about Chechens in Russia, or Uyghurs in China, simply because the Iranian state has important strategic ties with both China and Russia that need to be preserved in the state interest.
After the dissolution of the Soviet Union Bangladesh established ties with all the former Soviet Republics including Russia and began diversifying into other areas such as education, cultural, military and energy.
2008 saw, as a first step to re-establish ties with Russia, the Bolivian government had plans to purchase a small batch of helicopters.
In 2009 amid improving relations between the two countries Bolivia and Russia signed various agreements pertaining to energy and military ties, mining activities and illegal drug eradication.
Relations were restored in 1991 after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, despite the fact that hostile Arab countries such as Syria also maintain close ties with Russia.
While it had attained nominal independence from Russia, its presidents maintained close ties with their neighbours.
Viktor Yanukovych, the incumbent Prime Minister, supported by both Kuchma and by the Russian Federation, wanted closer ties with Russia.
Joseph's participation in the Ottoman war was reluctant, attributable not to his usual acquisitiveness, but rather to his close ties to Russia, which he saw as the necessary price to be paid for the security of his people.
Among other things this agreement would establish close ties between the Bering Land Bridge Natural Preserve and the Cape Krusenstern National Monument in the United States ; and the planned Beringia National Park in Russia.
His whole influence was now directed to withdrawing Prussia from the blighting influence of Austria and Russia, and attempting to draw closer the ties that bound her to Britain.
Political ties with Russia ceased by 1050.

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