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Scholars and agree
Scholars generally agree that many of the personalities of Beowulf also appear in Scandinavian sources ( specific works designated in the following section ).
Scholars agree that the Deuteronomists ' hand can be seen in Judges through the book's cyclical nature: the Israelites fall into idolatry, God punishes them for their sins with oppression by foreign peoples, the Israelites cry out to God for help, and God sends a judge to deliver them from the foreign oppression.
Scholars such as D. A. Carson, Douglas J. Moo, and Craig Blomberg, often agree with Robinson.
Scholars generally agree that the theme of divine promise unites the patriarchal cycles, but many would dispute the idea that a single theme ( or theology ) runs through Genesis – a theology of the Abraham cycle or the Jacob cycle or the Joseph cycle might be possible, or a theology of the Yahwist or the Priestly source, but not a single theology or overarching theme for all of Genesis.
Scholars do not agree on the process of how he developed his own unique model.
Scholars agree, however, that it is important to distinguish between Calvin's views toward the biblical Jews and his attitude toward contemporary Jews.
Scholars generally agree that these copies were written at Monte Cassino and the end of the document refers to Abbas Raynaldus cu ... who was most probably one of the two abbots of that name at the abbey during that period.
Scholars of Japanese history agree that the bushidō that spread throughout modern Japan was not simply a continuation of earlier traditions.
Scholars now widely agree though that many textual variants previously classified as " Samaritan " actually derive from even earlier phases of the Pentateuch's textual history.
Scholars agree, however, that Leopold was successful as a pedagogue.
Constitutional historian Melvin I. Urofsky concludes that, " Scholars agree that as a judge, Warren does not rank with Louis Brandeis, Black, or Brennan in terms of jurisprudence.
Scholars John Lindow and Carolyne Larrington agree that the Prose Edda account of the flood borrowed from Judeo-Christian tradition of Noah's Ark.
Scholars however agree that there are two authentic ways of raising one's hands: when not in drastic conditions the palms of one's hands should be turned up facing the skies, whilst the back of one's hands are facing the ground, then the du ' a can be " recited ".
Scholars agree that the tales are older than the existing manuscripts, but disagree over just how much older.
Scholars agree that historically Champa was divided into several regions or principalities spread out from South to North along the coast of modern Vietnam and united by a common language, culture and heritage.
Scholars agree that although Bucer's impact on the Church of England should not be overestimated, he exercised his greatest influence on the revision of the Prayer Book.
Scholars now tend to agree that modern Chinese literature did not erupt suddenly in the New Culture Movement ( 1917 – 23 ).
Scholars agree that singing is strongly present in many non-human species.
Scholars agree that Logan Elrod was a son of Shikellamy, an important diplomat for the Iroquois Confederacy.
Scholars today agree that Athenaeus's Ulpian is not the historical Ulpian, but possibly his father.
Scholars generally agree on a date in the second half of the 2nd century.
Scholars agree that the group's influence has waned since the end of World War II, with the growing importance of Jews, Catholics, and other former outsiders.
Scholars such as Vanderbilt University history professor Simon Collier, University of Belgrano agriculture history professor Osvaldo Barsky and Uruguayan history professor Jorge Ruffinelli from Stanford University agree that Gardel was born in Toulouse, France, in 1890, and that he laid a false trail about his birthplace beginning in 1920, when he was almost 30.
Scholars agree that gumbo originated in Louisiana in the early 18th century, but its uncertain etymology makes it difficult to pinpoint the origins of the food.

Scholars and introductory
Scholars need an introductory letter by either a recognized institute of research or by a suitably qualified person in the field of historical research.
Stretching from 2001 to the present and growing with each new term, the library ranges from introductory surveys of major Hindu themes, texts and traditions ; single lectures on topics like Women in the Mahabharata or Poetry in the Vedas ; discussions with Jewish, Muslim, and Christian Scholars, and seminars on Hindi Cinema.

Scholars and sections
Scholars break the book of Amos up into three sections.
Scholars sometimes also point to the inclusion of some obviously later ( relatively new ) sections of the Kathavatthu in the Tipitaka as an indication that the Pāli Canon was more ' open ' than has sometimes been thought, and as illustrative of the process of codifying new texts as canonical.

Scholars and book
Scholars have identified several passages in Jeremiah that can be understood as “ confessions ;” they occur in the first section of the book ( chapters 1-25 ) and are 11. 18-12. 6, 15. 10-21, 17. 14-18, 18. 18-23, and 20. 7-18.
Scholars therefore divide the book into three parts:
Scholars also suggest that the Deuteronomists also included the humorous and sometimes disparaging commentary found in the book such as the story of the Ephraimite who could not pronounce the word " shibboleth " correctly ( Judg.
In his book Students, Scholars and Saints, Ginzberg quotes the Vilna Gaon instructing, “ Do not regard the views of the Shulchan Aruch as binding if you think that they are not in agreement with those of the Talmud .”
He wrote this book at the Palo Alto Center for Scholars, surrounded by social scientists, when he observed that they were never in agreement on theories or concepts.
Scholars now believe that he became associated with the Malleus Maleficarum largely as a result of Kramer's wish to lend his book as much official authority as possible.
Scholars usually assume that there exists an original core of prophetic tradition behind each book which can be attributed to the figure after whom it is named.
Scholars are divided on the question of Burke ’ s association with the book thereafter, although many suggest that he continued to contribute to the history section and that he played a significant role in overseeing The Annual Register ’ s compilation until the 1790s, even though much of the editorial work by this stage was being done by others.
Scholars have pointed out that part of Addison's book simply repeats material found in the English translation of Johannes Buxtorf's work, The Jewish Synagogue, or an Historical Narration of the State of the Jewes ( Synagoga Judaica, London, 1657 ).
In 1995, President Robert Maxson initiated the privately funded President's Scholars Program, providing selected qualified California high school valedictorians and National Merit finalists and semi-finalists with a full four-year scholarship package, including tuition, a book stipend, and housing.
Scholars speculate that the Tractatus coislinianus summarises the contents of the lost second book.
Scholars believe that the book represents the most literary post-classical Greek language found in the Septuagint, having been written during the Jewish Hellenistic period ( the 2nd or 1st century BC ).
Scholars Chaim Perelman and L. Olbrechts-Tyteca, in their book The New Rhetoric: A Treatise on Argumentation, argue that the rhetor " is in a better position than anyone else to test the value of his own arguments.
The 1978 book Mary in the New Testament: A Collaborative Assessment by Protestant and Roman Catholic Scholars concluded that " it cannot be said that the New Testament identifies them ( the " brothers and sisters " of Jesus ) without doubt as blood brothers and sisters and hence as children of Mary ".
Scholars differ over how much of the book is from Jeremiah himself and how much from later disciples, but the French scholar Thomas Romer has recently identified two Deuteronomistic " redactions " ( editings ) of the book of Jeremiah some time before the end of the Exile ( pre-539 BCE ) – a process which also involved the prophetic books of Amos and Hosea.
Bourne, in a 1906 essay published in the American Historical Review, summarized his view of Carver's book: " Scholars are in general agreement that much of the work in this volume is an abridgement or adaptation of historical writings by Charlevoix, Adair, and La Hontan.
Scholars almost universally agree that the book Hilkiah " found " was the Biblical Book of Deuteronomy.
The first printing had an insert: " The sale of this book is strictly limited to members of the medical profession, Psychoanalysts, Scholars, and to such adults as may have a definite position in the field of Physiological, Psychological, or Social Research.
Scholars have judged the book " heavily romantic and melodramatic " and have called many of his conclusions " simplistic ," but they also argue Montana: High, Wide and Handsome " has probably affected people's thinking about Montana more than any other work.
Lewy criticized Noam Chomsky in the book for his role in proliferating charges of American war crimes through the aegis of the Committee of Concerned Asia Scholars, which Lewy characterizes as part of a " veritable industry " of war crimes allegations.
Scholars believe that Davis primarily did the writing of the book ; it does not have Dorsey's felicity of style.

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