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Samuel and Cornelius
Members of the expedition included Helena residents: Truman C. Everts-former U. S. Assessor for the Montana Territory, Judge Cornelius Hedges-U. S. Attorney, Montana Territory, Samuel T. Hauser-President of the First National Bank, Helena, Montana ; later a Governor of the Montana Territory, Warren C. Gillette-Helena merchant, Benjamin C. Stickney Jr .-Helena merchant, Walter Trumbull-son of U. S. Senator Lyman Trumbull ( Illinois ) and Nathaniel P. Langford, then former U. S. Collector of Internal Revenue for Montana Territory.
In London Cotman was friends with a number of artists including James Stark, George Cattermole, Samuel Prout and Cornelius Varley.
Michael Dunning may have been the first ; others included John Rhodes, Jeheil Parks, Samuel Clark, Luther Landon, Dean Chase, Ebenezer Valentine, Ebenezer Dibble, Ebenezer Millard, Obadiah Tompkins, Reuben Doolittle, Cornelius Abeel, Stephen Ireland, Robert Hemple, and William Marvin.
The town was, and continues to be a home to noted summer citizens, including steel magnate Sir James Dunn, Fathers of Confederation Samuel Leonard Tilley and Charles Tupper, and William Cornelius Van Horne, General Manager and later, President of the Canadian Pacific Railway.
Important contributors to the concept of evocation include Henry Cornelius Agrippa, Francis Barrett, Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers, Aleister Crowley, Franz Bardon and Kenneth Grant.
* In 1987 she was received the Samuel H. Scripps American Dance Festival Award, and was also inducted into the National Museum of Dance's Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney Hall of Fame in Saratoga Springs, New York.
Vattel was one of a number of 18th century European scholars who wrote on international law and were " well known in America " at the time, including Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui, Cornelius van Bynkershoek, Hugo Grotius, Samuel von Pufendorf, Thomas Rutherforth, and Wolff.

Samuel and Phillips
Based on his industry experience on Air Force missile projects, Mueller realized some skilled managers could be found among high-ranking officers in the US Air Force, so he got Webb's permission to recruit General Samuel C. Phillips, who gained a reputation for his effective management of the Minuteman program, as OMSF program controller.
After attending Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, Samuel Morse went on to Yale College to receive instruction in the subjects of religious philosophy, mathematics and science of horses.
* Phillips Academy, the most prestigious secondary boarding school in the United States, is founded by Samuel Phillips Jr.
Leslie Samuel Phillips, CBE ( born 20 April 1924 ) is an English actor with a highly recognisable upper class accent.
He was born in Tottenham, North London, England, the son of Cecelia Margaret ( née Newlove ) and Frederick Samuel Phillips, who worked at Glover and Main, manufacturers of cookers in Edmonton, London ; the " filthy, sulphurous " air of the factory gave him a weak heart and edema, leading to his death at the age of 44.
New Ipswich Academy, later renamed Appleton Academy after benefactor Samuel Appleton, was chartered in 1789, the second oldest in New Hampshire after Phillips Exeter Academy in Exeter.
Among those soldiers was their regimental surgeon, Dr. Anthony Emery, a friend of Samuel Phillips, Jr., who in 1778 founded the Phillips Andover Academy in Andover, Massachusetts.
The merchants at that time were: Phillips and McConnell, Stile and Fisher, Phillip Bentel, John Donnan, J. W. Mead, three innkeepers: Samuel Furnier, J. W. Snead, and Thomas G. Kerr and two physicians: Drs.
Two miles north of Haight's original settlement, Samuel Holmes built a cabin in 1849 and was soon joined by other settlers from Salt Lake, namely Edward Phillips, John Green, and William Kay.
One was signed by Albion W. Tourgée and James C. Walker and the other by Samuel F. Phillips and his legal partner F. D. McKenney.
Phillips Academy is the oldest incorporated academy in the United States, established in 1778 by Samuel Phillips, Jr. Phillips's uncle founded Phillips Exeter Academy three years later, starting a rivalry that has continued through the centuries.
A view of Samuel Phillips Hall and the Bicentennial Statue
Phillips Academy was founded during the American Revolution as an all-boys school in 1778 by Samuel Phillips, Jr., a member of the revolutionary war family, the Phillipses.
Phillips Academy's traditional opponent is Phillips Exeter Academy, which was established three years later in Exeter, New Hampshire by Samuel Phillips ' uncle, Dr. John Phillips.
In 1859, Blair built a house for his daughter and son-in-law, Elizabeth Blair Lee and Captain Samuel Phillips Lee, at 1653 Pennsylvania Avenue, next door to Blair House at 1651 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Samuel and January
Samuel John " Lamorna " Birch, RA, RWS ( 7 June 1869 7 January 1955 ) was an artist in oils and watercolours.
Paul Allen was born in Seattle, Washington, to parents Kenneth Samuel Allen, an associate director of the University of Washington libraries, and Edna Faye ( née Gardner ) Allen, on January 21, 1953.
Samuel Loyd ( January 30, 1841 April 10, 1911 ), born in Philadelphia and raised in New York, was an American chess player, chess composer, puzzle author, and recreational mathematician.
* January 24 Samuel Argall, English adventurer and naval officer ( b. 1580 )
* January 12 Samuel Shute, Governor of Massachusetts Bay ( d. 1742 )
* January 23 Samuel Barber, American composer ( b. 1910 )
* January 10 Samuel Colt, American firearms inventor ( b. 1814 ) z
* January 5 Samuel Beckett's play Waiting For Godot has its first public stage première in French as En attendant Godot at the Théâtre de Babylone in Paris.
* January 27 Samuel Foote, English dramatist and actor ( d. 1777 )
* January 4 Samuel Colt sells his first revolver pistol to the U. S government.
* January 8 Samuel von Pufendorf, German jurist ( d. 1694 )
* January 27 Samuel Palmer, English artist ( d. 1881 )
* January 15 After overwintering with the Huron Indians, Samuel de Champlain and Recollect Father Joseph Le Caron visit the Petun and Ottawa Indians of the Great Lakes.
* January 15 Samuel Arza Davenport, American politician ( d. 1911 )
* January 27 Samuel Hood, 1st Viscount Hood, British admiral ( b. 1724 )
* January 21 Samuel Wallis, English navigator
* January 12 Samuel Langdon, American President of Harvard University ( d. 1797 )
* January 26 Samuel Parr, English schoolmaster ( d. 1825 )
Charles Samuel " Chaz " Addams ( January 7, 1912 September 29, 1988 ) was an American cartoonist known for his darkly humorous and macabre characters.
* Bradford, Samuel C., Sources of Information on Specific Subjects, Engineering: An Illustrated Weekly Journal ( London ), 137, 1934 ( 26 January ), pp. 85-86.
* Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot was first performed on 5 January 1953 at the Théâtre de Babylone in Paris.
In January 1856, Colonel Albert Sidney Johnston established Camp Cooper ( named after Samuel Cooper ) on the banks of the Clear Fork to protect the reservation.
Samuel Holberry led an aborted rising in Sheffield on 12 January ; police action thwarted a major disturbance in the East End of London on the 14th, and on 26 January a few hundred Bradford Chartists staged a rising in the hope of precipitating a domino effect across the country.

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