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Said and determined
In the romantic comedy Because I Said So, directed by Michael Lehmann, Keaton played a long-divorced mother of three daughters, determined to pair off her only single daughter Milly, played by Mandy Moore.
" Hitchens responded by standing by his criticism of Sheehan and then defending his deposition to U. S. House of Representatives prosecutors regarding Blumenthal during the impeachment of Bill Clinton and his critical review of Said ’ s book, Orientalism ( Hitchens stating that the review was determined by the 25th anniversary of the book ’ s original publication and not the state of Said ’ s health ).

Said and dismissal
In December 1999, acting as the Interior Minister of the autonomous northeastern Puntland region and serving under then-President of Puntland, Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, Farah ordered the eviction of three NGO workers, citing " unsatisfactory services " as reasons for their dismissal: Eddie Johns of United Nations Development Programme UNDP ) and United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Remmelt Hummeyn of UNDP and Said Al-Naimari of UNICEF.
After Quarns dismissal and McManus ' return Hoyt and several Aryans and Bikers are transferred back to Emerald City, where they take umbrage with Kareem Said and the Muslims.

Said and will
Said he: `` We will see whether whites and Negroes are treated the same around here ''.
Said Russell: " We will resist to the bitter end any measure or any movement which would have a tendency to bring about social equality and intermingling and amalgamation of the races in our ( Southern ) states.
In Reparation for which we have Condemned her to make honourable amends Disrobed, a Noose around her Neck, and carrying In her hands a flaming torch weighing two pounds before the main door and Entrance of the parish Church of This city where She will be taken And Led, by the executioner of the high Court, in a Tumbrel used for garbage, with an Inscription Front And Back, with the word, Incendiary, And there, bare-headed, And On her Knees, will declare that She maliciously set the fire And Caused the Said Burning, for which She repents And Asks Forgiveness from the Crown And Court, and this done, will have her fist Severed On a stake Erected in front of the Said Church.
Said correction will improve the internal angle of the nasal valve and thus allow unobstructed breathing.
Said to her ' I fear you will not be true ';
Said Short of the move: Radjabov plays very imaginatively ... he just won't give up, he is extremely tenacious and will always find a way to muddy the waters to throw you off track.
Said Nicholas: " The conventions which shall be so called will have their deliberations confined to a few points ; no local interest to divert their attention ; nothing but the necessary alterations.
Said Gajah Mada: If Nusantara ( Nusantara = Nusa antara = external territories ) are lost, I will not taste " palapa " (" fruits and or spices ").
Said Khalid Malik, United Nations Resident Coordinator in China, " If this comes true, it will enable the continental bridge to play its due role in enhancing co-operation between Asia and Europe, and promoting world peace and development.
Said Brazile, " The American people have every right to know if Barbara Bush will share that bed with him in the White House.
Uncle Ali and Abdul, who is even more conservative and orthodox Ali will become enemies of love of Jade and Lucas, for as dictated by their culture, will not allow an outsider from breaking the rules of the Koran, and so arranged the marriage of his two nieces with Said and Mohamed, Abdul's nephews.
Jade has become a mother and had to keep Said to educate her daughter to the customs of their culture provides, but Said will have a contract with Ferrer business, making business travel by Sa ' eed with family, Jade and Lucas again have that thirst to be together, but to achieve the task will be to overcome several difficult tests and all downhill when Daniel appears in the life of Jade, making people swirling around Lucas and Daniel have serious problems in their lives ...
Said Admiral Rickover, “ The nation that first develops nuclear engines will rule the oceans of the world ; our enemies are working on such engines ; we must be first .”
Said McKay: “ NGOs and government officials who have expressed concerns about the practices of some mining, oil, and gas operations in developing countries will be encouraged by Bill C-300.
After the race Said claimed that he was not mad at Ambrose, but wanted to apologize to ( Ambrose's ) crew chief because it was going to " cost him a car ," implying that Said will wreck Ambrose intentionally next time they find themselves on a NASCAR track together.

Said and become
According to Palestinian American journalist Said Aburish, the combination of living in so many cities and attending different schools did not distress Nasser but broadened his horizons, allowing him to become aware of the class divisions in Egyptian society.
In 1965, the province of Dhofar revolted, this time with the support of People's Republic of China and some of the nationalist Arab states, followed by an assassination attempt in 1966, which had a marked effect on Said causing him to become even more erratic in governing the country.
Said the university: " His theme song, ' It's Not Easy Bein ' Green ,' has become a rallying cry of the environmental movement.
Said oral-stage fixation might have two effects: ( i ) the neglected child might become a psychologically dependent adult continually seeking the oral stimulation denied in infancy, thereby becoming a manipulative person in fulfilling his or her needs, rather than maturing to independence ; ( ii ) the over-protected child might resist maturation and return to dependence upon others in fulfilling his or her needs.
His paternal great-grandmother, wife of Rajab bin Mohammed bin Said el Murgebi was the daughter of Juma bin Mohammed el Nebhani, a member of a respected Muscat ( Oman ) family, and an African woman from the village of Mbwa Maji, a small village south of what would later become the German capital of Dar es Salaam.
Said to become the largest shopping center in Baja California, it includes major anchors, ( Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Coppell, Ashley's Furniture ) Cineopolis multi-plex theaters, and chain restaurants such as Burger King, Subway, Applebee's and VIPs.
The first single released, Right Said Fred's song, " I'm Too Sexy ", become a massive worldwide hit, reaching Number One in twenty-eight countries, including the United States, where it spent three weeks at Number One.
The daughter married the hanif Said ibn Zayd, and later would both become Muslims.
Said the " The Thoroughbred Record ," " Colin has become as much of a public idol at Saratoga as he was at Brighton Beach and Sheepshead Bay and his defeat would have been looked upon as a public calamity.
Babb cheaply acquired the rights to what would become " She Shoulda Said No!
The main founders of the MRNC included Said Shamil ( grandson of Imam Shamil, who in 1924 would become a founder and leader of the " Committee of Independence of the Caucasus " in Germany ), Prime Minister Tapa Tchermoeff, Sheikh Ali-Khaji Akusha and Haidar Bamat.

Said and last
Said that I wouldn't last six months ".
In late 1999, Shehhi, Atta, Ziad Jarrah, Said Bahaji, and Ramzi bin al-Shibh decided to travel to Chechnya to fight against the Russians, but were convinced by Khalid al-Masri and Mohamedou Ould Slahi at the last minute to change their plans.
Said lived his last two years of life at the Dorchester Hotel in London .< ref >
Said Nixon, when asked if it was difficult playing what may have been his last game for the Red Sox:
Sayyid Sir Jamshid bin Abdullah Al Said, () ( born September 16, 1929 in Zanzibar ) was the last Sultan of Zanzibar.
In the last few years, the show has been using another theme specifically for the for Top Fifty, sampled from the song " She Said " by now-defunct Brisbane band Lavish.
Said one, " Jackson has served as one of the radio dial's last passionate voices of liberal politics ….
Said to be one of the last bastions of Islamic civilization in Lanao del Sur, Tugaya also has special place in Philippine history.
Said Pearce: " The Blues is a chance to celebrate one of the last truly indigenous American art forms, before it all but disappears, swallowed whole by the rock and roll generation it spawned.
Said Seyam ( 22 July 1959 – January 15, 2009 ) (, first name also spelled Saeed and Sayed and last name also spelled Siam ) was the Interior Minister of the Palestinian government of March 2006.
When a last minute booking of band Right Said Frank results in the band members stealing stereos from all the cars parked outside, as Max confronts the thieves, Paddy rushes to back him up and together they tackle the two men to the ground.
According to Ernst Pawel, a biographer of Theodor Herzl, as well as Tom Reiss, a biographer of Kurban Said, Vámbéry's original last name was Wamberger rather than Bamberger.
The song was recorded under the title " They Hung Him on a Cross ", whereas his final two recordings of the song, recorded during his last recording sessions ranging from September 27, 1948 to November 5, 1948 in New York with producer Frederic Ramsey, Jr., list the song as " He Never Said a Mumblin ' Word.

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