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Saint and Rose
I'm sending you a couple of customers -- yeah -- just get them out of my hair and keep them out -- I don't give a damn what you tell them -- only don't believe a word they say -- they're out to make trouble for me and it is up to you to stop them -- I don't care how -- and one more thing -- Cate's Cafe closed at eleven like always last night and Rose and Clarence Corsi left for Quebec yesterday -- some shrine or other -- I think it was called Saint Simon's -- yeah, yesterday.
* Saint Rose of Lima's Day ( Peru )
Two years later, Davis entered the Catholic school of Saint Thomas at St. Rose Priory, a school operated by the Dominican Order in Washington County, Kentucky.
She attended Saint Rose of Lima, a Catholic school in Brooklyn, followed by St. Ambrose School ( Los Angeles ) and the Immaculate Heart High School ( Los Feliz ).
* Saint Rose of Lima, of the third order of Saint Dominic, born at Lima, Peru in 1586.
* March 6 – Saint Rose of Viterbo, Italian saint ( b. 1235 )
* December 22 – Philip V of Spain signs in Lerma a Royal Decree transforming the Seminary of Saint Rose of Lima in Caracas into the Universidad Real y Pontificia de Caracas.
* April 30 – Saint Rose of Lima, Peruvian saint ( d. 1617 )
* Saint Rose of Viterbo ( d. 1252 )
The Kilmers had five children: Kenton Sinclair Kilmer ( 1909 – 1995 ), Michael Barry Kilmer ( 1916 – 1927 ), Deborah (" Sister Michael ") Clanton Kilmer ( 1914 – 1999 ) who was a Catholic nun at the Saint Benedict ’ s Monastery, Rose Kilburn Kilmer ( 1912 – 1917 ), and Christopher Kilmer ( 1917 – 1984 ).
Other popular artists and groups include The Choirboys, Chantoozies, Saint Jude, Cheetah, Sharon O ' Neill, Marc Williams, Peter Andre, Goanna, Australian Crawl, Rose Tattoo, Colleen Hewett, Keith Urban, The Angels, Ted Mullry Gang, Hush, The Mixtures, Helen Reddy, and Diana Trask.
* Peru – Lord of Miracles, Saint Rose of Lima, Saint Martin of Porres
The Gnomon of Saint-Sulpice inside the church of Saint Sulpice in Paris, France, built to assist in determining the date of Easter, was fictionalized as a " Rose Line " in the novel The Da Vinci Code.
It is the site for the Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne shrine.
Saint Rose ( usually written as St. Rose ) is a census-designated place ( CDP ) in St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, United States.
These schools include: Holy Name School which serves Holy Name of Jesus parish ( now operating at the site of the former Assumption parish's Church ): Saint Joan of Arc School which serves Saint Rose de Lima Church on Grattan Street ; and Saint Stanislaus School which serves the St. Stanislaus Bishop & Martyr's Parish Bishop and Martyr on Front Street.
These include Assumption School which served the former Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish, Saint Patrick's School which served the former Saint Patrick's parish ( closure of this parish is currently in dispute ), Mount Carmel School which served the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish, and Saint George School which served Saint George's parish that merged with Saint Rose de Lima / Saint Joan of Arc School.

Saint and beatified
In 1900 were beatified 64 Martyrs, from whose 54 the inmates ; only Society of Saint Dominic gave 26 Martyrs.
In the chapel, Ghirlandaio painted six scenes from the life of Saint Francis, including Saint Francis obtaining from Pope Honorius the Approval of the Rules of His Order, the saint's Death and Obsequies and a Resuscitation by the interposition of the beatified Francis of a child of the Spini family, who had died as a result of a fall from a window.
Ilya is beatified as a minor Saint of the Orthodox Church.
Saint Angela Merici was beatified in Rome on 30 April 1768, by Pope Clement XIII.
In 1634 he was beatified by the Congregation of Rites, but was often referred to as Saint Bernardo even before his canonization in 2009.
Saint Eugene de Mazenod ( August 1, 1782-May 21, 1861 ) born Charles Joseph Eugene de Mazenod and more commonly known as Eugene de Mazenod, was a French Catholic clergyman, beatified on 19 October 1975 by Pope Paul VI, and canonized on 3 December 1995 by Pope John Paul II.
This village was the birthplace of the most recent saint of the Melkite Church, Blessed Miriam Bawardy, a Discalced Carmelite mystic of the nineteenth century responsible for the Carmel of Saint David's Tower in Bethlehem who was beatified by Pope John-Paul II on November 13, 1983.
De Capillas was beatified by Pope Saint Pius X, May 2, 1909, along with 14 Chinese laypeople who had also died as martyrs.
On September 19, 1996, Pope John-Paul II made a papal trip to Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre to meditate and pray on the adjacent tombs of Saint Louis de Montfort and Blessed Marie Louise Trichet, whom he beatified himself.
The first Saint Fulk ( there were three ) was a pilgrim who was beatified for his selfless assistance of plague victims even when this was a risk to himself.
Chavara was beatified, along with Saint Alphonsa of the Immaculate Conception, F. C. C., on February 8, 1986, by Pope John Paul II, in the course of a papal visit to India.
Her status remains as " Venerable " ( i. e., not " Blessed " as in someone who is " beatified ," or " Saint ," as in someone who has been canonized ).
It was one of the few beatification ceremonies held outside the Vatican and in the blessed's own land ( traditionally it is celebrated in Saint Peter Square in Rome ); it was the first beatification of a South American aborigine ; Blessed Ceferino was beatified by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, a Salesian of Don Bosco and Vatican Secretary of State.

Saint and by
Such payments shall be made to small domestic producers of zinc as long as the market price for prime western zinc at East Saint Louis, Illinois, as determined by the Secretary, is below 14-1/2 cents per pound, and such payments shall be 55 per centum of the difference between 14-1/2 cents per pound and the average market price for the month in which the sale occurred as determined by the Secretary.
* 1830 – The Church of Christ, the original church of the Latter Day Saint movement, is organized by Joseph Smith, Jr. and others at Fayette or Manchester, New York.
Saint Augustine counters Pelagius, arguing that original sin means that the unbaptised go to hell, including infants, albeit with less suffering than is experienced by those guilty of actual sins.
Within the sects of the Latter Day Saint movement, the Articles of Faith are a list composed by Joseph Smith, Jr. as part of an 1842 letter sent to " Long " John Wentworth, editor of the Chicago Democrat.
* 1664 – The Ottoman Empire is defeated in the Battle of Saint Gotthard by an Austrian army led by Raimondo Montecuccoli, resulting in the Peace of Vasvár.
* 1031 – Olaf II of Norway is canonized as Saint Olaf by Grimketel, the English Bishop of Selsey.
Saint Ambrose and Emperor Theodosius by Anthony van Dyck | Van Dyck.
Saint Alcuin ( Alcuin of York ) is considered as a saint by all the main branches of Christianity: Roman Catholic, Anglican and Eastern Orthodox Churches.
* 1938 – The Thousand Islands Bridge, connecting New York, United States with Ontario, Canada over the Saint Lawrence River, is dedicated by U. S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
His mother's chaplain and hagiographer Thurgot was named Bishop of Saint Andrews ( or Cell Rígmonaid ) in 1107, presumably by Alexander's order.
The story that he himself in his childhood was sent to Ireland to be healed by Saint Modwenna, though mythical, may show Alfred's interest in that island.
Amalric died of dysentery ( allegedly brought on by " a surfeit of white mullet ") or even poisoned at Saint Jean d ' Acre on 1 April 1205, just after his son Amalric and four days before his wife, and was buried at Saint Sophia, Nicosia.
In the Japanese anime Saint Seiya the character, Shun, represents the Andromeda constellation using chains as his main weapons, reminiscent of Andromeda being chained before she was saved by Perseus.
A Life of Saint Ælfheah in prose and verse was written by a Canterbury monk named Osbern, at Lanfranc's request.
In 1929 a new church in Bath was dedicated to Saint Ælfheah, designed by Giles Gilbert Scott in homage to the ancient Roman church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin.
This is the interpretation given in the fourth century by Saint Ambrose, Saint Ephraem of Syria and Saint Augustine.
The See of Rome claims to have been founded by Saint Peter, traditionally called the " Prince of the Apostles " and the " Chief of the Apostles ".
The Patriarchate of Alexandria ( Greek Orthodox Church of Alexandria and Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria ) claims to have been founded by Saint Mark.
At a later period, Paul's epistles place him with Paul and Saint Timothy at Ephesus, whence he was sent by Paul to Corinth, Greece for the purpose of getting the contributions of the church there on behalf of the poor Christians at Jerusalem sent forward.
Joseph Smith, Jr., founder of the Latter Day Saint movement ( commonly called Mormonism ), in the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible ( called by some the " Inspired Version ", and published by the RLDS under that title ), declared the Adamic language to have been " pure and undefiled ".

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