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Sam and Jethroe
" Past winners such as Jackie Robinson, Don Newcombe, and Sam Jethroe had professional experience in the Negro Leagues.
In, Bradenton became the first club to bring allow an African-American baseball player, Sam Jethroe of the Boston Braves.
For the short period ( 1950 – 1952 ) that they had Sam Jethroe ( who won basestealing crowns in and ) and Torgeson, the Braves had the best basestealing tandem in baseball.

Sam and is
Finally, in The Maltese Falcon among others, the clash between detective and police is carried to its logical conclusion: Sam Spade becomes the chief murder suspect.
It is notably significant that so many Members from both sides of the aisle express their respect and admiration for our beloved Speaker, the Honorable Sam Rayburn.
It is a matter of deep personal satisfaction for me to add my voice to the great and distinguished chorus of my colleagues in this paean of praise, respect, and affection for Speaker Sam Rayburn.
But the task is beyond me because I hold it impossible to compress in a sentence or two the complicated and prodigious contributions Sam Rayburn has made as an individual, as a legislator, as a statesman and as a leader and conciliator, to the majestic progress of this Nation.
What Sam Rayburn's life proves to us all is the magnificent lesson in political science that one can devotedly and with absolute dedication represent the seemingly provincial interests of one's own community, one's own district, one's own State, and by that help himself represent even better the sweep and scope of the problems of this the greatest nation of all time.
For what Sam Rayburn's life in this House teaches us is that loyalty and character are not divisive and there is no such thing as being for your country and neglecting your district.
More than that, Sam Rayburn is the very living symbol of an iron-clad integrity so powerful in his nature and so constantly demonstrated that he can count some of his best friends in the opposition.
And Sam Rayburn is a great man -- one who will go down in American history as a truly great leader of the Nation.
Sam Rayburn is one of the greatest American public figures in the history of our country and I consider that I have been singly honored in the privilege of knowing Sam Rayburn and sharing with him the rights and obligations of a Member of the House of Representatives in the Congress of the United States.
Although Sam Rayburn affects a gruff exterior in many instances, nevertheless he is fundamentally a man of warm heart and gentle disposition.
Sam is having his troubles with Layton Hanover ( Dean Hanover-Lucy Hanover ), but hopes to have him straightened out and going before long.
The charge that the federal indictment of three Chicago narcotics detail detectives `` is the product of rumor, combined with malice, and individual enmity '' on the part of the federal narcotics unit here was made yesterday in their conspiracy trial before Judge Joseph Sam Perry in federal District court.
The Ark is next spoken of as being in the Tabernacle at Shiloh during Samuel's apprenticeship ( 1 Sam.
* Uncle Sam ( initials U. S .) is a common national personification of the American government that according to legend came into use during the War of 1812 and was supposedly named for Samuel Wilson a meat packer in New York, who supplied rations for the soldiers.
An Uncle Sam is mentioned as early as 1775, in the original " Yankee Doodle " lyrics of the Revolutionary War.
* 1977 – In Yonkers, New York, 24-year-old postal employee David Berkowitz (" Son of Sam ") is arrested for a series of killings in the New York City area over the period of one year.
For example, if James's will states that he is leaving $ 500, 000 to his son Sam then the money would be a general devise.
Another question of the same character: " Why the boastful claim: ' What nation on earth is like Thy people Israel ' ( II Sam.
Abiathar ( אביתר, Ebyathar, Evyatar, the father is pre-eminent or father of plenty ), in the Hebrew Bible, son of Ahimelech or Ahijah, High Priest at Nob, the fourth in descent from Eli ( 1 Sam.
Army of Darkness, also titled Bruce Campbell vs Army of Darkness, Evil Dead III: Army of Darkness or just Evil Dead III, is a 1992 American comedy horror film directed by Sam Raimi.
20: 4 ) is used instead of Gob ( 2 Sam.
* A Sam Browne belt is a modern invention similar in function to the baldric.

Sam and oldest
* The Sam Houston Schoolhouse in Maryville, Tennessee, is Tennessee's oldest schoolhouse.
Most notable of these are the Phra Ong Teu ( 16th century ) of Vientiane, the Phra Ong Teu of Sam Neua, the image at Vat Chantabouri ( 16th century ) in Vientiane and the image at Vat Manorom ( 14th century ) in Luang Phrabang, which seems to be the oldest of the colossal sculptures.
It is one of the oldest football rivalries in Texas featuring Sam Houston State and Stephen F. Austin.
Sam Houston State University ( known as SHSU or Sam ) was founded in 1879 and is the third oldest public institution of higher learning in the State of Texas.
Half of those who died were either aged under 20 or over 70, the eldest of which was the club's oldest supporter, former chairman, Sam Firth, aged 86.
Sam Houston has Texas ' oldest high school newspaper, the Aegis, started in 1889.
Sam was the oldest or second oldest of seven Chernofski / Schwazrtz siblings, six of whom came to the US, and had originally been a leading blacksmith who owned many horses, wagons, and vast property in and around Belaya Tserkov.
* The Annual Prizegiving, one of the oldest ceremonies at Mayo, has seen Chief Guests including Lord Irwin, Viceroy of India, Lord Chelmford, Governor General of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Ex President of India, HH Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II of Jaipur, HH Maharani Gayatri Devi of Jaipur, Mrs Vijayalakshmi Pandit, Dr Zakir Hussain, Ex President of India, Dr Karan Singh, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Ex Prime Minister of India, Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, H. H.
In perhaps his last U. S. Open, Tom Watson, who won at Pebble Beach in 1982, became the second oldest player to make the cut in the championship's history after Sam Snead and went on to finish tied for 29th.
Sam initially suspects foul play, believing Tanya murdered the professor either for his money or because he was unfaithful ( and insisting that both are the ' oldest trick in the book '), but O ' Tabby appears to have simply fallen asleep at the wheel of his car and driven over a cliff.

Sam and player
* 1880 – Sam Crawford, American baseball player ( d. 1968 )
* 1989 – Sam Gagner, Canadian ice hockey player
Born-again athletes like New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow, St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford and former Rams Superbowl XXXIV winning quarterback Kurt Warner, Olympic hurderler Lolo Jones, boxer Katie Taylor and New York Knicks player Jeremy Lin.
One detail has been added to the inside of the collar: the phrase " Keep Pounding ", in honor of the late Panthers player and coach Sam Mills.
* 1925 – Sam Jones, American baseball player ( d. 1971 )
* 1985 – Sam Thaiday, Australian rugby player
* 1933 – Sam Jones, American basketball player
* 1973 – Sam Adams, American football player
* 1985 – Sam Young, American basketball player
* 1892 – Sad Sam Jones, American baseball player ( d. 1966 )
* 1975 – Sam Jacobson, American basketball player
* 1963 – Sam Vincent, American basketball player
* 1961 – Sam Bowie, American basketball player
* 1969 – Sam Cassell, American basketball player
* 1971 – Sam Jones, American baseball player ( b. 1925 )
* 1981 – Sam Fuld, American baseball player
* 1987 – Sam Bradford, American football player and winner of the 2008 Heisman Trophy
* 1987 – Sam Querrey, American tennis player
* 1934 – Sam Huff, American football player
* 1963 – Sam Mitchell, American basketball player and coach
* 1950 – Sam Barry, American basketball player and coach ( b. 1892 )
** Sam Cassell, American basketball player
** Sam Crawford, American baseball player ( b. 1880 )
** Sam Bowie, American basketball player

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