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Page "fiction" ¶ 271
from Brown Corpus
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Seeing and him
Seeing so many illustrations and reading so many testimonials to the value of Quick-Wate and Super-Protein, those two wonder-working Weider food supplements, he decided to try them and see what they could do for him.
Seeing her come, he caught his breath, feeling his heart bounce in him, and turned away, afraid now.
Seeing Haman on Esther's couch begging, the king became further enraged and had him hung on the gallows built for Mordecai.
Seeing them both almost kiss prompts Rogue to seek out " the cure " so she can finally touch Bobby without fear of hurting him.
Seeing all the overlapping and different wavelengths was highly confusing to the Captain, prompting him to ask Geordi how he was able to differentiate between them all.
Seeing him as a friend, and often having maintained secret contacts with him for years, many English politicians began to negotiate an armed invasion of England.
Seeing that Imani is too subservient and offers nothing for his intellect, Akeem concocts a plan to travel to the United States to find an independent-minded wife he can both love and respect and who accepts him for himself, not his status.
Seeing him surrounded by the King's entourage, the rebel army was in uproar, but King Richard, seizing the opportunity, rode forth and shouted, " You shall have no captain but me ," a statement left deliberately ambiguous to defuse the situation.
Seeing Uncle Remus leaving from a distance, Johnny rushes to intercept him, taking a shortcut through the pasture, where he is attacked and seriously injured by the resident bull.
Seeing this, Terry barges into Powell's private office and berates him for his callousness.
Seeing Ike Clanton in the Alhambra Saloon around midnight, Holliday confronted Ike, accusing him of lying about their previous conversations.
Seeing him bleed, the priests cried that he was " Neither God nor Devil but a man!
Seeing a flower that he has retrieved from the gutter falling apart in his hand, the girl kindly offers him a fresh flower from her shop, and a coin.
Seeing Sam sitting on some stairs, Bogdanovich asked him if he could act.
Seeing the blood dripping on Wales's boot, Fletcher says that he will give Wales the first move, because he " owes him that.
Seeing that this was impossible, he resolved to die fighting his enemy, and succeeded in killing one of Savannah Jack's bravest warriors, and after severely wounding several others who attacked him, was overcome by the number of Native Americans who were present.
Seeing her exposed, Heracles promised to save her on condition that Laomedon would give him the wonderful horses he had received from Zeus as compensation for Zeus ' kidnapping of Ganymedes.
Seeing her son after so long, she went forth to embrace him.
" Seeing that his son was determined, however, he gave him $ 40, saying, " It's not much, but it's all I have.
Seeing that Heracles was winning the struggle, Hera sent a large crab to distract him.
Seeing the effects of the " assembly line " disgusted him.
Seeing the decorum of Lord Vishnu, Bhrigu was pleased and declared him superior amongst the Tridev.

Seeing and condition
Seeing this, his colleague at the next desk gave a short, contemptuous laugh, pushed forward his own ash tray, innocent of a single butt, thumped his chest to show his excellent condition, and looked proud.
Seeing the condition of Jews in the years leading up to World War II, he undertook an effort to contact and work with many Rabbinic leaders in Israel towards getting their approval for the renewal of Semikhah, and the reestablishment of a Sanhedrin, as an authentic government for the Jewish people ( this was before the establishment of the State of Israel ).
Seeing her precarious condition, Abu Bakr married her.
Seeing their precarious condition Abu Bakr married his mother.
Seeing there an ancient shrine of vibrant spiritual power in a dilapidated condition, the sage was grief-stricken and wanted to know its history.

Seeing and about
Seeing a need to know more about the Stone-Like, Tengai has Creator, the robot aboard the Tetra, to head for the Earth defense headquarters and gather information about it, while the Tetra and the Silverguns hold off the Stone-Like's forces.
Seeing as they had only been living in these " new " homes for only about five years, this was almost seen as a second forced resettlement for them, albeit under different circumstances.
Seeing that the battle was lost, Zhang Shijie picked out his finest soldiers and cut about a dozen ships from the formation in an attempted breakout to save the emperor.
Seeing the kinescopes, I don't know what the fuss was all about.
Seeing the continued success of Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering, the game and toy giant Hasbro bought Wizards of the Coast in September 1999, for about US $ 325 million.
These three films -- Eyes, about the city police, Deus Ex, filmed in a hospital, and The Act of Seeing with One's Own Eyes, depicting autopsy — are collectively known as " The Pittsburgh Trilogy.
Seeing an opportunity to gain control, General Mandible begins to publicly portray Z as a war criminal who cares only about himself.
Seeing the popularity of Smirnoff amongst the Russian troops, Collis set about trying to sell Smirnoff vodka directly into the USSR.
Seeing Fred's philandering boss, Mr. Bingham ( Larry Keating ), with his mistress sets the men to fantasizing about sharing the expense of an apartment in the city as a love nest.
Seeing the overwhelming support at the Bourbon Bowl, Helen changes her mind about football being for the devil.
Three years later he wrote The Art of Seeing, in which he related: " Within a couple of months I was reading without spectacles and, what was better still, without strain and fatigue ... At the present time, my vision, though very far from normal, is about twice as good as it used to be when I wore spectacles ".
* VIDEO-Learning about Seeing from the Blind Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone speaks at the University of Wisconsin.
Seeing their ally Karai subdued and about to be killed, Donatello grabs one of the Foot's machine guns and repeatedly shoots the Foot Elite.
Seeing Ben's good news, Spears and Green are instantly envious and set about to ruin it for their co-worker.
Seeing the player about to turn away, Galatea says, " They told me you were coming.
Seeing that production was about to begin and no doubt should be left unanswered, Toshio Okada answered at first that the culture at that time viewed colonization as justice, thus Neo Atlantis ' actions are evil at the time.
Seeing this and the possibility of his being cut off from his line of retreat through Czaslau and forced back against brook of Brtlinka, Charles gave the order for a general retreat at about Noon, abandoning his cannon at the town of Czaslau.
Seeing the disaster Monck ordered all sixteen remaining warships further up to be sunk off to prevent them from being captured, making for a total of about thirty ships deliberately sunk by the English themselves.
:" Seeing all these colonnades of bone so methodically ranged about, would you not think you were inside of the great Haarlem organ, and gazing upon its thousand pipes?
Seeing an advertisement for a DMG car in the weekly magazine Fliegende Blätter, Jellinek now aged 43 travelled to Cannstatt, Stuttgart in 1896 to find out more about the company and its factory and the designers Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach.
Seeing that the Ottoman battle-line contained just their battleships, Ushakov sent 6 frigates to form a second line to leeward of the main line, and between about 12pm and 3pm, 3 hours of indecisive longish-range fighting followed, but then the wind changed direction to NNE and the Russians luffed, turning toward the Ottoman line.
Seeing the rabbi's many books on the subject, Scholem asked about them, only to be told: " This trash?

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