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Scholars and disagree
Scholars disagree whether the reconstruction was pirated or authorised.
Scholars disagree whether anyone no longer eligible to be elected president could be elected vice president, pursuant to the qualifications set out under the Twelfth Amendment.
Scholars disagree on the date when infant baptism was first practiced.
Scholars disagree whether a former President barred from election to the Presidency is also ineligible to be elected Vice President, as suggested by the Twelfth Amendment.
Scholars disagree as to the reliability of this story.
Scholars disagree about the various, too often contradictory, accounts of his life given in sources from his era of history, such as the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Adam of Bremen's Gesta Hammaburgensis Ecclesiae Pontificum, and the Heimskringla, a 13th-century work by Icelandic author Snorri Sturluson.
Scholars may disagree on which bodily movements fall under this category, e. g. whether thinking should be analysed as action, and how complex actions involving several steps to be taken and diverse intended consequences are to be summarised or decomposed.
Scholars agree that the tales are older than the existing manuscripts, but disagree over just how much older.
Scholars in general disagree as to whether there is a substantial, musicological difference between blues that originated in this region and in other parts of the country.
Scholars disagree, however, as to whether Ezekiel 38-39 was part of the original text ( compare, for example, Joseph Blenkinsopp, who believes it to be a late addition, and Daniel Block, who argues for its original status ).
Scholars disagree in their definition of the term in relation to the Beothuk, and the parties have differing political agendas.
Scholars agree that the tales are older than the existing manuscripts, but disagree over just how much older.
Scholars of Early Christianity disagree on whether to classify Marcion as a Gnostic: Adolf Von Harnack does not classify Marcion as a Gnostic, whereas G. R. S. Mead does.
Scholars disagree over the details of the decisions made at the convention, especially whether the ruler of Poland was pledged the king's crown or not.
Scholars disagree on how Ulysses ' speech functions in this format ; it is not necessarily clear to whom Ulysses is speaking, if anyone, and from what location.
Scholars disagree about some differences among flamines maiores and minores.
Scholars and tea merchants generally disagree as to when the first production of white tea ( as it is understood in China today ) began.
Scholars disagree about the extent of the native African content of black Christianity as it emerged in 18th-century America, but there is no dispute that the Christianity of the black population was grounded in evangelicalism.
Scholars disagree whether the original language of the Infancy Gospel of Thomas was Greek or Syriac, based on the finding or lack of badly-translated Greek or Syriac vocabulary or idiom.
Scholars continue to disagree about the merits of this claim, though assuming that if Gauden wrote it, he had access to Charles's papers when he did so.
Scholars disagree on why the end is missing.
Scholars agree with the Akha that they originated in China ; they disagree, however, about whether the original homeland was the Tibetan borderlands, as the Akha claim, or farther south and east in Yunnan Province, the northernmost residence of present-day Akha.
Scholars disagree about whether Father Divine, an African American, was a civil rights activist, but he certainly advocated some progressive changes to race relations.
Scholars disagree whether the new deity was a refoundation of the ancient Latin cult of Sol, a revival of the cult of Elagabalus or completely new.

Scholars and on
At last count, sixteen former Rhodes Scholars ( see box on page 13 ) had been appointed to the Administration, second in number only to its Harvard graduates.
Scholars recognize that classification ultimately depends on how one defines religion.
Scholars who are not Christian Scientists rely on it, but church members strongly disfavor it.
Scholars are divided on whether it is based on Ezra-Nehemiah, or reflects an earlier literary stage before the combination of Ezra and Nehemiah accounts.
" Al-Obeikan, however, was subsequently removed from his position as advisor to the royal cabinet in May 2012 after opposing moves to relax gender segregation, and in August of 2012, Obeikan ’ s morning radio show “ Fatwas on Air ,” in which he would issue daily fatwas, was canceled after a royal decree that authorizes only members of the Council of Senior Islamic Scholars to issue fatwas.
In September 2007, the Central Java division and Jepara branch of the Indonesian organisation Nahdlatul Ulama ( the Awakening of the Religious Scholars ) declared the government's proposal to build a nuclear power station nearby at Balong on the Muria peninsula haram or forbidden.
Scholars do not agree on the process of how he developed his own unique model.
A third of the student body are National Merit Scholars, and at one point, about 40 percent of graduates were going on to earn a Ph. D. — the highest rate of any college or university in the nation.
Scholars have ranked him favorably on the list of greatest presidents for his ability to set an agenda and achieve all of it.
Scholars have differing opinions on the total or partial authenticity of the reference in Book 18, Chapter 3, 3 of the Antiquities to the execution of Jesus by Pontius Pilate, a passage usually called the Testimonium Flavianum.
Scholars lack information on this period.
Scholars have found that the styles of Shakespeare and Oxford, based on a computerised textual comparison developed by the Claremont Shakespeare Clinic, are " light years apart "; it was reported that the odds of Oxford having written Shakespeare are " lower than the odds of getting hit by lightning ".
Scholars on both sides of the question have believed Polonius is based on Lord Burghley.
Scholars believe that Rashi's commentary on the Torah grew out of the lectures he gave to his students in his yeshiva, and evolved with the questions and answers they raised on it.
She graduated from Wellesley as one of the 33 Durant Scholars on June 19, 1917, with a major in English literature and minor in philosophy.
Scholars have traditionally focused attention on Melville's treatment of race, and the narrator's portrayal of his hosts as noble savages, but there is considerable disagreement as to what extent the values, attitudes and beliefs expressed are Melville's own, and whether Typee reinforces or challenges racist assessments of Pacific culture.
Scholars that continue to research the background of the Zohar include Yehudah Liebes ( who wrote his doctor's degree for Scholem on the subject of a Dictionary of the Vocabulary of the Zohar in 1976 ), and Daniel C. Matt, also a student of Scholem, who is currently reconstructing a critical edition of the Zohar based on original unpublished manuscripts.
Scholars also debate the exact influence of Jewish thought on Durkheim's work.
Scholars think it might have been an Etruscan ( or local ) creation based on Vitruvius ' treatise on architecture, in which the three deities are associated as most important.

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