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Savoy and dancer
He frequented Harlem's Savoy Ballroom in the 1930s, eventually becoming a dancer in the elite and prestigious " Kat's Corner ," a corner of the dance floor in which impromptu exhibitions and competitions took place.
John Lamb Reed, OBE ( 13 February 1916 – 13 February 2010 ) was an English actor, dancer and singer, known for his nimble performances in the principal comic roles of the Savoy Operas, particularly with the D ' Oyly Carte Opera Company.
The title refers to a popular dance step of the time, attributed to George " Shorty " Snowdon a champion African-American dancer at Harlem ’ s Savoy Ballroom and reputed inventor of the Lindy Hop or Jitterbug dance styles.

Savoy and Shorty
" Shorty " George and Big Bea regularly won contests at the Savoy Ballroom.
Charles Buchanan, manager of the Savoy, paid dancers such as Shorty Snowden to " perform " for his clientele.
Frankie Manning and George " Shorty " Snowden competed in weekly dance contests at the Savoy Ballroom.
During a dance contest in 1935, Manning and his partner Frieda Washington performed the first aerial in a swing dance competition against George " Shorty " Snowden and his partner Big Bea, at the Savoy Ballroom.

Savoy and George
The assignment was given to Master James of Saint George, a prestigious architect whom Edward had met in Savoy on his return from the crusade.
Like the first lords of Richmond, Peter II of Savoy and Ralph de Neville, 1st Earl of Westmorland before him, George was endowed with the lordship of Richmondshire but without the peerage.
* Ronnie Ross and Bernard George – baritone sax on " Savoy Truffle "
James of Saint George, a famous architect and engineer from Savoy, was probably responsible for the bulk of the construction work across the region.
There is also a recording " Stompin ' at the Savoy " with the George Gee band where Manning himself calls out the moves.
Master James of Saint George ( c. 1230 – 1309 ), also known as Jacques de Saint-Georges d ' Espéranche, was an architect from Savoy responsible for designing many of Edward I's castles, including Conwy, Harlech and Caernarfon ( all begun in 1283 ) and Beaumaris in Anglesey ( begun 1295 ).
Edward I probably met Master James of St George whilst visiting Savoy in 1273, but did not employ him until the late 1270s.
In keeping with Edward's other castles in North Wales, the architecture of Harlech has close to links to that found in the kingdom of Savoy during the same period, an influence probably derived from the Savoy origins of the main architect, James of Saint George.
Construction continued under the overall direction of James of Saint George, a Savoy architect and military engineer.
In keeping with other Edwardian castles in North Wales, the architecture of Conwy has close to links to that found in the kingdom of Savoy during the same period, an influence probably derived from the Savoy origins of the main architect, James of Saint George.
Landry ; thence in a westerly direction along the south limit of said lot to a point where the same is intersected by the west bank or shore of Gaspereau Creek ; thence in a southerly direction along said bank or shore to a point in the southern limit of lot number one hundred and forty-two, granted to M. Gottro ; thence in a westerly direction along the southern limit of said lot and said limit of lot number three hundred and six, granted to George Savoy, and lot number three hundred and nine, granted to A. Basque, to a point in the eastern limit of lot number one, granted to T. Richard ; thence in a southerly direction along said limit of said lot to the southeast angle of the same ; thence in a westerly direction along the south limit of Range Six, Saint-Isidore, to the northwest angle of lot number two hundred and eighty-nine, granted to Canute Arceno, situated in the Second Tier North of the Little Tracadie River ; thence in a southerly direction along the west limit of said lot and said limit of lot number thirty, granted to Richard Arseneault, to a point in the north bank or shore of the aforesaid River ; thence following the said bank or shore upstream to a point where the same is intersected by the south limit of Range Nine, Saint-Isidore ; thence in a westerly direction along said limit of said Range and its western prolongation to a point in the Division line between Timber Block Numbers Three and Four, Range Eight ; thence in a southerly direction along said Division line in Ranges Eight, Nine and Ten to a point in the Gloucester-Northumberland County line ; and thence in an easterly direction along said County line to the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
He attributes much of his style to songs he enjoyed when first learning the guitar, such as The Beatles ' " Savoy Truffle ", where " George Harrison played that bent note that I fell in love with and later milked it for all it was worth.
Its bands, Savoy Orpheans and the Savoy Havana Band, became famous, and other entertainers ( who were also often guests ) included George Gershwin, Frank Sinatra, Lena Horne and Noël Coward.
The next year, Carte engaged M. Joseph, proprietor of the Marivaux Restaurant in Paris, as his next maître d ' hôtel and in 1900 hired George Reeves-Smith as the next managing director of the Savoy hotel group.
" In 1937, George VI became the first reigning monarch to dine in any hotel when he attended a private dinner at the Savoy.
* Mackintosh's Good News, a box of chocolates on which George Harrison based the lyric of The Beatles ' Savoy Truffle
Contemporary European rulers were Philip V of Spain ; John V of Portugal ; George I of Great Britain ; Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor and Victor Amadeus II, Duke of Savoy ; Savoy was the maternal grand father of Louis XV.
Unlike many of the female impersonation acts that existed at that time, like Bert Savoy or George Fortesque, Eltinge did not present a caricature of women but presented the illusion of actually being a woman.

Savoy and stated
However, several contemporaneous maps identified the same island as " Luisa ," after Louise of Savoy, the Queen Mother of France, and the mother of Francis I. Verrazano's ship log stated that the island was " full of hilles, covered with trees, well-peopled for we saw fires all along the coaste.
In fact, Plymouth Gin's popularity during the cocktail era was so strong that all 23 gin based cocktail recipes in the Savoy book of cocktails stated to use it making Plymouth Gin the most often named brand in all pre-war cocktails.

Savoy and We
In 2000 Burke claimed: " We never received any royalties from any of those records that were ever done by Savoy.
In his Proclamation to the Lombard-Venetian people, Charles Albert said "... in order to show more clearly with exterior signs the commitment to Italian unification, We want that Our troops ... have the Savoy shield placed on the Italian tricolour flag.
The verses of this Song are in the key of Am but the chorus in A major, this technique of parallel minor / major contrast also present in Beatles ' songs such as While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Savoy Truffle, The Fool on the Hill, Fixing a Hole, Michelle, Things We Said Today, Do You Want to Know a Secret and Norwegian Wood ( This Bird Has Flown ).

Savoy and used
The metal was later marketed under the ' Staybrite ' brand by Firth Vickers in England and was used for the new entrance canopy for the Savoy Hotel in London in 1929.
The Savoy knot, a type of decorative knot, is a heraldic knot used primarily in Italian heraldry.
Carte used his profits from the Gilbert and Sullivan partnership to build the Savoy Theatre in 1881, and their joint works then became known as the Savoy operas.
Currently the leadership of the House of Savoy is contested by two cousins: Vittorio Emanuele, Prince of Naples, who used to claim the title of King of Italy, and Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta, who still claims the title of the Duke of Savoy.
If the nexus of Carte and the Savoy Theatre is used to define " Savoy Opera ," then the last new Savoy Opera was The Rose of Persia ( music by Sullivan, libretto by Basil Hood ), which ran from 28 November 1899 – 28 June 1900.
The names of the historical French provinces — such as Brittany ( Bretagne ), Berry, Orléanais, Normandy ( Normandie ), Languedoc, Lyonnais, Dauphiné, Champagne, Poitou, Guyenne and Gascony ( Gascogne ), Burgundy ( Bourgogne ), Picardy ( Picardie ), Provence, Touraine, Limousin, Auvergne, Béarn, Alsace, Flanders, Lorraine, Corsica ( Corse ), Savoy ( Savoie )... ( please see individual articles for specifics about each regional culture ) — are still used to designate natural, historical and cultural regions, and many of them appear in modern région or département names.
This usage seems to be diminishing in usage and the term is often used today to describe faster lindy hop based on moves from Whitey's Lindy Hoppers and other dancers from the Savoy ballroom.
These include window styles, the type of crenellation used on the towers and positioning of putlog holes, and are usually ascribed to the influence of the Savoy architect Master James.
The first published recipe — gin-based — seems to have appeared in The Savoy Cocktail Book in 1930, but 20 years later David Embury wrote, in The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, “ Gin is sometimes used in place of cognac in this drink, but then, of course, it no longer should be called French .” Embury ignores Champagne ’ s French origins, not to mention the 75-millimeter cannon for which the drink was named.
Filming locations for the film include Blenheim Palace, Savoy Hotel London, Lloyd's of London, Borough Market, London, Duart Castle on the Isle of Mull in Scotland, Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland, the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur ( with other filming completed at Pinewood Studios ), and the Bukit Jalil LRT station However, the signage at this station that was used for the movie was Pudu LRT station instead of Bukit Jalil.
Beyond the Houses of Parliament, it is named Victoria Embankment as it stretches to Blackfriars Bridge ; this stretch also incorporates a section of the London Underground network used by the District and Circle Lines, and also passes Shell Mex House and the Savoy Hotel.
This was later marketed under the " Staybrite " brand by Firth Vickers in England and was used for the new entrance canopy for the Savoy Hotel in 1929 in London.
This was housed in the old Savoy cinema, a 1930s building used as a cinema until its closure in 1985.
On 18 May they signed a peace treaty at Paris, ceding Savoy and Nice and allowing the French bases to be used against Austria.
Building in the same direction that Minton had started, Hill used his connections from the Savoy Ballroom ( where his band used to play ), and the Apollo Theatre to increase the interest in the club.
Yverdon's castle used to be the residence of the castellans of the Savoy dynasty, until 1536, followed by the bailiffs of Bern state.
The title of Duchy of Spoleto was later used by members of the House of Savoy.
Plymouth used the name Savoy on several automobiles.
From 1951-1953, the Savoy name was used on a station wagon, upgrading the base model Suburban.

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