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Sabine and called
The Sabine Women Enforcing Peace by Running between the Combatants, also called The Intervention of the Sabine Women is said to have been painted to honor his wife, with the theme being love prevailing over conflict.
He created three centuries of equites named Ramnes ( meaning Romans ), Tities ( after the Sabine king ) and a third called Luceres ( Etruscans ).
Blues singer Alger " Texas " Alexander wrote a song called the " Sabine River Blues ".
In 1979, a young Frenchman, Thierry Sabine, founded an institution when he organised the first " rallye-raid " from Paris to Dakar, in Senegal, the event now called the Dakar Rally.
According to legend, a round marble altar, Altar of Dis Pater and Proserpina (), was miraculously discovered by the servants of a Sabine called Valesius, the ancestor of the first consul.
Varro states his teacher Aelius Stilo called this god Diovis filium, i. e. Dius Filius as the Grreek Διόσκορον Castorem on the grounds of the alternance of the letters d and l in the Sabine tongue and identified him in Sabine Sancus and Greek Hercules.
The location has been identified variously as the river Trebbia, Trevi nel Lazio, or one of the places called Trebula in antiquity, two of which — Trebula Mutusca and Trebula Suffenas — are in Sabine territory.
The worshippers of Apollo Soranus, after his cult had been subsumed by Apollo, were called Hirpi Sorani (" wolves of Soranus ", from Sabine hirpus " wolf ").
The county is bounded on the north by Pine Island Bayou, on the northeast by the Neches River, and on the east by Sabine Lake and the mouth of the Sabine River, a natural outlet called Sabine Pass.
Tullus invaded Sabine territory and met the Sabines at the forest called Malitiosa.
* Blog that often mentions PI called " BackReaction " by Sabine Hossenfelder
Elmo is voiced by Sabine Falkenberg and Dorothy is called " Gloria " in the German dub.
A community called Fontana was established on the site about 1890, and the Paris, Marshall and Sabine Railroad was built through the area the following year.
The lunar coordinates of Tranquility Base are 00 ° 41 ′ 15 ″ N, 23 ° 26 ′ 00 ″ E, in the south-western corner of the lunar plain called the Sea of Tranquility ( Mare Tranquillitatis ), near the craters Sabine and Ritter, and a rille unofficially called " U. S. Highway Number 1 ".
If the conclusions suggested under Sabini may be accepted as sound we should expect to find the Volsci speaking a language similar to that of the Ligures, whose fondness for the suffix-sco-has been noticed, and identical with that spoken by the plebeians of Rome, and that this branch of Indo-European was among those that preserved the original Indo-European Velars from the labialization that befell them in the speech of the Samnites, The language of the inscription of Velitrae offers at first sight a difficulty from this point of view, in the conversion it shows of q to p, but the ethnicon of Velitrae is Veliternus, and the people are called on the inscription itself Velestrom ( genitive plural ); so nothing prevents assuming there was a settlement of Sabines among the Volscian hills, with their language, to some extent, ( e. g., in the diphthongs and palatals ) corrupted by the speech around them, just as was the case with the Sabine language of the Iguvini, whose very name became Iguvinates, the suffix-ti-being much more frequent among the-co-tribes than among the Sabines.
According to Roman mythology, the Secular Games began when a Sabine man called Valesius prayed for a cure for his children's illness and was supernaturally instructed to sacrifice on the Campus Martius to Dis Pater and Proserpina, deities of the underworld.
According to Roman mythology, the Secular Games originated with a Sabine man called Valesius, ancestor of the Valerii.
This stone, also called the Cricklestone, now lies almost unknown since its reputation was transferred erroneously to a block of chert ( alias the Pudstone ) near Pudmore pond in 1896 by the popular Victorian writer Sabine Baring-Gould in his book The Broom-squire.

Sabine and few
Many of the more fantastic stories told about Hawker are based on an unreliable biography published by the Reverend Sabine Baring-Gould in 1876, only a few months after Hawker's death.
Confederate forces commanded by Richard Taylor attacked a Union army commanded by Nathaniel Banks a few miles outside the town of Mansfield, near Sabine Crossroads.
Sabine Pass is a site for an LNG receiving terminal because it is located along one of a few deepwater ports along the Gulf Coast suitable for importing LNG.

Sabine and minutes
The minutes made no reference to such an exclusion, or to the Origin, to which Sabine argued that no allusion equalled express exclusion.

Sabine and said
According to Arnobius, a Piso, most likely the Calpurnius Piso Frugi who was an annalist and consul in 133 BC, said that the novensiles were nine gods whose cult had been established in Sabine country at Trebia.
Varro said she was a Sabine goddess.
The interpretation of Consus as god of advice is already present in Latin authors and is due to folk etymology supported by the story of the abduction of the Sabine women ( which happened on the day of the Consualia aestiva ), said to have been advised by Consus.
** sod -: in Latin solium " throne " ( in Latin l sporadically replaces d between vowels, said by Roman grammarians to be a Sabine trait )
The Valerii are universally admitted to have been of Sabine origin, and their ancestor Volesus or Volusus is said to have settled at Rome with Titus Tatius.
Appius is sometimes said to be of Oscan origin, since it is known chiefly from the descendants of Appius Claudius, a Sabine from the town of Cures, who came to Rome in the early years of the Republic, and was admitted to the Patriciate.
The Opiconsivia festival was superintended by the Vestals and the Flamines of Quirinus, an early Sabine god said to be the deified Romulus.
A marble statue found in 1835 in the Sabine district, and now in the Galleria Borghese, is said to represent Anacreon.
Treia is said to have been founded by the Sabine people in 380 BCE ; it is certain that at in the plain below the modern town and about to the west of it, at SS.
In 2012, professor Sabine Pfeiffer of Munich University of Applied Sciences said there has been an " explosion " of food bank usage.

Sabine and .
They were west of the Sabine, but only God knew where.
The first such application was Sabine ’ s groundbreaking work in architectural acoustics, and many others followed.
Sabine Ulibarri, an author from Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico, once attempted to note that " Chicano " was a politically " loaded " term, although Ulibarri has recanted that assessment.
Clodius is an alternate form of the Roman nomen Claudius, a patrician gens that was traditionally regarded as Sabine in origin.
The alternation of o and au is characteristic of the Sabine dialect.
Her function as bestower of authority to rule is also attested in the story related by Livy in which a Sabine man who sacrifices a heifer to Diana wins for his country the seat of the Roman empire.
On 13 September 81 after barely two years in office, he unexpectedly died of fever during a trip to the Sabine territories.
After David's wife visited him in jail, he conceived the idea of telling the story of the Sabine Women.
The other Sabine Women join in her exhortations.
Later, while explaining his developing " Grecian style " for paintings such as The Intervention of the Sabine Women, David further commented on a shift in attitude: " In all human activity the violent and transitory develops first ; repose and profundity appear last.
* Griffin and Sabine by artist Nick Bantock is a love story written as a series of hand painted postcards and letters.
* Nick Bantock's series of Griffin and Sabine works consist of a series of letters and postcards between the two main characters.
The symbol Au is from the, according to some sources meaning " shining dawn ", from Sabine ausum " glowing dawn " although according to definitions within Latin dictionaries the meaning of the word aurum extends only to the same as today's reference to the metal.
The maps and journals of the explorers helped to define the boundaries during the negotiations leading to the Adams – Onís Treaty, which set the western boundary as follows: north up the Sabine River from the Gulf of Mexico to its intersection with the 32nd parallel, due north to the Red River, up the Red River to the 100th meridian, north to the Arkansas River, up the Arkansas River to its headwaters, due north to the 42nd parallel and due west to its previous boundary.
This involved the leveling of the top of the Tarpeian Rock that overlooked the Forum and the removal of a number of its ancient Sabine shrines.
Besides the navigable waterways already named, there are the Sabine ( Sah-BEAN ), forming the western boundary ; and the Pearl, the eastern boundary ; the Calcasieu ( KAL-cah-shew ), the Mermentau, the Vermilion, Bayou Teche, the Atchafalaya ( a-CHAF-a-LI-a ), the Boeuf ( bEHf ), Bayou Lafourche, the Courtableau, Bayou D ' Arbonne, the Macon, the Tensas ( TEN-saw ), Amite River, the Tchefuncte ( CHA-Funk-ta ), the Tickfaw, the Natalbany, and a number of other smaller streams, constituting a natural system of navigable waterways, aggregating over long.
* 752 BC – Romulus, legendary first king of Rome, celebrates the first Roman triumph after his victory over the Caeninenses, following The Rape of the Sabine Women.
* 1883 – Edward Sabine, Irish astronomer ( b. 1788 )
Maecenas gave him full financial support as well as an estate in the Sabine mountains.
File: Giambologna raptodasabina. jpg | Giambologna, Rape of the Sabine Women, 1583, Florence, Italy, 13 ' 6 " high, marble
By the time of Sabine Baring-Gould's A Book of Nursery Songs ( 1895 ), folklore was an academic study, full of comments and foot-notes.
After the ensuing war with the Sabines, Romulus shared the kingship with the Sabine king Titus Tatius.

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