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Scholars and argue
Scholars of ballads are often divided into two camps, the ‘ communalists ’ who, following the line established by the German scholar Johann Gottfried Herder ( 1744 – 1803 ) and the Brothers Grimm, argue that ballads arose by a combined communal effort and did not have a single author, and ‘ individualists ’, following the thinking of English collector Cecil Sharp, who assert that there was a single original author.
Scholars such as Frederick W. Mote argue that the wide drop in numbers reflects an administrative failure to record rather than an actual decrease ; others such as Timothy Brook argue that the Mongols created a system of enserfment among a huge portion of the Chinese populace, causing many to disappear from the census altogether ; other historians like William McNeill and David Morgan argue that the Bubonic Plague was the main factor behind the demographic decline during this period.
Scholars such as Thomas Jones and N. J. Higham argue that the Annales entry is based directly on the Historia, with the obscure battle of Guinnion replaced with the more famous Badon, and the icon of Mary replaced with the more common cross.
Scholars such as John Searle argue on the one hand that “ a socially constructed reality presupposes a reality independent of all social constructions ”.
Scholars such as Peter Auer and Li Wei argue that the explanation of the social motivation of code-switching lies in the way code-switching is structured and managed in conversational interaction ; in other words, the question of why code-switching occurs cannot be answered without first addressing the question of how it occurs.
Scholars of the Chinese internet such as Peng Lan, argue that its creation to mobilize internet resistance to the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade was a landmark moment in Chinese internet history., and the forum has been cited as being important in the development of online Chinese nationalism.
Scholars also argue about Smriti in terms of it meaning “ specifically ‘ Brahmanical tradition ’”.
Scholars supporting the " continuity theory " argue that the Romanians descended from the Daco-Romans, a people emerging through the cohabitation of the native Dacians and Latin-speaking colonists in the one-time Roman province of Dacia north of the river Danube.
Scholars like Arnaldo Momigliano, Carlo Ginzburg and Lincoln argue that Dumézil was in favor of a traditional hierarchical order in Europe, that his Indo-European dualism and tripartite ideology may be also related to Italian and French fascist ideas, and that he was in favor of French fascism ( but not of German Nazism ).
Scholars like Jeffrey Rubenstein and Daniel Boyarin argue that it was through the Yeshu narratives that Rabbis confronted this blurry boundary.
Scholars who share Justice Black's view, such as Akhil Amar, argue that the Framers of the Fourteenth Amendment, like Senator Jacob Howard and Congressman John Bingham, included a Due Process Clause in the Fourteenth Amendment for the following reason: " By incorporating the rights of the Fifth Amendment, the privileges or immunities clause would ... have prevented states from depriving ' citizens ' of due process.
Scholars Chaim Perelman and L. Olbrechts-Tyteca, in their book The New Rhetoric: A Treatise on Argumentation, argue that the rhetor " is in a better position than anyone else to test the value of his own arguments.
Scholars such as Steven Levitsky and Lucan Way argue that terms like " illiberal democracy " are inappropriate for some of these states, because the term implies that these regimes are, at their heart, democracies that have gone wrong.
Scholars argue that activities such as billiards, bathing, fencing and swimming ( see the lake scene ) offer Darcy to a female gaze ; he is often presented in profile by a window or a fireplace when his friends discuss Elizabeth.
Scholars such as Yale University ’ s Amy Chua argue for a different version of multiculturalism: the salad bowl.
Scholars argue that the Patuas, originally Hindus, were cast out of the Hindu society for not following canonical proceedings in pursuing their trade.
Scholars, including Sunaina Maira and Evelyn Alsultany, argue that in the post-September 11 climate, Muslim Americans have been racialized within American society, although the markers of this racialization are cultural, political, and religious rather than phenotypic.
Scholars Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman argue that the logic in some of the conservative arguments regarding liberal bias are flawed.
Scholars have judged the book " heavily romantic and melodramatic " and have called many of his conclusions " simplistic ," but they also argue Montana: High, Wide and Handsome " has probably affected people's thinking about Montana more than any other work.

Scholars and over
Scholars generally prefer Paul's account over that in Acts.
Scholars continue to debate over which history is more reliable: Chronicles or Samuel-Kings.
Within the Yangban class, the Scholars ( Munban ) enjoyed a significant social advantage over the warrior ( Muban ) class, until the Muban Rebellion in 1170.
Scholars are divided over the chronological sequence of the activities of Ezra and Nehemiah.
Scholars of general semantics emphasize distinctions between different perceptions at different points in space ( called " space-binding ") over any universal God's eye view or assumed-shared or collective identity.
Scholars are divided over whether these rules originated with Jesus or with apostolic practice.
Scholars have devised over a dozen methods to calculate Gini, each of which gives a different value.
Scholars debate over why mercantilism dominated economic ideology for 250 years.
Scholars are also divided over the cause of mercantilism's end.
Scholars have recently attempted to apply network theory to precedent in order to establish which precedent is most important or authoritative, and how the court's interpretations and priorities have changed over time.
King's Scholars are entitled to use the letters " KS " after their name and they can be identified by a black gown worn over the top of their tailcoats, giving them the nickname tugs ( Latin: togati, wearers of gowns ); and occasionally by a surplice in Chapel.
As stated above, King's Scholars wear a black gown over the top of their tailcoats, and occasionally a surplice in Chapel.
Scholars have also suggested an origin in the Indo-European root * ser-' to watch over, protect ', akin to Latin servare ' to keep, guard, protect, preserve, observe '.
Fudan University has a high-level research faculty of over 2, 400 full-time teachers and researchers, including 1, 350 professors and associate professors, 30 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, nearly 660 doctoral supervisors, 26 special professors and 2 lecture professors of " Cheungkong Scholars Program ", 3 distinguished professors and 10 special professors of Fudan University, 6 principal scientists of Project 973 and 25 " Young Experts with Prominent Contributions to the Country ".
Scholars from all over the world visit Leiden University Library, the oldest in the Netherlands.
Scholars agree that the tales are older than the existing manuscripts, but disagree over just how much older.
The Queen's Scholars have privileged access to the House of Commons gallery, said to be a compromise recorded in the Standing Orders of the House in the 19th century, to stop the boys from climbing into the Palace over the roofs.
In February 2008, the College eliminated offering financial-aid loans to students from families with incomes under $ 60, 000 ( and for international students and Davis Scholars ) and it lowered the total amount of student loans by one-third ( to a maximum of $ 8, 600 total over four years ) to students from families with incomes between $ 60, 000 and $ 100, 000.
On the annual St. Andrew's Day match, the Oppidans climb over the wall, after throwing their caps over in defiance of the Scholars, while the Collegers march down from the far end of College Field, arm-in-arm, towards the near end, where they meet the Oppidans.
Two progressives, professor Robert Jensen and journalist Norman Solomon, resigned from Project Censored's panel of national judges over the decision to highlight the 9 / 11 conspiracy theories of Steven E. Jones, a founder of Scholars for 9 / 11 Truth, in Censored 2007.
Scholars have linked the goddess ' name to a variety of Germanic personal names, a series of location names in England, over 150 2nd century BCE Matronae ( the matronae Austriahenea ) inscriptions discovered in Germany, and have debated whether or not Eostre is an invention of Bede's, and theories connecting Ēostre with records of Germanic Easter customs ( including hares and eggs ) have been proposed.
Scholars agree that the tales are older than the existing manuscripts, but disagree over just how much older.
Since that time, over 8, 000 caddies have become Evans Scholars and attained college educations.

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