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Scholars and disagree
Scholars disagree whether the reconstruction was pirated or authorised.
Scholars disagree whether anyone no longer eligible to be elected president could be elected vice president, pursuant to the qualifications set out under the Twelfth Amendment.
Scholars disagree on the date when infant baptism was first practiced.
Scholars disagree whether a former President barred from election to the Presidency is also ineligible to be elected Vice President, as suggested by the Twelfth Amendment.
Scholars disagree as to the reliability of this story.
Scholars disagree about the various, too often contradictory, accounts of his life given in sources from his era of history, such as the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Adam of Bremen's Gesta Hammaburgensis Ecclesiae Pontificum, and the Heimskringla, a 13th-century work by Icelandic author Snorri Sturluson.
Scholars may disagree on which bodily movements fall under this category, e. g. whether thinking should be analysed as action, and how complex actions involving several steps to be taken and diverse intended consequences are to be summarised or decomposed.
Scholars agree that the tales are older than the existing manuscripts, but disagree over just how much older.
Scholars in general disagree as to whether there is a substantial, musicological difference between blues that originated in this region and in other parts of the country.
Scholars disagree, however, as to whether Ezekiel 38-39 was part of the original text ( compare, for example, Joseph Blenkinsopp, who believes it to be a late addition, and Daniel Block, who argues for its original status ).
Scholars disagree in their definition of the term in relation to the Beothuk, and the parties have differing political agendas.
Scholars agree that the tales are older than the existing manuscripts, but disagree over just how much older.
Scholars of Early Christianity disagree on whether to classify Marcion as a Gnostic: Adolf Von Harnack does not classify Marcion as a Gnostic, whereas G. R. S. Mead does.
Scholars disagree over the details of the decisions made at the convention, especially whether the ruler of Poland was pledged the king's crown or not.
Scholars disagree on how Ulysses ' speech functions in this format ; it is not necessarily clear to whom Ulysses is speaking, if anyone, and from what location.
Scholars disagree about some differences among flamines maiores and minores.
Scholars disagree on the appropriateness of the term " Warring States Period " ( which is the Chinese term borrowed by the Japanese in calling this period " sengoku jidai ").
Scholars and tea merchants generally disagree as to when the first production of white tea ( as it is understood in China today ) began.
Scholars disagree about the extent of the native African content of black Christianity as it emerged in 18th-century America, but there is no dispute that the Christianity of the black population was grounded in evangelicalism.
Scholars disagree whether the original language of the Infancy Gospel of Thomas was Greek or Syriac, based on the finding or lack of badly-translated Greek or Syriac vocabulary or idiom.
Scholars continue to disagree about the merits of this claim, though assuming that if Gauden wrote it, he had access to Charles's papers when he did so.
Scholars disagree on why the end is missing.
Scholars agree with the Akha that they originated in China ; they disagree, however, about whether the original homeland was the Tibetan borderlands, as the Akha claim, or farther south and east in Yunnan Province, the northernmost residence of present-day Akha.
Scholars disagree about whether Father Divine, an African American, was a civil rights activist, but he certainly advocated some progressive changes to race relations.

Scholars and whether
Scholars dispute whether and how much Plato's story or account was inspired by older traditions.
Scholars have debated whether Athanasius ' list in 367 was the basis for the later lists.
Scholars debate whether Macbeth's vision of Banquo is real or a hallucination.
Scholars are divided on whether it is based on Ezra-Nehemiah, or reflects an earlier literary stage before the combination of Ezra and Nehemiah accounts.
" Scholars are unsure whether it means the " one who gathers " or the " one among the gathering.
Scholars are not unanimous about whether this indicates two authors.
Scholars often have difficulty assessing whether Romans is a letter or an epistle:
Scholars have theorized about whether or not Freyja and the goddess Frigg ultimately stem from a single goddess common among the Germanic peoples ; about her connection to the valkyries, female battlefield choosers of the slain ; and her relation to other goddesses and figures in Germanic mythology, including the thrice-burnt and thrice-reborn Gullveig / Heiðr, the goddesses Gefjon, Skaði, Þorgerðr Hölgabrúðr and Irpa, Menglöð, and the 1st century BCE " Isis " of the Suebi.
Scholars are divided over whether these rules originated with Jesus or with apostolic practice.
Scholars still debate whether these twists are mistakes or intentional additions to add to the play's theme of confusion and duality.
Scholars may debate whether Isidore ever personally embraced monastic life or affiliated with any religious order, but he undoubtedly esteemed the monks highly.
Scholars such as Claudia Setzer have noted the differences between the rationale for the death of John the Baptist presented by Josephus, and the theological variations ( e. g. whether immersion in water can result in the forgiveness of sins, etc.
( Scholars have debated whether Marx's comments about the proletariat can be analyzed in the context of the working class ).
Scholars debate whether Protestants actually drew influence from Lollardy or whether they referred to it to create a sense of tradition.
Scholars have traditionally focused attention on Melville's treatment of race, and the narrator's portrayal of his hosts as noble savages, but there is considerable disagreement as to what extent the values, attitudes and beliefs expressed are Melville's own, and whether Typee reinforces or challenges racist assessments of Pacific culture.
Scholars are divided about whether to seek a different and more powerful role for this amendment.
Scholars debate whether the Victorian period — as defined by a variety of sensibilities and political concerns that have come to be associated with the Victorians — actually begins with the passage of Reform Act 1832.
Scholars are not in agreement about whether the calendars used by the Jews before the Babylonian captivity were solar ( based on the return of the same relative position between the sun and the earth ) or lunisolar ( based on months that corresponded to the cycle of the moon, with periodic additional months to bring the calendar back into agreement with the solar cycle ) like the present-day Hebrew calendar.
Scholars have theorized that the Vanir may be connected to small pieces of gold foil, gullgubber, found in Scandinavia at some building sites from the Migration Period to the Viking Age and occasionally in graves, have asked whether the Vanir originally represented pre-Indo-European deities or Indo-European fertility gods, and have theorized a form of the gods as venerated by the pagan Anglo-Saxons.
Scholars have theorized about whether or not these three sources refer to the same figure, and debate whether or not Eir may have been originally a healing goddess and / or a valkyrie.

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