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Russian and art
Nevertheless, Prokofieff was much influenced by Paris during the Twenties: the Paris which was the artistic center of the Western World -- the social Paris to which Russian aristocracy migrated -- the chic Paris which attracted the tourist dollars of rich America -- the avant-garde Paris of Diaghileff, Stravinsky, Koussevitzky, Cocteau, Picasso -- the laissez-faire Paris of Dadaism and ultramodern art -- the Paris sympathique which took young composers to her bosom with such quick and easy enthusiasms.
Vkhutemas, the Russian state art and technical school founded in 1920 in Moscow, has been compared to Bauhaus.
In Byzantine and Russian art, the theme of the Miracle of the Archangel Michael at Chonae ( Τὸ ἐν Χωναῖς / Χῶναις Θαῦμα τοῦ Ἀρχαγγέλου Μιχαήλ ) is intimately linked with the site.
A centaur-like half-human half-equine creature called Polkan appeared in Russian folk art, and lubok prints of the 17th – 19th centuries.
* 1832 – Pavel Tretyakov, Russian businessman and patron of art ( d. 1897 )
Therefore, in German art Tod ( m .) " death " is generally portrayed as male, but in Russian Смерть ( f .) " death " is generally portrayed as a female.
From that time icons began to be painted not only in the traditional stylized and nonrealistic mode, but also in a mixture of Russian stylization and Western European realism, and in a Western European manner very much like that of Catholic religious art of the time.
), Russian art historian
Kazimir Severinovich Malevich ( see names ) ( 23 February 1879, previously 1878: see below15 May 1935 ) was a Russian painter and art theoretician.
By that time his works were influenced by Natalia Goncharova and Mikhail Larionov, Russian avant-garde painters who were particularly interested in Russian folk art called lubok.
Since then art followers have labored to reintroduce the artist to Russian lovers of painting.
On 3 November 2008 a work by Malevich entitled Suprematist Composition from 1916 set the world record for any Russian work of art and any work sold at auction for that year, selling at Sotheby ’ s in New York City for just over $ 60 million U. S. ( far surpassing his previous record of $ 17 million set in 2000 ).
* 1887 – Ivan Kramskoi, Russian painter and art critic ( b. 1837 )
The development of Russian cinema in the 1920s by such filmmakers as Dziga Vertov and Sergei Eisenstein saw considerable progress in the use of the motion picture as a propaganda tool, yet it also served to develop the art of moviemaking.
Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev (;, Sergei Pavlovich Dyagilev, ; 19 August 1929 ), usually referred to outside of Russia as Serge, was a Russian art critic, patron, ballet impresario and founder of the Ballets Russes, from which many famous dancers and choreographers would arise.
Although not instantly received into the group, Diaghilev was aided by Benois in developing his knowledge of Russian and Western art.
In 1905 he mounted a huge exhibition of Russian portrait painting in St Petersburg, having travelled widely through Russia for a year discovering many previously unknown masterpieces of Russian portrait art.
In the following year he took a major exhibition of Russian art to the Petit Palais in Paris.
Category: Russian art critics
A form of Chinese art, the Nianhua, depict such torpedoes being used against Russian ships during the Boxer Rebellion, whether they were actually used in battle against them was undocumented and unknown.
Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky (, Vasiliy Vasil ’ yevich Kandinskiy, ; – 13 December 1944 ) was an influential Russian painter and art theorist.
The Life of Vasilii Kandinsky in Russian art: a study of " On the spiritual in art " by Wassily Kandinsky.

Russian and was
To consolidate what her Navy had won, the Czarina was fortunate that, for the first time in Russian history, her land forces enjoyed absolute unity of command under her favorite Giaour.
Some people thought he lacked both ability and character, but most agreed that he was noble in appearance and, for a Russian, humane.
England contributed a young subaltern named Newton and the naval architect Samuel Bentham, brother to the economist, who for his colonel's commission was proving a godsend to the Russian fleet.
It was probably at this period that Littlepage got his first good look at the ordinary Russian soldier.
There was, it seems to me, enough in the openly declared principles and intentions of Russian leaders to alienate honorable men without their having to wait to see how it would turn out.
The reason was to speed up domestic production in the USSR, which Khrushchev promised upon grabbing power, and try to end the permanent recession in Russian living standards.
His visit to Warsaw, Poland, after the Russian journey in the summer of 1959 was expected to win the Polish vote which, in several cities, is substantial.
The weekly loss is partly counterbalanced by 500 arrivals each week from West Germany, but the hard truth, says Crossman, is that `` The closing off of East Berlin without interference from the West and with the use only of East German, as distinct from Russian, troops was a major Communist victory, which dealt West Berlin a deadly, possibly a fatal, blow.
By late afternoon the train inched into the marshaling yards in the railhead at Lublin, which was filled with lines of cars poised to pour the tools of war to the Russian front.
Once the full extent of this Russian military penetration of Cuba was clear, President Kennedy announced we would take whatever action was appropriate to prevent this, even if we had to go it alone.
The savage barbarian hordes of red Russian Communism descended on the Athens that was mighty Metronome, sacking and despoiling with their Bolshevistic battle cry of `` Soak the rich '!!
She did not go so far as to say, as was done on other occasions, that Abstraction as well as Impressionism were a Russian invention that had been discarded as unwanted by the people of the U.S.S.R.
To everyone's astonishment he seemed no more like the run-of-the-mine Russian ambassador than George Babbitt was like Fyodor Pavlovitch Karamazov.
At the State Department, hard-bitten Russian experts complained that the Capitol was out of its wits.
Russian tanks and artillery parading through the streets of Havana, Russian intrigue in the Congo, and Russian arms drops in Laos ( using the same Ilyushin transports that were used to carry Communist agents to the Congo ) made it plain once more that the cold war was all of a piece in space and time.
Since Russian was being spoken instead of Spanish, there is no violation of artistry or logic here.
The second half of her program was devoted to Russian composers of this century.
The name " Alaska " ( Аляска ) was already introduced in the Russian colonial period, when it was used only for the peninsula and is derived from the Aleut alaxsxaq, meaning " the mainland " or, more literally, " the object towards which the action of the sea is directed ".
As a simple, cheap and reliable device, the Russian abacus was in use in all shops and markets throughout the former Soviet Union, and the usage of it was taught in most schools until the 1990s.

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