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Scott and Renshaw
Other authors with writing credits include: Shawn Ryan, Ben Edlund, Drew Goddard, Jeannine Renshaw, Howard Gordon, Jim Kouf, Jane Espenson, Doug Petrie, Tracey Stern, David H. Goodman, Scott Murphy, Marti Noxon and Brent Fletcher.
In May 1980 they returned to the West Ridge with Dick Renshaw and Doug Scott.
Some of its more prominent features include its reviews of art films ( Scott Renshaw ), restaurants ( Ted Scheffler ), local music groups ( Portia Early ), scheduled art shows and events, and television ( Bill Frost ).
Thanks to its proximity to the Clyde Valley's major fruit growers, one of Carluke's biggest employers is the jam company Renshaw Scott who recently added a chocolate refinery to their plant.

Scott and Arts
* National Medal of Arts, United States Presidential Award ; 1992 ( with Denise Scott Brown )
The Whimmydiddle Arts and Crafts Fair is held on the last Saturday of September in the Scott City Park.
Along with the new school complex, a new performing arts center has been built, The Niswonger Performing Arts Center of Northwest Ohio, thanks to the generous gift of Van Wert High School Alum, Scott Niswonger.
The organisers invited entries from three respected architects and, along with the designs from the Post Office and from The Birmingham Civic Society, the Fine Arts Commission judged the competition and selected the design submitted by Giles Gilbert Scott.
Harris received a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia, in 1979, and then studied under Christian theologian Francis Schaeffer at the L ' Abri community in Huemoz, Switzerland, not far from Lausanne.
Baillie Scott developed his own unique Arts and Crafts style however, which progressed towards a simple form of architecture, relying on truth to material and function, and on precise craftsmanship.
They counselled me to go to London and forced me into the secretaryship of the Society of Arts, then vacant by the retirement of Mr. Scott Russell.
The winners of the 1997 Governor General's Literary Awards were announced on November 18 by Donna Scott, Chairman of the Canada Council for the Arts.
* David Scott, singer-songwriter of The Pearlfishers has many produced notable records from a recording studio in the East Kilbride Arts Centre.
Douglas is becoming increasingly renowned as it saw the first architectural essays of the Arts and Crafts architect Baillie Scott.
* Grant F. Scott: The Sculpted Word: Keats, Ekphrasis, and the Visual Arts.
In 1989 Electronic Arts producer Richard Hilleman hired GameStar's Scott Orr to re-design John Madden Football for the fast-growing Sega Genesis.
* Domination and the Arts of Resistance: Hidden Transcripts ( 1990 ), by James C. Scott
Arts subjects are usually taught in the Roland Levinsky building and the Scott building, a 19th century building located next to Roland Levinsky which was modernized externally in 2008 to keep to the university's current design.
In late 1946 Forrestal withdrew the plan, in the face of public opposition and the disapproval of the House Naval Affairs Committee, but Barr and Scott Buchanan were already committed to leaving St. John's and launching Liberal Arts, Inc., a new, similar college in Stockbridge, Massachusetts ; that project eventually failed — but thinking about other sites for the college eventually led to the opening of St. John's second campus, in Santa Fe, in 1964.
Scott became a member of Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity while at American University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy and religion.
Students in their junior and senior years, especially those presenting thesis level work exhibit in the Julian Scott Memorial Gallery at the Dibden Center for the Arts.
Cornerhouse was conceived by the Greater Manchester Visual Arts Trust, chaired by Sir Bob Scott.
By 2005, significant improvements to facilities were completed including the new Ann Scott Carell Library, the Dugan Davis Track and Soccer Complex, Patton Visual Arts Center, and Daugh W. Smith Middle School.
In 2005, significant improvements to facilities were completed including the new Ann Scott Carell Library, the Dugan Davis Track and Soccer Complex, Patton Visual Arts Center, and Daugh W. Smith Middle School.
Musicals Society concert was held February 13-16, 2008 at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts in Burnaby, British Columbia, directed by Scott Ashton Swan.
Kerry Scott Conran ( born November 6, 1964 in Flint, Michigan ) is an American filmmaker, educated at the California Institute of Arts.
* SPURLING, Hilary, Paul Scott: Novelist and Historian, or The end of the party and the beginning of the washing up ( Austin: College of Liberal Arts, Harry Ransom research Center, 1990 ).
Sweeten began her acting career by attending the Kay Scott School of Performing Arts in San Saba, Texas, at age 3.

Scott and Entertainment
* American Classic Grover Washington Jr. and Shirley Scott ( 1982 ) Elektra Entertainment
Scott Brown of Entertainment Weekly magazine gave the film a B + and commented in his review saying " Let's face it: Lizzie McGuire ( Hilary Duff ) is just too darn polished to be a junior-high underdog, even by the standards of her ' luxe suburban environs '.
In Funimation Entertainment's dub of Dragon Ball Z in association with Saban Entertainment and Ocean Productions, he was voiced by Scott McNeil in episodes 1-67 ( 1-53 unedited ).
Just prior to his death, Tartikoff served as the chairman of the AOL project " Entertainment Asylum ," for which he teamed with Scott Zakarin to build the world's first interactive broadcast studio.
Kitt appeared with Jimmy James and George Burns at a fundraiser in 1990 produced by Scott Sherman, Agent from The Atlantic Entertainment Group.
Scott Sherman, an agent at Atlantic Entertainment Group, stated: " Eartha Kitt is fantastic ... appears at so many LGBT events in support of civil rights.
Scott Converse became a senior executive at Paramount Pictures Digital Entertainment Division.
The movie was produced by Strike Entertainment in association with New Amsterdam Entertainment, released by Universal Pictures and includes cameos by original cast members Ken Foree, Scott Reiniger and Tom Savini.
; Brum and The Stunt Bike Rescue ( with Linda Kerr Scott as Granny Slippers )- Ragdoll Productions for HIT Entertainment.
Scott Page-Pagter-a producer of the show starting with Power Rangers Zeo-responded through TMZ that Yost left over a pay bonus being dropped but did not elaborate on it, or dispute any of Yost's claims outside reasons for leaving the show ; Saban Entertainment did not make an official statement.
" The Sports Zoo " with Dave Logan and Scott Hastings ran for 12 years until Hastings left in April 2005 for the Altitude Sports and Entertainment network.
He joined Heart 106. 2, a London radio station on 18 April 2005, replacing Jonathan Coleman on Heart Breakfast with Harriet Scott, which won Gold for Best Music Personality Show at The New York Festivals, 2007 and The Silver Entertainment Award at The Sony Radio Academy Awards, 2007.
A third animation studio that was also acquired due to the IDT purchase, Film Roman, was sold in October 2010 to a production company owned by a group of investors led by former Film Roman studio president Scott Greenberg called Bento Box Entertainment.
A German-Canadian co-production was developed by the Munich-based Tandem Communications and Montreal-based Muse Entertainment, in association with Ridley Scott's Scott Free Films, to adapt the novel for a television movie.
The original version of TetraVex ( for the Windows Entertainment Pack 3 ) was written ( and named ) by Scott Ferguson who was also the Development Lead and an architect of the first version of Visual Basic.
Entertainment Weekly's Scott Brown awarded the Little Black Book a D, stating " The big climax isn't climactic, just hysterical and incoherent.
Scott Miller ( born 1961 in Florida ) is an American entrepreneur best known for founding Apogee Software, Ltd. ( dba 3D Realms Entertainment ) in 1987.
Entertainment Media Director Scott Seomin wrote in a letter sent to Turner Network Television president Brad Siegel, stating " The character of Lenny is presented with the intention to incite the crowd to the most base homophobic behavior.
Rich Collins, Scott Durbin, Dave Poche and Scott Smith, the Imagination Movers, won a 2009 Daytime Entertainment Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Song in the category of Children's and Animation for their original song " Boing, Cluck, Cluck.
"... As a story, it's the best ... an enchanting game ..."- Scott Mace, Insider Magazine, " If you liked King's Quest, you'll love the sequel "- Consumer Software News, " Roberta Williams has simply outdone herself "- Computer Entertainment, King's Quest II has " the most lushly painted and highly detailed scenery seen since ... well, King's Quest I.
* Scott Colton is a World Wrestling Entertainment ( WWE ) professional wrestler, working under the ring-name " Colt Cabana "
* 1999: Scott McNeil and Jim Byrnes, voice actors ; Brian Chapman, Hasbro representative ; Asaph Fipke, Mainframe Entertainment.

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