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Secretariat and March
A power struggle between Malenkov and Khrushchev began, and on 14 March Malenkov was forced to resign from the Secretariat.
The two nations formed the Nigeria-Niger Joint Commission for Cooperation ( NNJC ), established in March, 1971 with its Permanent Secretariat in Niamey, Niger.
The two nations formed the Nigeria-Niger Joint Commission for Cooperation ( NNJC ), established in March, 1971 with its Permanent Secretariat in Niamey, Niger.
As a result, Zinoviev was made a full member of the Politburo after the Xth Party Congress on March 16, 1921, while members of other factions such as Nikolai Krestinsky were dropped from the Politburo and the Secretariat.
* Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity ( United Nations Environment Programme ), Bibliography of Journal Articles on the Convention on Biological Diversity ( March 2006 ).
On 21 March 2005, Secretary-General Kofi Annan proposed several reforms for the Secretariat.
The instruction Ut sive sollicite of the Holy See's Secretariat of State, dated 28 March 1969, made the addition of Most Reverend optional.
When Stalin died on 5 March 1953, Malenkov was the most important member of the Secretariat, which also included Nikita Khrushchev among others.
Malenkov became Chairman of the Council of Ministers but was forced to resign from the Secretariat on 14 March 1953, leaving Khrushchev in effective control of the body.
Khan was unanimously voted for Chairing the Senate Secretariat and assumed this office on 21 March 1985.
On March 29, 1983, the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union has approved the resolution 101 / 62ГС to " Support the proposition of the Department of Propaganda of the Central Committee and the KGB USSR about the creation of the Anti-Zionist Committee of the Soviet Public ..."
After Vladimir Lenin's victory at the X Party Congress in March 1921, Krestinsky lost his Politburo, Orgburo and Secretariat posts and became Soviet ambassador to Germany.
Browder's status as the de facto first among equals among members of the Secretariat of the American CP was further emphasized at the 11th Plenum of the Comintern, held from March 26 to April 11, 1931.
Sired by Irish Castle, out of the mare Comely Nell, by Commodore M., Bold Forbes was foaled on March 31, 1973, which was the same day three years earlier and the same year that Secretariat won the Triple Crown.
Malenkov also became First Secretary of the Party ( as the position of General Secretary was now known ) but had to relinquish that position and leave the party Secretariat on March 14, 1953 in the name of collective leadership due to the dissatisfaction of others in the leadership with Malenkov's assumption of both leadership roles.
Among the notable efforts of Secretariat reform since 2005 is the Secretary-General's report Investing in the United Nations from March 2006 and the Comprehensive review of governance and oversight within the UN, June the same year.
The conflict came to a head in April 1992 when Thailand forced the executive agent of the Committee, Chuck Lankester, to resign and leave the country after barring the Secretariat from the March 1992 meeting.
Following weeks of speculation about the airlines ' financial situation, on 26 March 2007, the Secretariat of Communications & Transport of Mexico ( SCT ) issued a 90-day operations-desist claim that will immediately halt the operations of the airline in order for it to respond to its financial credit, personnel training and aircraft maintenance issues.
Líneas Aéreas Azteca, according to the Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil ( DGAC ) of the Secretariat of Communications and Transport, ceased operations on October 10, 2007, for not having a good financial statement, after the suspension on March 2007.
* Lebanese March 14 Movement's General Secretariat
As of March 2008, she is the Director of the BC Healthy Living Alliance Secretariat.
After entering the French section of the Secretariat of State in 1959, he was raised to the rank of Chaplain of His Holiness on 20 March 1965, and of Honorary Prelate of His Holiness on 29 November 1971.
On 30 March 1985, the President of India created 819 posts for the unit under the Cabinet Secretariat.
ADB ’ s CAREC Unit ( CARECU ) has served as the Program Secretariat since March 2000.

Secretariat and 30
Domenico Tardini ( 29 February 1888 30 July 1961 ) was a long time aide to Pope Pius XII in the Secretariat of State.

Secretariat and 1970
The ICFI approached the Secretariat again in 1970, requesting " a mutual discussion that might open the way to the Socialist Labour League and its French sister organisation, the Organisation Communiste Internationaliste, reunifying with the Fourth International ".
On February 11, 1970, Rigali became director of the English section of the Secretariat of State and the English translator to the Servant of God Pope Paul VI, whom Rigali subsequently accompanied on several international trips.
* 1968 1970: Member of the National Secretariat of the Italian Communist Youth Federation
* Staffing the United Nations Secretariat ( 1970 )

Secretariat and
The declaration stated that the Politburo, Orgburo and the Secretariat was taking complete control over the party, and it was these bodies which elected the delegates to the Party Congresses in effect making the executive branch, the Party Congress, a tool of the Soviet leadership.
At the 14 15 June 1983 Central Committee meeting, Vitaly Vorotnikov was elected as a candidate member of the Politburo, Grigory Romanov was elected to the Secretariat and five members of the Central Committee were given full membership.
In 1919 1952 the Orgburo was also elected in the same manner as the Politburo and the Secretariat by the plenums of the Central Committee.
* 1973 Secretariat wins the Triple Crown.
* 1973 Secretariat ( horse ) wins the 1973 Kentucky Derby in 1: 59 2 / 5, a still standing record.
* Central High Command composed of a Secretariat, containing five permanent members, one of which holds the title of Commander-in-Chief, and two " supplements ".
The Political Office of the Central Committee, Secretariat and regional committees appointed the key posts not only within the party, but also in all organizations having ‘ state ’ in its name from central offices to even small state and cooperative companies.
* Cristián Larroulet ( Minister of General Secretariat to the Presidency, 2010 present )
Churchill Downs bettors made the entry of Secretariat and Angle Light the 3 2 favorite in the 1973 Kentucky Derby.
Secretariat was sent off as a 1 10 favorite to win as a $ 2. 20 payout on a $ 2 ticket and paid at 20 cents more $ 2. 40 to place.
* ESPN Sports Century # 35 Secretariat
* Kentucky Derby. com Secretariat 1973
* USPS. com 1999 U. S. postage stamp Secretariat
* Pedigree Online Pedigree of Secretariat
But Della Chiesa's association with Rampolla, the architect of Pope Leo XIII's ( 1878 1903 ) foreign policy, made his position in the Secretariat of State under the new pontificate somewhat uncomfortable.
The modern Cabinet system was set up by Prime Minister David Lloyd George during his premiership 1916 1922, with a Cabinet Office and Secretariat, committee structures, unpublished Minutes, and a clearer relationship with departmental Cabinet Ministers.
*# Kentucky Derby Secretariat
*# Preakness Stakes Secretariat
*# Belmont Stakes Secretariat

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