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See and also
See also Interest On Unpaid Taxes, below.
See also Reciprocity ( evolution ).
Such altruism may only extend to ingroup members while there may instead prejudice and antagonism against outgroup members ( See also in-group favoritism ).
See also Lack-of-fit sum of squares.
in engineering, math, psychology ), ( See also Prometheus Rising.
** See also Salmond on " Citizenship and Allegiance ," in the Law Quarterly Review ( July 1901, January 1902 ).
Azerbaijan also maintains good relations with the European Union, in the framework of its Eastern European Neighbourhood Policy ( See Azerbaijan and the European Union ).
: See also: List of Ashes series for a full listing of all the Ashes series.
: See also: List of Ashes series for a full listing of all the Ashes series since 1882.
See also: Dualism, Dualism ( philosophy of mind )
See also: Jewish philosophy, Christian philosophy
See also cultural movements.
See also note 43 at p. 163, with references to Palanque ( 1933 ), Gaudemet ( 1972 ), Matthews ( 1975 ) and King ( 1961 )</ ref > Under Ambrose's influence, Theodosius issued the 391 " Theodosian decrees ," which with increasing intensity outlawed Pagan practises, and the Altar of Victory was removed by Gratian.
See also A. Molinier, Les Sources de l ' histoire de France.
According to The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Asgard is derived from Old Norse āss, god + garðr, enclosure ; from Indo-European roots ansu-spirit, demon ( see cognate ahura ) + gher-grasp, enclose ( see cognates garden and yard ).< ref >; See also ansu-and gher -< sup > 1 </ sup > in " Appendix I: Indo-European Roots " in the same work .</ ref >
See also invariance theorem.
( See also Electoral systems of the Australian states and territories ).
See also the list of Acorn Electron games for a fairly comprehensive list of games published for the machine and: Category: BBC Micro and Acorn Electron games for a list of games with information on Wikipedia.
See also Old Testament Law directed at non-Jews and Leviticus 18.
See also New Covenant ( theology ).
See also Prayer in the New Testament.
See also: List of autobiographies and: Category: Autobiographies for examples.
Woollcombe also states that no one questioned the apostolicity of the See of Alexandria despite the fact that its Popes were consecrated by the college of presbyters up till the time of the Council of Nicaea in 325.
: See also: Aston Martin Racing, List of Formula One constructors
See also post-it notes.

See and Expulsion
: See also Expulsion from the Garden of Eden and Fig leaf

See and Germans
( See Germans of Poland ).
This right was given them by the Apostolic See when it transferred the imperial dignity from the Greeks to the Germans in the person of Charlemagne.
: See: List of Baltic Germans.
See Germans Abroad for German citizens with residence abroad.
( See Germans, German language, and German as a minority language for more extensive numbers and a better sense of where Germans maintain German culture and have official recognition.
See Forced labor of Germans after World War II.
Two privates, John See and John Constantine, snuck in behind enemy lines and tricked the Italians and Germans into surrendering the city.
His son Canute never properly conquered or controlled Scotland or Wales, but he appears to have had some authority in Cornwall, for in 1027 his counsellor Lyfing ( already bishop of Crediton ) was appointed as bishop of Cornwall ( St Germans ), beginning the merger which would later form the See of Exeter.
See Forced labor of Germans in the Soviet Union for details.

See and after
Like an abbot, after being confirmed in her office by the Holy See, an abbess is solemnly admitted to her office by a formal blessing, conferred by the bishop in whose territory the monastery is located, or by an abbot or another bishop with appropriate permission.
Oberleutnant zur See Iwan Crompton, after returning to Germany from a prisoner-of-war camp, reported that Baralong had run down the lifeboat he was in ; he leapt clear and was shortly after taken Baralong.
A few others derive their orders from Roman Catholic bishops who have consecrated their own bishops after disputes with the Holy See.
The Roman Catholic Church recognizes as ecumenical various councils held later than the First Council of Ephesus ( after which churches out of communion with the Holy See because of the Nestorian Schism did not participate ), later than the Council of Chalcedon ( after which there was no participation by churches that rejected Dyophysitism ), later than the Second Council of Nicaea ( after which there was no participation by the Eastern Orthodox Church ), and later than the Fifth Council of the Lateran ( after which groups that adhered to Protestantism did not participate ).
Pope John Paul II repeatedly emphasized his respect for Eastern theology as an enrichment for the whole Church, declaring that, even after the painful division between the Christian East and the See of Rome, that theology has opened up profound thought-provoking prospectives of interest to the entire Church.
See Hayek's essay, " The Sensory Order after 25 Years ", and " Discussion ".
Shortly after Agatho became Pope, St Wilfrid, Archbishop of York, arrived at Rome to invoke the authority of the Holy See on his behalf.
In 1515 Adrian was sent to Spain on a diplomatic errand, and after his arrival at the Imperial Court in Toledo, Charles V secured his succession to the See of Tortosa, and on 14 November 1516 commissioned him Inquisitor General of Aragon.
Clement X, seeing the results of the apostolic labours of the early French missionaries in Canada, the number of the faithful, and the wide field of labour, resolved to give the Church an independent organisation, and erected a see at Quebec, the bishop to depend directly on the Holy See ; this provision would later secure its permanence after Quebec passed into the hands of England.
Together, they held a synod a few days after the coronation in which Arnulf, Archbishop of Reims, was ordered to be restored to his See of Reims, and Gerbert of Aurillac, the future Pope Silvester II, was condemned as an intruder.
When Benedict IX left the city after selling the papacy, there was already another aspirant to the See of Peter in the field.
: See also: Western betrayal and Territorial changes of Poland after World War II
” As the Holy Apostolic See has made known to us that the blasphemous errors of a certain Photius against the Holy Ghost are still vigorous in the East, errors which teach that the Holy Spirit proceeds not from the Son but from the Father only we exhort you venerable brethren, together with us, in accordance with the admonition of the ruler of the Roman See, after a careful study of the works of the Fathers, to draw from the quiver of Holy Writ arrows sharp enough to slay the monster which is again springing into life .”
Shortly after this Zosimus became involved in a dispute with the African bishops in regard to the right of appeal to the Roman See clerics who had been condemned by their bishops.
Little is known about what happened in Rome after Pope Martin's departure, but it was typical in those days for the Holy See to be governed by the archpriest and archdeacon.
See the " source " after the list for more information.
The International Commission on English in the Liturgy quickly prepared an English translation of the 1970 Roman Missal, which was approved by the individual English-speaking episcopal conferences and, after being reviewed by the Holy See, was put into effect in each of their countries, beginning with the United States in 1973.
The Ordinary Section continues the work of the Administration of the Property of the Holy See, a commission to which Pope Leo XIII entrusted the administration of the property remaining to the Holy See after the complete loss of the Papal States in 1870.

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