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from Brown Corpus
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Save and all
Save for short half-lived radioactive elements, all of the elements are available industrially, most to high degrees of purity.
By the mid-1980s, her record sales were still relatively strong, with " Save the Last Dance for Me ", " Downtown ", " Tennessee Homesick Blues " ( all 1984 ); " Real Love " ( another duet with Kenny Rogers ), " Don't Call It Love " ( both 1985 ); and " Think About Love " ( 1986 ) all reaching the country-singles Top 10.
The first six bars also form all or part of the Vice Regal Salute in some Commonwealth realms outside the UK ( e. g., in Canada, governors general and lieutenant governors at official events are saluted with the first six bars of " God Save the Queen " followed by the first four and last four bars of " O Canada "), as well as the salute given to governors of British overseas territories.
In Berry's absence, Torrence released several singles on the J & D Record Co. label and recorded Save for a Rainy Day in 1966, a concept album featuring all rain-themed songs.
They were forced to withdraw from Fireman Save My Child in 1954 due to Costello's poor health — he had been plagued by heart problems all his life due to a childhood bout of rheumatic fever — and were replaced by lookalikes Hugh O ' Brian and Buddy Hackett.
This has resulted in some ( but not all ) programs in the Italian version of Microsoft Office using " CTRL + S " ( sottolineato ) as a replacement for " CTRL + U " ( underline ), rather than the ( almost ) universal " Save " function.
The " Save Morris Project " can be reached at www. savemorris. webs. com and all donations are tax deductible.
A concerned group of citizens organized the Save the VA Campaign and have designed a counter-proposal for a National Demonstration Project to create a self-sufficient VA program for veterans from all across America.
The far left is well represented in Huddersfield ( considering its size ), with Revolution, the Socialist Workers Party and the Socialist Party of England and Wales all having active groups which are involved in campaigns such as Stop the War, Save Huddersfield NHS, as well as individual members of Workers Power ( involved in Revolution and their group in Leeds ), Socialist Appeal and the Communist Party of Britain.
After racing in the top 10 all day Montoya got his third top 10 in a row with a 6th place at the Toyota / Save Mart 350 at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma.
will not run the excerpt of Save The Pearls after all.
Almost all local schools have expanded, but the NIMBY group " Save Our Rec " is opposing the expansion of Dundonald school onto the site of the nearby park's pavilion.
The Pak ' n Save Fuel vouchers are unique in that they can only be used at the fuel site associated with the store of purchase, whereas all other New Zealand supermarkets ' fuel discount vouchers operate at any participating station across the country.
Save me, causing all that is in my heart to be executed.
Slogans employed by the group include " Save the Planet, Kill Yourself ", " Six Billion Humans Can't Be Wrong ", and " Eat a Queer Fetus for Jesus ", all of which are intended to mix inflammatory issues to unnerve those who oppose abortion and homosexuality.
He has ended all of his Christmas tours with his signature Christmas song, " Don't Save It All for Christmas Day.
Save for the opening and the ending, all pictures in the game were drawn by Arimoto.
In 2001 in an unrelated article about the best record covers of all time, the BBC website published the following " God Save The Queen reached number one in the UK in 1977 despite being banned by the BBC and marked a defining moment in the punk revolution ".
Save for the latter ( found in BL-MS Harley 2250 ), all these works are known from a single surviving manuscript, the British Library holding Cotton Nero A. x.
Today, the convention serves as the basis for all Save the Children's work.
Rewrite the Future is Save the Children's first global campaign involving all 28 members of the Save the Children Alliance.
Save for the introductory ones, all of the versets are fugal.

Save and participated
She also has actively participated in various ecological causes such as " Save The Whales Again ".

Save and Federal
The song, " God Save Arizona ," criticizes the policies of the Federal Government and it questions the competence of Eric Holder, the United States Attorney General with regards to the Federal lawsuit brought against Arizona.
The ACT Government had legislated to prevent further legal delays from community groups however this did not affect Save the Ridge continuing action which they had commenced in the Federal Court.

Save and Constitution
The war was ended with Komura's signature on behalf of the Japanese government of the Treaty of Portsmouth, which was highly unpopular in Japan, leading to the Hibiya Incendiary Incident < ref name =" nyt1905 ">" Japan's Present Crisis and Her Constitution ; The Mikado's Ministers Will Be Held Responsible by the People for the Peace Treaty -- Marquis Ito May Be Able to Save Baron Komura ," New York Times.
Instead, a character has a fourth Saving Throw called the Toughness Save (" Damage Save " in the previous edition ) which is based on their Constitution score ( just like Fortitude ).
Meanwhile, Benham broadened the scope of Operation Save America to include criticism of homosexuality, pornography, and Islam, and formed alliances with Christian conservative groups and the Constitution Party.
Christian Exodus and the Constitution Party share a number of members, especially in the former's leadership, and have co-authored a website called the " Save America Summit " which promotes Constitution Party Presidential candidates and Christian Separatist ideology.
This is the result of theSave Our Homes ” Amendment to the Florida Constitution which was passed by voters in 1992, and went into effect in 1995.

Save and .
Save for brief periods in garrison or winter quarters, soldiers rarely enjoyed the luxury of a writing desk or table.
In order for the song to become the anthem, it had to face a vote between the Royal anthem God Save the Queen, the " unofficial anthem " Waltzing Matilda and Song of Australia.
Later ROM revisions fixed assorted problems, including a software bug that made the Save And Replace command unusable.
* The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy ( 2005 ) – Mrs. Claus ( voice ) in episode: " Billy and Mandy Save Christmas "
* The Creation: An Appeal To Save Life on Earth, a 2006 book by biologist Edward O. Wilson
* Roy E. Disney ( 1930 – 2009 ), son of Roy O. and leader of the Save Disney campaign
The south side of the island, home to the Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital, is closed to the general public and the object of restoration efforts spearheaded by Save Ellis Island.
The foundation Save Ellis Island is spearheading preservation efforts.
Save The British Film Industry responded positively.
Several groups sprang up, such as " Save Fenway Park " to try to block the move.
* Bartley Madden ( July 2010 ) Free To Choose Medicine: How Faster Access to New Drugs Would Save Countless Lives and End Needless Suffering Chicago: The Heartland Institute, 2010.
" God Save the Queen " ( alternatively " God Save the King ") is an anthem used in a number of Commonwealth realms, their territories, and the British Crown Dependencies.
God Save the Queen is the de facto British national anthem and has this role in some British territories.
In countries not previously part of the British Empire, the tune of " God Save the Queen " has provided the basis for various patriotic songs, though still generally connected with royal ceremony.
The Viceregal Salute — composed of the first and last four bars of the National Anthem (" Advance Australia Fair ")— is the salute used to greet the governor upon arrival at, and mark his or her departure from most official events, although " God Save The Queen ", as the Royal Anthem, is also used.
In 1977, a former Miss America contestant and orange juice spokesperson, Anita Bryant, began a campaign " Save Our Children ", in Dade County, Florida ( greater Miami ), which proved to be a major set-back in the Gay Liberation movement.
From the steamboat's cabin Kurtz was placed in, he is heard yelling at the manager: "' Save me !— save the ivory, you mean.
God Save the Queen, the national anthem of the United Kingdom, is sometimes played alongside Hen Wlad fy Nhadau during official events with a royal connection.

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