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Said and story
Said series script writer Dennis Spooner " there's the famous story of how Honor Blackman played Ian Hendry's part, which is why they stuck her in leather and such — it was so much cheaper than changing the lines!
The Vancouver based indie band " Said The Whale " released a song called " Goodnight Moon " that contains direct references to the plot of the story book.
The series celebrated 1000 episodes in 1976 with a compilation special, Number 96: And They Said It Wouldn't Last, which reviewed the show's most famous story lines and recounted the exploits of its departed main characters.
' Camelot ,' Said he .” is also used later in the book, and the story is used as a metaphor for contact between civilizations at very different levels of technological and ethical advancement.
Said to be held together by a combination of mortar, cement, calcium, and goat milk, the sprawling 18-room, three story castle is built from a wide range of materials — stone, adobe, automobile parts, salvaged rail tracks from a mine, telephone poles, etc.
There is a story of a French writer traveling worldwide, observing Japanese spy rings operating in Malaya, India, Burma, Ceylon, Thailand and as far away as Middle East, Morocco, Port Said, Egypt and Italian-occupied Ethiopia.
The music video for " She Said ", directed by Chris Applebaum, showed a story about a bored fast food restaurant worker who was aiming to sing and, that way, " finding herself ".
' Said the Ticktockman " is a short story by science fiction writer Harlan Ellison.
Part history, part cultural biography, and part literary mystery, it tells the story of how Lev Nussimbaum escaped the Russian Revolution in a camel caravan and, as " Essad Bey " and " Kurban Said ," became a celebrated adventurer and author of the enduring novel Ali and Nino -– a story of love across ethnic and religious boundaries, published on the eve of the Holocaust – is still in print today.
Sections of the story appear in his poem The Waste Land under part V What The Thunder Said.
She also appeared in Harlan Ellison's anthology Dangerous Visions, with the story " Go, Go, Go, Said the Bird.

Said and involved
In the early nineteenth centuries, continuing bloody conflict involved not only the Al Khalifa, the Al Jalahima, and the Iranians but also the Omanis under Sayyid Said ibn Sultan Al Said, the nascent Wahhabis of Arabia, and the Ottomans.
There the submarine fought on the Saloniki front, patrolled in the Strait of Otranto and from December 1916 onward planted mines in front of Port Said and was involved in commerce raiding.
Said Ryan, " I really and truly believe that my time has come and gone ; that the dynamics of the business, of what it takes, what it means to be involved in the sports business with all the Tweeting and the blogging and all the stuff, and an audience with a different taste-it's not me anymore.
Said search has been criticized as having involved an excessively large number of law enforcement personnel.
Many such as Lim Chin Siong, Said Zahari and Lim Hock Siew have been accused by the government for being involved in subversive communist struggles.
On Sunday 20 April 2008 Ambrose was involved in a racing incident with Boris Said in the Nationwide Series event in Mexico.
Said is a frequent lecturer and participant in national and international peace conferences and dialogues and is deeply involved with a number of professional associations and Service Academies.
At They Said It Couldn't Be Done ... Again on September 22, the three wrestlers were involved in a rematch, which Ca $ h won.

Said and Justice
* Notes of the Secret Debate of the Federal Convention of 1787, Taken by the Late Hon Robert Yates, Chief Justice of the State of New York, and one of the Delegates from That State to the Said Convention ( Washington, D. C .: Templeman, 1886 )
On Monday March 2 the Action Committee organised the " Black People's Day of Action ", when 20, 000 people marched over a period of eight hours from Fordham Park to Hyde Park with slogans including " Thirteen Dead and Nothing Said ", " No Police Cover-Up " and " Blood Ah Go Run If Justice No Come ".

Said and T
In 2002, the video for " All the Things She Said " by Russian duo t. A. T. u.
In the 2000s, Horn provided additional production on three international hits for t. A. T. u., " All the Things She Said ", " Not Gonna Get Us ", and " Clowns ( Can You See Me Now )".
A Hermit Thrush appears in the fifth section (" What the Thunder Said ") of the T. S. Eliot poem The Waste Land.
* Kareem Said, a Muslim prisoner in the T. V.
Contributors to Grand Street included Don DeLillo, John Ashbery, Jean Baudrillard, William Eggleston, William H. Gass, Doug Henwood, Christopher Hitchens, Dennis Hopper, Kenzaburō Ōe, Jane Kramer, David Mamet, Susan Minot, Rick Moody, Michael Moore, Mark Rudman, Terence Kilmartin, Onat Kutlar, Michael Palmer, Salman Rushdie, W. G. Sebald, David Shields, Terry Southern, Saul Steinberg, José Saramago, Fiona Shaw, Quentin Tarantino, Edward Said, Jeanette Winterson and William T. Vollmann.
* Mitchell, W. J. T. " Edward Said: Continuing the Conversation.
This section is a precis of N. T. Wright's work in " What Saint Paul Really Said ".
* Eagleton, T. Jameson, F. Said, E. Nationalism, Colonialism and Literature.
This section is a precis of N. T. Wright's work in " What Saint Paul Really Said ".
* Wright, N. T., What St Paul Really Said, 1997.

Said and Century
Two comprehensive histories of Engelbart's laboratory and work are in What the Dormouse Said: How the Sixties Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer Industry by John Markoff and A Heritage of Innovation: SRI's First Half Century by Donald Neilson.
Nicholas E. Tawa, in his 2005 book Supremely American: Popular Song in the 20th Century: Styles and Singers and What They Said About America, included Beefheart among the prominent progressive rock musicians of the 1960s and 70s, while the Encyclopædia Britannica describes Beefheart's songs as conveying " deep distrust of modern civilization, a yearning for ecological balance, and that belief that all animals in the wild are far superior to human beings.

Said and trio
With their 3rd chart single, guitar playing pop trio, Busted scored their first UK chart topper when " You Said No " hit the top.
The song that plays during the photographing scenes is " I'm Too Sexy " by English pop trio Right Said Fred.

Said and young
Said to be the daughter of Virginia planters, Peggie had been taken captive when young by Native Americans.
* Cancel All I Said — A couple's young daughter takes a screen test.
: Soon afterward the young son of the king took ill. Said Nebuchadnezzar, " Heal my son.
When she won a children's beauty pageant in Egypt, her father sent her picture to the director Mohammed Karim who was looking for a young female child to play the role of a small girl with the famous actor and musician Mohamed Abdel Wahab in the film Yawm Said ( يوم سعيد, Happy Day, 1939 ).
A United States Department of State bulletin on the sultan of Muscat and Oman in February 1938 describes the situation in which Sultan Said ibn Taimur found himself after assuming power: " The young Sultan found the country practically bankrupt and his troubles were further complicated by tribal unrest and conspiracy by certain of his uncles, one of whom immediately profited by the occasion to set up an independent regime.
it is Said when this party Came out, their Orders were read by young Butler upon which Brant turned himself round & wept and then recovering himself told Butler ; that he was going to make war against America but not to murder and Butcher ; that he was an Enemy from principle but he would never have a hand in Massacring the Defenceless Inhabitants upon which the bloody department was committed a Seneca Indian whilst the noble Brant with another party attacked the fort.
Said Allmusic about the song, " Rarely, if ever, had one so young sung with so much authority and grace, investing this achingly tender ballad with wisdom and understanding far beyond his years ".
Said to symbolize love and to be an aphrodisiac, only the most ardent young lovers scrambled on mountainsides and the deep gorges of Crete gathering bunches of the pink blooms to present as love tokens.
Said Bidwill in 2007: " I understood at a young age that when you don't win, there will be criticism.

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