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Said and was
`` Said she had a breaking-out on her face -- some sort of allergy -- and none of her old pictures was good enough.
Murder, She Said ( 1961, directed by George Pollock ) was the first of four British MGM productions starring Rutherford.
He was also a periodic panelist on ABC and NBC's Who Said That?
Bacon's next project was to star opposite Elizabeth Perkins in He Said, She Said.
Despite lukewarm reviews and low audience turnout, He Said, She Said was illuminating for Bacon.
The leader of the revolt, Ahmad ibn Said al Said, was elected sultan of Muscat upon the expulsion of the Persians.
The Al Said clan became a royal dynasty when Ahmad ibn Said Al Said was elected imam following the expulsion of the Iranians from Muscat in 1744.
Turki ibn Said succeeded in defeating the forces of Imam Azzam, who was killed in battle outside Matrah in January 1871.
Its capital, Salalah, was the permanent residence of Sultan Said ibn Taimur Al Said and the birthplace of the present sultan, Qabus ibn Said.
In May 1989, Arafat, in a statement later criticized by Edward Said as being beyond his authority, and properly a matter for the PNC, told a French TV interviewer " C ' est caduc ", meaning that it, the Charter, was null and void.
It was also agreed that vessels passing through the Canal in quarantine might, subject to the use of the electric light, coal in quarantine at Port Said by night as well as by day, and that passengers might embark in quarantine at that port.
Garowe Online reported in October that Mohamed Said Atom, an arms-smuggler believed to be allied with Al-Shabaab and who is on U. S. and U. N. security watch-lists, was hiding out in Somaliland after being pursued by the neighboring Puntland region's authorities for his role in targeted assassination attempts against Puntland officials as well as bomb plots.
Bartholdi was in any event busy with other possible projects ; in the late 1860s, he approached Ismail Pasha, Khedive of Egypt, with a plan to build a huge lighthouse in the form of an ancient Egyptian female fellah or peasant, robed and holding a torch aloft, at the northern entrance to the Suez Canal in Port Said.
Said Cornell Green, " The difference between the Dolphins and Cowboys was that the Dolphins were just happy to be in the game and the Cowboys came to win the game.
Said Jim Langer, " It was obvious from the beginning that our offense could overpower their defense.
The Canal was then reopened by Egyptian President Anwar Sadat aboard an Egyptian destroyer which led the first convoy Northbound to Port Said in 1975.
Construction of the Suez Canal was preceded by cutting a small fresh-water canal from the Nile delta along Wadi Tumilat to the future canal, with a southern branch to Suez and a northern branch to Port Said.
In 1822, the British signed the first of a series of treaties with Sultan Said to curb this trade, but not until 1876 was the sale of slaves finally prohibited.

Said and mainly
During the later al Busaidi dynasty, ( mainly during the time of Said bin Sultan ), Oman was a substantial empire with a very powerful military force, making Oman one of the greatest forces in the Indian Ocean, second only to the United Kingdom.

Said and with
In 1886 Said Ali bin Said Omar, Sultan of Bambao, signed an agreement with the French government that allowed France to establish a protectorate over the entire island of Ngazidja ( Grande Comore ; protectorates were also established over Ndzwani ( Anjouan ), and Mwali ( Mohéli island in French ) the same year.
: Said, " I am going to dine with some men.
Said more simply, areas with a higher density and repetition of atom order tend to reflect more light toward one point in space when compared to those areas with fewer atoms and less repetition.
Some writers, such as Edward Said, use the term more broadly to describe any system of domination and subordination organized with an imperial center and a periphery.
As Farquhar in a letter made note, only with the intervention of Said would the European Trade in slaves in the Western Indian Ocean be abolished.
Schisms within the ruling family were apparent before Ahmad ibn Said's death in 1783 and were later manifest with the division of the family into two main lines, the Sultan ibn Ahmad Al Said ( r. 1792 – 1806 ) line controlling the maritime state, with nominal control over the entire country ; and the Qais branch, with authority over the Al Batinah and Ar Rustaq areas.
The death of Sa ' id bin Sultan in 1856 prompted a further division: the descendants of the late sultan ruled Muscat and Oman ( Thuwaini ibn Said Al-Busaid, r. 1856 – 1866 ) and Zanzibar ( Mayid ibn Said Al-Busaid, r. 1856 – 1870 ); the Qais branch intermittently allied itself with the ulama to restore imamate legitimacy.
When Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said assumed power in 1970, Oman had limited contacts with the outside world, including neighbouring Arab states.
* 15 December 1858 — Lesseps establishes the " Compagnie Universelle du Canal Maritime de Suez ", with Said Pasha acquiring 22 % of the Suez Canal Company ; the majority is still controlled by French private holders.
He did not live with any of the others, however, and can be confirmed to only have met with any of them in Hamburg on a single occasion: that of Said Bahaji ’ s wedding at the al-Quds Mosque.
In October 1999, Ziad Jarrah was filmed at Said Bahaji ’ s wedding with other 9 / 11 hijackers, including Marwan al-Shehhi.

Said and literature
Adonis ( an Arabic transliteration of the same name, أدونيس ) is the pen name of a famous Syrian poet, Ali Ahmad Said Asbar, who was nominated more than once for a Nobel Prize for literature, including in 2006.
This heritage can be experienced first-hand in: museums such as the Bardo Museum, the contrast and diversity of city architecture such as Sidi Bou Said or the medina of Tunis, cuisine such as cheeses and French croissants, music reflecting Andalusian and Ottoman influences, literature, cinema, religion, the arts, and sports and other areas of Tunisian culture.
It was based on the traditional anti-hero Said in Arab literature.

Said and sense
Reiss dismissed the claimed that Chamanzaminli was the author behind the Said pseudonym claiming that he looked at one of Chamanzaminli's novellas and found him to be a nationalist ; but Azerbaijan International journal authors identify Ali and Nino as a " nationalist " book in the broader sense since the novel is essentially about Azerbaijan's independence.
Said The Stranger, " deGenerate is not a great album in a local or industrial sense.

Said and French
Many practitioners take Edward Saïd's book Orientalism ( 1978 ) as the theory's founding work ( although French theorists such as Aimé Césaire and Frantz Fanon made similar claims decades before Said ).
External debts forced Said Pasha's successor, Isma ' il Pasha, to sell his country's share in the canal for £ 4, 000, 000 to the United Kingdom in 1875, but French shareholders still held the majority.
Meanwhile, French paratroopers of the 2nd Regiment of Colonial Paratroopers under the command of Colonel Chateau-Jobert jumped on the water treatment factory South of Port Said.
* Mr. Moto's Last Warning ( 1939 ) — In Port Said, Egypt, Moto tries to stop the French Naval Fleet from being destroyed by secret agents who are bent on starting a war between the British and the French.
The construction of the canal was proposed by the engineer and French diplomat Ferdinand de Lesseps, who acquired from Said Pasha the rights of constructing and operating the canal for a period of 99 years.
These were forty former French Jedburgh volunteers who embarked at Glascow with layover at Port Said, Bombay and Colombo, and gathered in a camp at Ceylon on November 1944. Notable Force 136 members dropped in Laos during 1945 are French Colonels Jean Deuve ( January 22 ), Jean Le Morillon ( February 28 ) and Jean Sassi ( June 4 ).
In short-story writing, there is the phenomenal Mohamed Said Raihani who is a trilingual writer ( he writes in Arabic, French and English ) and who has finished his fortieth manuscript before reaching the age of forty!
Said to have been introduced to the city at the end of the 17th century by the Huguenots, the word is thought to have been derived from the French word for white,.
There is a story of a French writer traveling worldwide, observing Japanese spy rings operating in Malaya, India, Burma, Ceylon, Thailand and as far away as Middle East, Morocco, Port Said, Egypt and Italian-occupied Ethiopia.
Those ships that took part are accurately named, and included the French protected cruiser Guichen and the armored cruiser Jeanne D ' Arc, as well as others under the command of Vice-Admiral Louis Dartige du Fournet, who received a posthumous medal from the French government in October 2010 for his role in transporting the 4, 000 people left on the Damlayik to Port Said, Egypt.
The agreement made between the French and Salabat Jang in Aurangabad bears the signature of Said Loukshur, Minister of Salabat Jang.
In 1891, Sultan Said Ali of Bambao, Ngazidja issued coins denominated in centimes and francs which circulated alongside French currency.
In Morocco, Hicham took part in several concerts and festivals, the most important being “ Le Festival des Oudayas ”, annually organized by the French Cultural Institute ; and the “ Festival of Plucked Strings ”, sponsored by renowned Moroccan-Canadian artist and guitar player Said Laghzaoui, during which Hichammy performed with Ahmet Meter, the Turkish qanun maestro and soloist with the National Turkish Orchestra.
Among his various critiques, he maintains that Said focused his attention on the British and the French in his critique of Orientalism, while, in fact, it was German scholars who made the original contributions.

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