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Saint and Francis
* 1549 Jesuit priest Saint Francis Xavier comes ashore at Kagoshima ( Traditional Japanese date: July 22, 1549 ).
Private and alternative education institutions for children in preschool-12th grade include Regents School of Austin, Redeemer Lutheran School, Garza ( public ), Austin Discovery School ( public charter ), Austin Jewish Academy, The Austin Waldorf School, The Griffin School, The Khabele School, Concordia Academy, St. Ignatius Martyr Catholic School, Holy Family Catholic School, San Juan Diego Catholic High School, Brentwood Christian School, St. Austin Catholic School, St. Stephen's Episcopal School, St. Mary's, St. Theresa's, St. Michael's Catholic Academy, St. Gabriel's Catholic School, St. Andrew's Episcopal School, St. Francis Episcopal School, Saint Paul Lutheran School, Trinity Episcopal School, Huntington-Surrey, Cleaview Sudbury School, The Inside Outside School, ACE Academy, Paragon Preparatory Middle School, Austin International School, The Progress School and a number of Montessori schools.
* The Shadow Witness and The Doom of Saint Quirec, with Francis Burnand ( 1875 76 )
On May 5, 1940 Pope Pius XII named her a joint Patron Saint of Italy along with Saint Francis of Assisi.
:* Saint Francis Central Coast Catholic High School, a private high school
Saint Francis of Assisi, in Catholicism, is said to have received instruction directly from God and it is believed that he grants plenary indulgence to all who confess their sins and visit his chapel on the appropriate day.
Other popular landmarks and monuments include the Mansion House, the Anna Livia monument, the Molly Malone statue, Christ Church Cathedral, St Patrick's Cathedral, Saint Francis Xavier Church on Upper Gardiner Street near Mountjoy Square, The Custom House, and Áras an Uachtaráin.
Casket of Saint Francis Xavier in the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa
The feast of Saint Francis Xavier is celebrated on 8 December, although it is celebrated sometimes on 3 December.
In the year 2009, the was Sam Fransikachea Visvaxiponnachea Dekhin, Jezu-Noketra Bhaxen Porzollum-ia, which translates from Konkani into English as ' Inspired by the faithfulness of Saint Francis, let us shine like Jesus, the Star ', probably based on the year's pastoral theme of the Archdiocese of Goa e Damão Noketram Bhaxen, Sonvsarant Porzollum-ia which translates into English as ' Shine like Stars, in the World '.
The theme of the feast of Saint Francis Xavier, draws light from the Universal Church's declaration of 2009-10 as the Year for Priests.
This year masses are being held mainly in Konkanni, besides English, Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Portuguese and Spanish languages, but most, if not all the Masses, conclude with the recessional hymn Sam Fransisku Xaviera, Vhodda Kunvra ( In English it roughly translates Our Saint Francis Xavier, Great Prince ).
Saint Francis Xavier's relics are kept in a silver casket, elevated inside the Bom Jesus Basilica and are exposed ( brought at ground level ) when the Archbishop of Goa e Damão decides.
Bones of Saint Francis Xavier are also found in the Espirito Santo ( Holy Spirit ) Church, Margão and in Sanv Fransiku Xavierachi Igorz ( Church of St. Francis Xavier ), Batpal, Canacona, Goa.
Other pilgrimage centres include Saint Francis Xavier's birthplace in Navarra, Church of Il Gesu, Rome, Malacca ( where he was buried for 2 years, before being brought to Goa ), Sancian ( Place of death ) etc.
*" Saint Francis Xavier " is featured in the Japanese gore film, Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl, and is responsible for the death of Vampire Girl's mother.
* Basilica of Bom Jesus, Old Goa The Shrine of Saint Francis Xavier
* Saint Francis Xavier University Antigonish, Nova Scotia
* The life and letters of St. Francis Xavier Francis Xavier, Saint, 1506-1552 Coleridge, Henry James, 1822-1893 London: Burns and Oates, ( 1872 )
* Saint Francis Xavier at Patron Saints Index
One of the first painters in the post-classical period to use this technique was the Isaac Master in the Upper Basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi.
Saint Francis of Assisi ( born Giovanni Francesco di Bernardone ; 1181 died: October 3, 1226 ) was an Italian Catholic friar and preacher.

Saint and Solanus
Solanus might be the first male Saint born in the United States in the history of the Catholic Church.
* Saint Francis Solanus ( 1549 1610 ), Spanish Franciscan missionary to South America
Saint Francis Solanus and the Bull, by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo | Murillo

Saint and O
Saint Ambrose Traversari, O. S. B.
As the anniversary of Confederation, Dominion Day, and later Canada Day, was the date set for a number of important events, such as the first national radio network hookup by the Canadian National Railway ( 1927 ), the inauguration of the CBC's cross-country television broadcast ( 1958 ), the flooding of the Saint Lawrence Seaway ( 1958 ), the first colour television transmission in Canada ( 1966 ), the inauguration of the Order of Canada ( 1967 ), and the establishment of " O Canada " as the country's national anthem ( 1980 ).
In O Sweet Saint Martin's Land, the lyrics for the Southern Cross are Thy Southern Cross the night.
Saint Catherine of Siena, T. O. S. D, ( 25 March 1347 in Siena 29 April 1380 in Rome ) was a tertiary of the Dominican Order, and a Scholastic philosopher and theologian.
Saint Hildegard of Bingen, O. S. B.
Saint John Cassian ( c. 360 435 ) presents as the formula used in Egypt for repetitive prayer, not the Jesus Prayer, but " O God, make speed to save me: O Lord, make haste to help me ".
Tomas O ' Daly and Miguel Kirwan were partners in the " Hacienda San Patricio ", which they named after the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick.
Saint Andrew's cross-country coach John O ' Connell, a 2: 48 masters marathoner, will hit the ice baths before the ibuprofen.
The Saint Petersburg Tram Company produces highly detailed polyurethane non-powered O Scale models from around the world which can easily be powered by trucks from vendors like Q-Car.
* Lawrence O ' Toole, Saint, Archbishop of Dublin
* Malachy O ' More, Saint, Archbishop of Armagh
He became a knight of Saint Catharine of Mount Sinai ( O Cavaleiro de Santa Catarina ) and then he settled on Madeira.
After the Hail, Holy Queen many Catholics add the prayer " O God, by Your Only Begotten Son ...", the prayer to Saint Michael, and a prayer for the intentions of the Holy Father.
Other popular artists and groups include The Choirboys, Chantoozies, Saint Jude, Cheetah, Sharon O ' Neill, Marc Williams, Peter Andre, Goanna, Australian Crawl, Rose Tattoo, Colleen Hewett, Keith Urban, The Angels, Ted Mullry Gang, Hush, The Mixtures, Helen Reddy, and Diana Trask.
Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe, O. F. M.
On July 1, 2010, Brother Norman W. Hipps, O. S. B., Ph. D., began his service as the 17th President of Saint Vincent College.
Saint Bonaventure, O. F. M., (; 1221 15 July 1274 ), born Giovanni di Fidanza, was an Italian medieval scholastic theologian and philosopher.
* Lorraine V. Murray, The Abbess of Andalusia: A spiritual biography of Flannery O ' Connor ( publisher page ), Saint Benedict Press, 2009
Image: Dysert_cross. jpg | Saint Tola's Cross ( Dysert O Dea, Ireland )
Heppner hosts an annual " A Wee Bit O ' Ireland " celebration around Saint Patrick's Day.
Dunmore contains several schools: Dunmore High School, Holy Cross High School formerly known as Bishop O ' Hara, and Saint Mary's of Mount Carmel Elementary School.
Sinéad O ' Connor was born in Glenageary in County Dublin and was named after Sinéad de Valera, wife of Irish President Éamon de Valera and mother of the doctor presiding over the delivery, and Saint Bernadette of Lourdes.
The largest and most familiar, originally known as the Hermits of Saint Augustine ( O. E. S. A.
-Ordo Eremitarum sancti Augustini ) and also as the Austin friars, is now simply referred to as the Order of Saint Augustine ( O. S. A.

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